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hasn't moved in like a week, i own 16 of them, thinking about trading them for methamphetamines or maybe get somebody whacked

keep them. they hold value well and could be the target of the next p&d. it doesn't take much volume anymore and even a high marketcap coin like this one could spike any second now.

expect it to come back up at some point soon look at the drop..recovering?...it was up in sats 2 days ago at 322 on bitrex lol...thinking of buying back in soon...usd value is rising still..in red too so that's nice..who knows ya dig...im comfy in green though

I have (unknown) feelings about this coin right now

60% of my folio, missing out on these moon missions left and right is making me tired of holding it though

That hair makes no sense. Orange one side and black the other wtf

I sold some of my Monero for Aeon. More potential for rapid growth and it’s basically Monero 2.0.

>hasn't moved in like a week
Bitcoin barely moved for years and look how that turned out.

sell a couple and return after alts moon
>not that hard user

very relatable, i just sold off my half of my stack and those coins i invested in already went 3x.

i will eventually buy back into monero as i feel like thats the best safe hold but with all these other coins exploding, its hard to just hold

Currently in hibernation, expect no moons until mid feb.


I have 100 XMR. It's still one of the most obvious coins to hold considering its usefulness and still low (relatively) marketcap.

I would not recommend anyone selling monero, however I do have only 30% of my portfolio there, so I still have money for playing with other coins.

Forgot an important thing: the first real usecase for bitcoin was private/anonymous transactions (drugs, money laundering, tax evasion...)

This is no longer possible with bitcoin. It is with monero. If you realize that monero is the only fully private/user coin, which is also well known and accepted, there is literally no way this coin can fail.

Same. I have 50 XMR that are just sitting in my wallet, not to be touched. There will be faster gaining coins than XMR as it's value is in its usability, not in staking rewards or some other speculative value. XMR is admittedly not meant to be just held. You're supposed to buy it when you need it and then spend it. Still, I just think it's the greatest coin and the truest crytocurrency in its most basic sense. I'm curious to just see what it does over the years. Meanwhile I have the other 50% of my coins to flip around if I want.

>so I still have money for playing with other coins.

This is the current problem with Monero, there aren't moves, it will steadily go up but there's a lot to be made by selling vaporware.

monero is getting slow and expensive.


i hold xmr and throw money at random pajeet coins because otherwise its too boring

I like monero-chan, she's cool.

Not really. Exchanges are senselessly raping people on withdrawal fees and seeings as how you can't really use Monero for too many actual purchases on the clearnet, tx cost doesn't really matter. If you need total privacy on your transaction, the network fee is worth the price premium at this point.

Bulletproofs in 2 months - targetting about 80% reduction in tx cost. Monero may never be the currency of the world but it'll still hold value as a premium crypto service.

Fag coin, cu ckold coin

XVG all day bitch

sup f a l s e f l a g bro
or are you the alaskan fireman kek

never forgetti

DNMS are moving to xmr this year - or at least the community is trying to make these lazy mafia/cartel fucks to take an hour out of their day to implement XMR.

xmr will be relevant for another year. cozy hold. just wish i got in once alphabay got busted.

ahahahahaha just how HIGH do you even have to be just to do something like that......


in case people actually still like verge:

If monero ever gets a marketing team then it will probably explode

Experience has taught me that Monero always breaks out when you least expect it. This usually occurs after you've just traded away a significant amount

facts-- sold a third of mine for Zclassic... At 105 z will probs rise again but i am yearning for my comfy comfy xmr

Wow. Really made me rethink Tor and VPN.

I'm not worried about rhep bafs. Not sure why I even would be.

Thats why Kovri is being build. Tor will be useless once its released

Just accumulated 40 over the past week during its various dips, after deliberating getting some for months. So glad I'm finally in.

Feels like a nice big comfy orange and black recliner.

I'm so happy with me Moneree.

Also MoneroChan Best Girl

>december wave is all normie money
>normies don't care about privacy and taxes, that's what makes them normies.

this and other privacy coins could go to saturn and beyond if they were correctly shilled as safe ways to avoid taxing when the king gets properly regulated.

>t. never owned a single xmr but am thinking of it as a potential long-term hold
by the way teeka pajeeka said he was more bullish on eth and privacy coins than any other kind of crypto