So I just bought some of this user

Sent 3k there and got around 8500 coss in my wallet
Now I cannot get back onto the exchange to buy more I have another 4eth deposit pending
But maybe I shouldn't buy more this exchange is already crashed for me and does not work.

Disguised organized FUD. Nice try Kucoin

just deposited 1 eth and cant fucking buy anything, site is down, stuck at loading

Dont worry user I have another 4eth pending
I managed to squeeze in that trade for 8500 coss and then after that it will not work for me.
Hopefully it will be working better soon.

now have to f5 constantly

COSS has been around for a while
There must be some user who knows whats going on???

ive been holding since late october. the site is down, not a huge deal. COSS never has an issue with ensuring correct balances.

>new UI next week
>new trading engine Q1 2018

easy 2-10x God permitting everything goes off without a hitch.

Ive been in since the lowest point and it has treated me really well.

Cool profits for all, especially you early guys

it wasnt super fun bagholding for about 2 months, but then it took off like fucking crazy.

I actually hold COSS & Kucoin which provides me a daily dividend and a once a week dividend. Its a really great double whammy.

103k COSS reporting in

Don't let it worry you too much. They have hired two new full time devs starting in-house in Jan and are working on a new engine altogether. If anything the occasional bugs and downtime will be keeping the price down for us to all accumulate before it blows up

>tfw hold kucoin for daily divs, coss for weekly divs, sift for monthly divs and csno for quarterly divs

come at me

I sent .39 btc to coss 5 hours ago, and no sign of it. Is this normal?

I think COSS and KuCoin can fill different niches.
COSS => Fiat Pairs
KuCoin => Latest Nep-5 Tokens

>sent btc knowing the fees and how slow it is

how are people this dumb in 2018

thats high IQ senpai. im very impressed.

i believe they can coexist too desu.

sites down

I forgot to add. they have a really elaborate cold to hot to cold to hot storage method for BTC that makes it take literally hours. which is why btc volume is super low. ETH is a 5 min thing.

Last I checked my eth was still pending after about 20 minutes

Alright exchange came up for me.
3500 sound good or what

My eth is still fucking pending wtf

mine too. gay. coss has shit the bed today.

Mine just came through
Exchange was working
17750 coss
Glad to be on board

nice amount
i am right under 5000
there are some anons with quite the stack here, maybe in 2018 we can all retire and live off these dividends




How much dividends are you guys getting paid with?

Finally got my hands on 194k if the exchange had worked last night I’d be sitting on 235k though ffs

Nice amount
Do you pllan to hold long term?

Yh I recently cashed out my xvg and split it in essentially 5 BTC OF XMR,ENG,COSS which I class as low,medium and high risk/reward. I’ll be holding throughout this year