Name a flaw

Name a flaw.

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going up too fast for me to accumulate at low prices.


I mean it's a flaw, but it's going to make me even more money so I'll let it slide.

The only flaw is that i was only able to get a measly 200 of em


fuck should i eat my deep brainlet losses to buy this

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

that just means guaranteed money user

Not on binance so I have to transfer funds and get jewed

Heard the dev is lazy or some shit, is that just low tier fud

sounds like it

i didnt buy more when it was 70 cents before the moon

Platform releases in two months. Normies LOVE THIS. If you not in, neck yourself


Retarded name

the fact that you, a loser NEET, hates it, is part of why it's good :^)

>Name a flaw
It's mooning too high and too fast, with no sign of stopping. I need this coin to be stable so that I can accumulate more.

not on binance and i'm too normie to sign up for more coin exchanges

OP is a part of a pump and dump discord. This is a pump and dump scheme from the get go. DO NOT FALL FOR IT

discord = 25CucCU

Check that discord for yourself...

Most creative PnD discord shilling I've seen yet, +1

Logo looks like a children's tv show drawn on MS Paint

that's a positive

Reminder walt disney hated jews

now DRGN is the coin of the alt right

is there nothing this coin can't do

>built on python
>1 developer
>no good icos to drive value
>no testnet / working product could be vaporware
>shit tier ico's lined up

u piece of shit.

reminder jews took control of disney after his death

actually looks like the logo of Firefox imo.