Am I gonna make it?

Am I gonna make it?
What will my total be EOY 2018?

> 2 dollar

why so much RDD

better sell RDD on this pump user before the liquidity drys up.

>500k sitting around free to invest

You already have faggot.

sorry you called RDD a shitcoin and got left behind faggot

i hope something is left to buy a nice helium tank and a quality mask....

if there ever is a hint of a crisis in the real life world, we all know the fake coin market will be the first to evaporate, and it'll be overnite, by chinese, when you are sleeping.

good luck mate !

>goes up 1 cent
>250,000 USD gain
tew plus tew is fowa, minus wun dats tree quicc maffs


i have more bts than you i might end up 2018 with more gainz bro

you know how much money you would have if you had XLM instead of RDD you would already be past 1Mil

It is a shitcoin you massive cuck, I'm balls deep in coins with actual use in the real world like XLM, VEN and XRP and will laugh and wink at you while you are standing in the line for the unemployment center

sorry i made it off a $2K investment

R3dd in your ID

ReddID confirmed

Actually Ugli Redd. Maybe it's saying sell.



lol made my day tho

What’s your outlook on Redd for the next 2 months?

Dude how ? like seriously,

I know I'm gonna get criticized because Veeky Forums hates rdd and rdd took off without them but

Redd-ID will be out Q1 2018
Gnasher is working on it, got new devs on slack.

People are gonna tell me to sell and all that stuff. They don't like RDD
But anyway, that's my outlook
Redd-ID in Q1 2018 thats all I know

How is that possable

did you put in $100k?

>not holding REQ


Stop LARPing, you stupid faggot.

Look at RDD from back when it was 3 sats

before $2K BTC

it's fucking possible, but people think I'm larping ok

People can't fucking give me a decent estimate on Decred or Bitshares
They just look at my portfolio and shout LARP or "RDD is a shitcoin" because they're still chasing pumps with their $2K portfolios

I'll rate myself then, I believe Bitshares has the potential to 5x

Hold req stupid bitch it’s a easy x5 in 4 months

Too late for it

Salty nocoiner.

What the fuck too late? It’s not even $1 and this shitcoin will hits $10 in less 4 months

Lmao wtf why so much RDD? What did you buy it at?

No TRX smfh

I posted it above
Like 3 sats before BTC was $2K. I think $1500~$1800 range

its ok tho call me larp and all
I was just asking for bitshares predictions and augur and decred.... but all these jealous bums, fuck.

He's right though.

You could have bought $1,000,000 worth of ReddCoin 8 months ago for $140. I did the math. Him getting $300k off $2k is reasonable if he held long enough.

REQ is going to $20 if vaporware like OmiseGo can get to $20.

at what price did you bought all this RDD is the question


these threads are disgusting

holyshit I literally posted 5 mins ago

Can we rate my portfolio
Like can I get an honest rate for bitshares and decred and augur

I don't care if RDD is a shitcoin keep calling it


but people will call it LARP anyway because they got $3K in their BLOCKFOLIO LOOL

Bitshares goes to 12 till end Q! 2018

$12? Q1 2018?

Oh shit

I like BTS a lot

Thanks, gonna hold for another year or two.

Any ideas on Decre?

RDD bro

old portfolio / current portfolio

I regret not going into verge back then but whatever

You were pretty smart to buy both

BitCNY coming to

>tries to slowly sell
>goes down 2 cents by the time 50% is gone

he doesnt understand, dont bother

then sell faster?
the fuck?
it's a rate thread, clearly you're still poor chasing pumps and calling reddcoin a shitcoin

Have fun shitting on threads while you stay poor

but I already made it you fucking sperg

>rate thread

No, it's a shitty shill thread to get newfags to believe those shitcoins are worth investing in.

Still holding a coin that does 7 transactions per second.

No, don't invest in RDD
It's too late. Might double to 2c again but thats all

I believe BTS will 5x-10x though

>then sell faster?

There is no fucking way someone retarded as you even has a $20k portfolio.

The next time you fake a blockfolio, at least make it half believable.

I have a question for you. Would a billionaire or a trillionaire buy your bags?

Oh, your technological wonder of a cryptocurrency can run 7,000 transactions through a single node with 0 fees? I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but... Why would the billionaires and trillionaires who run the global economy buy your free market coin, which may or may not meet all of their complex global commercial business needs, when they can simply hire dozens or hundreds of the finest programmers and cryptographers in the world to forge a coin that meets all of their exacting specifications and needs? That's right. They already did it. The company they made is called Ripple Labs, and the cryptocurrency is called XRP.

>The top 1% controls a collective $295 Trillion in global wealth.
>The top 10% controls a collective $500 Trillion in global wealth.

And guess what? They don't want your memecoin. They don't care about how great or secure or fast it is, or how it's great for the poor or middle class. They want the one coin that they forged in Ripple Labs. One coin to rule them all.

Time to make some important long-term decisions. Do you want to die on your hill of memecoins? Or do you want to become a millionaire. You can play with your memecoins after the global financial reset. After the global debt jubilee. After the one coin to rule them all has been run up to a market cap of $50 Trillion, perhaps much more. Wake up. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

What the fuck I've never read a ripple shill this good

I bought at .12 and sold at $2
Hope it goes to $10 and you be rich

>implying monero won't always be relevant

freedom will always have value

I'd rather buy ripple than monero tho

Thanks! First night posting it.

Buy it back. What XRP has done this far was just the live testing phase. Nothing compared to what is yet to come.

Yes, Monero and other privacy coins will be relevant after the global financial reset. But comparatively little capital will flow into those privacy coins. The black market is much smaller than the legal market, and therefore doesn't require as much currency in order to function. Monero also has scaling issues. Can it do enough TPS in order to support the worldwide black market? Is there another privacy coin that can do the job and has enough market adoption? My opinion is to go all-in on XRP and then wait for the dust to settle before going into privacy coins.

Yeah desu I think ripple can still pull a 10x

It's headed to a market cap in the $50 Trillion ballpark. From current levels, that's 10x10x5

What will I be in one year? in exactly one year I will finish my masters program and I'm hoping I have a good amount. 30k? 60k? 100k?

nice meme.
have 500 trillion in wealth or cant just buy up whatever 'memecoin' ends up being the clear winner for pennies on the dollar before 98%of the population who are all bumblefucks own any meaningful amount and have to create their own coin instead. Pick one.

If anyone thinks banks are dying in the age of crypto unless they are the ones who literally create that crypto, they're fucking joking themselves. You think Mr. Bumblefuck Sr. is gonna be storing his wealth on a fucking pin drive? not a fucking chance. He'll have it in BOA with all his tech-illiterate friends where its FDIC insured. And those banks will be making fucking dumb amounts of money when their internal transaction fees are literally zero and instantaneous.

And whats even the fucking point? People will still have access to wallets like any other crypto and can never touch a bank again if they want.

>Not even buying the next world reserve currency for less than $3.

I don't know what you're studying but there's no way you're in graduate school for economics. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

oh lordy this turned into a ripple argument
im out

no one rate me anymore