So what are you thoughts?

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gonna pass cardano’s marketcap soon

Gonna be legitimate ETH competitor. So you should know what that means in terms of price...

Especially since most tokens will be locked up in nodes

Also inb4 waltoncuck

delete please still accumulating

Well... waltoncucks just got fucked with a shitty AMA that resulted in a delayed mainnet and a NDA fuckup by publicly stating that they are listing with bithumb. There is no doubt about it, VeChain is the top dog when it comes to partnerships and professionalism. 200$ EOY.
Waltoncuck fudding may now commence

have a fat stack, looking to increase it, might wait till tommorow to see what the big boys do so I can get more VEN on sale

Not even whales can suppress the price for long without losing money themselves. Everyone is trying to accumulate before news start to
Roll in. Then we go intergalactic.

My thoughts are... MOON already man I'm sick of driving a fucking toyota

I have my full peasant stack of 10k in from $2.33. $200 EOY whould mean a crisp 1MM. Is this truly possible?

Probably not. I would look at something like NEO as the absolute dream maybe if everything falls in place ceiling unless the PBoC rumor comes to pass. Then it becomes the next bitcoin.

Shut up, I'm still accumulating. Also, look up Ambrose.

10k would be 2mil at $200 btw. possible i guess. i kinda doubt it. 30b marketcap isnt out of the question

80$ is still a nice 800k, what is the GAS equivalent of VEN, again? You get it from putting VEN on a wallet, right?

Still unsure what the price of THOR is going to be, the market is going to decide its price. Some early estimates are 59 bucks but that just seems ridiculous to me. Id guess more around 30 bucks and thats optimistic.

50$ MINIMUM by the end of 18’ guarantee it

Surest moonshot I’ve ever seen in crypto outside of eth, literally no way this doesn’t succeed

Ex-Waltoncuck here. Just made the flip a few hours ago and I'm glad I did.

You mean AMB?

This is my long term HODL Top3-5 in 1 year.

I bought some shitty Simple Token last week which is tanking to the ground. Gonna sell it now for the VEN me thinks.

Renouncing the cultist attitude is the first step to making crypto gains. Congrats on seeing the light ex waltoncuck

I don't even know wtf I bought, I just got some when the news hit today and I'm already up 40 cents per coin.

is good? how many rupees to invest in one?

What’s wrong with WTC?
Couldn’t afford a masternode I assume

>200 puts it at 500 Billion MCAP
In what world does math work like that? It's max supply is 867 Million. Even if those were all in circulation it would still be less than 200 Billion.

At the CMC circulating supply it would be around 55 Billion for $200. The real circ would be about 90 Billion for $200.

Fuck i put an extra 0 in there. 50 bil is what I meant

tfw 7.5k more needed for strength node.
If this waits til after ICX to moon I'm noding the fuck up

how much for a node and how would you run it?

You're smart. Always be objective with your decisions.

Kys cuck, Bithumb is gone now LMAO

Same boat, in the AMA he said he would like the community to work together and make a DAPP that would allow smaller fish to work together to make a node. So there is hope.

Literally thinking of throwing more fiat at this shit, even though I said I wasn't gonna.

Good call

we are at the first sell wall guys

It's actually the second. A 300K Sell wall got eaten.

Smallest node is 10k VEN. Runs in wallet once THOR releases. ez money


Yes. They have multiple partnerships.

Just demolished a 55btc wall, get in here boyz

my god it got eaten or pulled it's literally mooning right now buy it if you don't have it or seriously be poor i'm not joking

Holy shit walls getting BTFO

lol another came back up but they can't keep this shit forever

too much hype and for very good reasons

42 BTC @ 18770 is next let's fucking go boys!



Yeah just reading it now, seems legit. Backed by the fucking UN lol

i have 10k of these strength node masterrace. tempted to dump my aion or omg to buy more. fug

whale here. we're letting this hit $5 tonight. you've been warned poor fags.

Bots trying to salvage by putting lower orders to protect the wall

Bought in today at 0.00281 ETH. Nice to see we are up nicely. VeChain is undervalued as I'm sure we all know and I was impressed with their AMA and all the new announcements. This will be a top 20 coin/token for sure. Glad I got in this early.

alright we know it's happening everyone let this thread die and silently go buy more

That wall will be destroyed tonight

cheers cunt


Press S to pay respects for Wabi/NEO/Waltoncucks

>bought in 1.8$
>comfy af

I've got 66K VET so I'm all smiles.

u larp?

id like to thank the user who told me to get in on VEN below $.60 or else i'd be a "salty nigger"

thanks user! idk how im going to sleep tonight

the dream

Can I hear a a price speculation per quarter this year?


I still believe that WTC is miles ahead VEN. Everyone who does their own research can come to this conclusion.

Still, holding WTC comes with a HUGE opportunity cost. Not gonna come back to it until Q2 2018.

Q1 - $6.50
Q2 - $12.50
Q3 - $20.50
Q4 - $28.50

Speculating, of course.

Fuckin kek, get outta here Walty boy


Join the whale killing spree then

and how much do you own, buddy?

4k reporting in

did 19000 get eaten or pulled?

It is clear as fact that people from WTC are jumping to VEN

I think pulled

Not much, about 600 VEN. Most of my money is in REQ, XLM and ZRX. Just picked up VEN today but I'm happy with what I have.

mostly pulled, i think
but there are some big buys in there

We want the price to stay down user. We need more time to accumulate.

Walls are down!!!

HOLY SHIT. SOmeone just bought 290k ven to take out the 60 btc sell wall.

Thank you

390k gone in one buy. Mother of God

but daaaaaaaaaaaaaad

last wall was bought, saw a buy for 290000 VEN

Just one more 60 BTC and we're gucci


quick shoutout to all the whales xx

I really don't think it's breaking 20K tonight. Or if it does it won't stay there.


Why does it never fucking end!!!

We need a titan

Should I sell everything in here and buy more? I have about $20 in each coin.

nice to see it even get close, comfy as fucc

Some rich fuckers just dish out neverending 50btc sell walls like its nothing


yes at your level go all in on VET or you'll be poor forever seriously this is the fucking easiest moon ever. You can thank me later or be poor your fucking choice

I was contemplating buying this earlier today and decided wait. Am i too late now?

I've been monitoring the price for hours. The price was being manipulated until now. I think it is taking off now so...

2 62btc walls up, heres your chance

you need to consolidate with capital that small motherfucker

Wtf is VET?

not for the long haul, for this pump yeah
it'll chill out around 18k prob

watch it go as waltoncucks realize that their trashcoin got delayed once again and scramble to get into ven

No, anything before 2 billion market cap is not too late.

just bought 30, am I gonna make it?

this is a potential 3 figure coin. were at 1 figure.

figure it out!

thank you based sunny

Fucking dumbass VEN=VET=VeChain they're going through a rebranding go fuck your mom, get on board, and stfu

VEN rebranding I believe, since they are working on their Thor implementation.