7k into one coin for 2x +

shrill me pls its all i got and i want to win!

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TRX, year of the dog =year of the moon

Bitcoin Cash easy 2x

this but get in NOW

Buy DRGN and hold until binance/bittrex lists it. Probably within this month. Guaranteed minimum x2.

STRAT, dyor

bts about to announce partnership with biggest mobile app company,

bts already processes more transactions than bitcoin and ethereum combined,

and new partnerships every month.

Now that bitcoin has gone to Wall Street the cream will rise to the top.

FUN will 10x in feb

Hmm awesome thx man for putting some reasoning behind this!

I like this one also..

TRX is like a and coin isn't it.. always crazy

why tho?

DBC should be anywhere between 5x and 10x by the end of the month. It's legitimately one of the best crypto projects at the moment. It's also in a bit of a dip right now, meaning this is one of the best opportunities to buy.

isn't DBC a failed PND from /biz like Bounty was?

ELIX, literally just dipped 40 cents GET IN NOW

BNTY has been suppressed for a week straight now. It's a safe bet because it's not gonna get any lower

No, this one's different. Check out the DBC threads if you want more info or a more in depth shill.


This has to go down soon. its way too high..

when are we getting a boost? they keep saying the chinks are gonna pump the price up, but shouldnt that have happened already

It's at 39 sats right now. If a shit like RDD can make it to 1cents then this can as well.

I am gonna dump my bags near 1 cent.

How about this portfolio

>22.5% TRX (TRON)
>22.5% ICX (ICON)
>10% FUN (FunFair)
>10% BTS (BitShares)
>10% STRAT (Stratis)
>10% REQ (Request Network)
>10% SALT (Salt)
>10% XZC (ZCoin)
>5% BAT (Basic Authentication Token)

If this board had country flags every electra post would be india

When the coin launches on HUOBI there should be massive pump. My understanding is that there will also be some news at the end of the month. A month of hodling/swing trading should produce a very good amount of growth.

Try this one instead

>100% DBC (DeepBrain Chain)

raiblocks mini brother

unless you have $100k+, overdiversified

im thinking about putting $7k into DBC guys... please let me know fi i should or shouldn't with reasons! we alll gonna make it :(!!

bump for his question. I might just go in too. Unless someone thinks it's not a good idea?

it's just plain ole good.