Circulating vs Total Supply

How you pajeets dont understand basic economy is beyond me.
Let me explain you something so you stop losing your money u faggots:

Formula is

Prize per 1 Coin X Circlating Supply = Market Cap

Take ripple for example.
~39% of existing ripple is circulating. Which means, 61% is still being held back by devs/investors/banks(?)/etc.

They will slowly dump their coins into the market, trying to maintain a certain prize, to maximize the profit. Huge inflation is the result.
Supply increases, Demand sinks.
Best case, prize stays the same.
Worst (and more likely) case, prize drops.

Stay away from coins with big difference in Circulating vs Total supply if u want a Lambo.


anonymous coins like verge/xmr are not the future. You have to cashout/buy something at some point = u are not anonymous.

Invest into projects that focus on payment.

now go invest 50/25/25 into ETH/REQ/PayFair(next 1000x btw) and thank me in 6 months.

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XLM is the same shit btw

Unironically just bought 100k

Either I retire from this or I kms

no need to kys.
you will see good returns.

either way, dont fall for the supply trap anymore. it bothers me so much and will inflate the crypto market even more...

PFR looks very underdeveloped. Are you trying to get us to buy your bags?

not at all. I am holding 50k of PFR. It might moon, it might not but I could already sell with profit right now.

Main topic is still the supply problem.

in a percentage of, what amount of circulating supply compared to total supply is considered a 'big difference'?

for e.g., would 20m circulating of 100m total be a big difference? or 2m circulating of 200m more reasonable?

I'm willing to buy a bit more than 4 ETH worth of Payfair. However Etherdelta is too shady for me. Anybody wants to sell some PFR to me?

I would say, around 75% should be the limit.

Total Supply: 100mil
Circulating Supply: 75mil

Anything below should alarm you.

Just get Metamask and learn how to use it. It will change your ERC20 token trading like night and day.

I was in the same boat as you a few days ago, but in crypto you have to learn and try new methods. Start off with a small amount of ETH first until you are comfortable on how it works.

ED is fine. Its kind of complex in the beginning but secure. Just always follow this pattern:

Create a New Wallet(aka Account) on ED. Send your ETH there. Buy your Token and now send it to an ERC20 compatible wallet.

If u never used ED and really want to use it, watch a Tutorial Video or just ask, I will help you.

I keep reading on reddit though that balances disappear even after the hack

Like I said before:

Just always store your Tokens in a Wallet that only you have the Private Key. Dont even do it via MetaMask (its an online app with potential of leaking your key).

i will at .0001 pfr/eth.
have 50k

btw, payfair would be a great platform to do this transaction. gona be huge when it's released.

I just got dumped on buy this coin on i was trying to avoid using etherdelta. fuck.

Bought 5 ETH worth.


what's a good wallet?

Metamask allows you to keep your private keys local instead of having to put into the ED website itself.

The hacks are people hacking their DNS and putting up a malicious site that looks like ED. From there people enter their private key and lose their shit.

Metamask prevents that.

Best one would be a hardware Wallet like a Ledger Nano.

If you use myEtherWallet, you need to manually add the ID of the PFR Token so that it will show up (the Token will still be on your ETH wallet, but myEtherWallet wont show it since it doesnt "know" it).

Alright, got Mew for now, how do I add that ID?

To add tokens to MyEtherWallet

Contract: 0x2fa32a39fc1c399e0cc7b2935868f5165de7ce97
Symbol: PFR
Decimals: 8

Its an option inside the MyEtherWallet Page

Thanks, guess it worked, off to buy on ED now

like someone said earlier; try it with small amounts first.

After your first attempt, check

@ Token Tracker it should show your amount of PFR now. If everything worked, buy your wanted amount

I just threw 500$ in this coin.
If I don't get between 50,000 to 500,000$ in 6 months I will ask you a refund.

if you do get 50,000 to 500,000 I will ask for a tip.

Yeah will try out with a small amount first.
What's the symbol though since I don't see PFR?

pfr check the drop down tab on the upper left side

Thanks guys, know waiting for the ETH to arrive

please double check your numbers before you buy. a lot of people lose their shit by mixing up the entry fields.

how much should I leave to cover the GAS costs?

0.005 should be enough

Did we just get pajeeted by pfr?

No. Main Topic is the supply issue that many people are not aware of.

PFR + REQ shill is ofc for personal profit (i am quiet deep in both) but also because I learned about both of them on Veeky Forums and want others to get rich as well since they both offer an important solution to the current crypto topic.

I’m asking because the price just dropped by 92% on is not relevant - very very low volume.

check this only until we hit a bigger exchange

I forgot I still have a few hundred req and link on etherdelta, thanks for reminding me I guess. I put an order for a few hundred pfr with the ether scraps I have left on the exchange, I assume it won't end well but whatever

Maybe. See ya in six months.

OP is right. Lately there have been many shitcoins(XVG, XRP, ETN, etc) (although ETN can still be redeemable) that have flooded the market with horrible ratios in circulating supplies vs total supplies.

alright why doesn't it buy?

cause etherdelta doesn't automatically fill matching orders

So this means TRX is shitty long term as well?

ah! Looks like it worked, awesome

Op here, writing from iPad.

TRx has a ratio of 65%. I would not invest but it could be worse. Take your gains but don’t expect crazy 10x moon

make sure to join the telegram. the guys from payfair are active there and there is a great community growing

just google "payfair telegram"

I made some gains but jumped into REQ and ICX and haven’t felt better. Although I have an extra eth and I feel like investing elsewhere.

Stop shilling, pajeet. You wrote the exact same thing in two threads so far

So you’re telling me that right now there is a price difference of .794$ between these exchanges and no one is exploiting that?

I am not sure if there are asks for pfr which are way below the ones on ED. If yes, go buy it all and sell it on ED.

Im comfy guys


fuck you.
people need to know about the telegram to learn about the updates,
i'll shill how i like.

See ya in six months

Shilling because bags are getting heavy

At least you can drown with all those coins when it comes to it.

ive been the guy shilling here since $.02
im okay.
payfair will be doing a lot of growing and i'll be here shilling away.

Sry man i've noticed these thread but not read them all. Where is the best resource to get a tl;dr?


Only problem is that the pairing on stocks is PFR/BTC and you can't withdraw PFR to metamask from stocks (because there is no PFR address). The best I can do is to double down while the price is still significantly lower I guess.

got an order i had completely forgotten about filled today on ED when i deposited ETH today.

Kinda fucking pissed off that shit was up and i had forgotten about it, ended up buying PFR at 93 eth.

Fuck it, guess I have no choice but to hold now

If I use ED to buy your shitcoin how does it work? Can I even take it out to my MetaMask wallet? if not where the fuck do I store it?

you can use MM on ED to deposit and withdraw easily

at least be subtle in your shilling, jesus christ

you even lack a basic understanding of how XRP works

>not buying for a few months while the prices creep up and down
>then sell it out at 10-20% gains every day or two
>do it again and again
>while normies get stuck with over valued dog shit
Do you even day trade?