Mfw I retire on fun by q4 2018

Mfw I retire on fun by q4 2018

I'm having FUN

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Most FUN of my life!

Holding strong in these dark times, user...
We're gonna make it.



>mfw only 30k FUN

sold all my OMG for FUN

sold all my FUN for LINK

Sold all my everything for FUN at ATL

What is predicted price after Feb and EOY2018?

$1, $3

how much do you need to retire by the end of the year

I just bought in 50k fun now hodl

Red the dev is same who was behind it had like 10mil users lol

I have 7k fun

Please tell me ill make it

Sold all my FUN for Enron.

That pic is hella fuckin epic!

where are you people from



Burns coins. Price guaranteed to go up..


Let's be careful with our words, user.

FUN wont moon, you guys are more delusional than MANA holders.

Do you have any reasons for saying that?

I'll be happy with 50 cents.

It mooned today.

That's not very fun, user

That was no moon. It went up 10 percent and went right back down. The sell walls are just insurmountable at this point.

I'm starting to hate missing out on other opportunities while staying in this.

Online casinos don't need a token or blockchain. There are already casinos that accept cryptos.

10% is a moon, and after a moon will almost always come a correction. FUN $10 EOY

U all dumb
Get in
5B cap is nothing for this.
10x your money and then make it vaporize in the casino

If you go back to where you started in an hour, it's not even worth mentioning.

Yes it is

>10% is a moon

Buy at least 20k more. You still won't make it, but those gains are gonna leave you pretty happy. 200k to make it by EOY

Wouldn't they want it to stay low for betting purposes? Casinos wouldn't eant the minimum bet to be worth $10.

I don't have enough
Thats everything I have

I'm sorry that you have to make a 200% profit in one day to be happy.

We need Veeky Forums casino after platform release and a wojak themed slot

Do we have any devs who can make this?

You do not understand the purpose of FunFair. They are creating software which they are licensing to casinos for free which they can customize to their liking and must utilize the FUN token. Hosting FunFair's games will be cheaper than hosting centralized gaming servers and will require a low headcount of employees to keep up and running. In addition, running a FunFair-powered casino will make passing gambling regulations simple.

If you simply deposit crypto into an online casino's wallet, you aren't guaranteed that they won't run off with your money, run unfair code, ect. Their entire site's back-end will not be transparent. FunFair's games are provably-fair because the game's mechanics are ran via an ethereum smart contract. Current crypto-gambling dapps are flawed because the player must pay transaction fees for every bet and wait for blocks to be mined before being able to make another bet, but FunFair's turing-complete state channels are able to run smart contracts off-chain in a manner which cannot be manipulated, otherwise an on-chain dispute function is called and the cheating party is penalized if the state transitions off-chain are invalid. FunFair is the first to have turing-complete state channels up and functional on Ethereum's testnet and soon the mainnet.



bruh.. just get both..

Scroll out dude... we were at 3 fucking cents 3 weeks ago.

My fucking god, some people...

Big if true

Fun is the best shitcoin. I almost want to buy some and have some fun with you guys.

It wasn't serious you autist

It's true, user, all of it

does FUN have an HD wallet or something? Don't wanna keep it on Binance. I only have 1k right now but I plan to buy more

Is 100k enough?

Welcome to the "you will make it" club

2019 meetup in vegas

>>bought 1k a week ago
Feels good man.
Might put another 150 buckorinoos into it today

its an erc token just use MEW

ye boi

fuckin kek

FUN is an ERC20 token, which means you can send it to any Ethereum wallet. Just make sure you have the access to the wallet's private key before doing so. Also, from what I remember, Binance forces users to pay an 80 FUN fee to transfer, which is stupid. They haven't bothered to update the fee to a more reasonable amount

you obviously dont get what FUN is for then. The blockchain implements the rules for all games being played with the platform. So you dont have to trust a website that their blackjack shoe isnt gamed. You know its not because its running on the FUN network

the fun token tech use the blockchain to make provably fair online gambling.

its FUN its FAIR



wtf 80 is gonna be worth 80k that's bullshit

> normiefag alert
> binance is safer than your dads job

Could you imagine though if it did?

200k to make it?

the fuck are you trying to say?? speak proper english mate

He means FUN will be $0.50 by EOY so you need 200k tokens to get $100k and "make it" into the 6-figure club.

Forgot to add, he's of course wrong. It'll be $2 by EOY.

It's nice to be optimistic but that won't happen unless it pulls a Eth or Dash.

It might though, it's a very accessable coin.

>tfw holding 105k FUN
>trying desperately not to FOMO in and bump it up to 250k
>hoping for just one more decent dip.

aburto pajeet

>gambling, check
>name, check
>team, check
>prototype, check
>hype, check
>bottomless market, check

Any idea on another major alt pullback? Gonna back up the truck for one last hoarding of Fun

Don't make it worse user. I know how good this coin is, but I'm expecting this to happen. I got my 100k at 200 sats. I think 400 sats is an acceptable pullback considering how close FUN in to release. All it would take is a BTC run back up to ~$20k. Might even get lucky and drop to 300 sats, but I wouldn't count on it.

500 is the real floor

also wanna know opinions... its dipping now, but i wanna load up another 50k FFS

Muh nigga, got all my coins on binance
Dare a fuh nigga try to hack into it

no 2fa no problem come at me

Nice 125 BTC sell wall lmao

Somebody really dosnt want this to go over 650 lol

the thing about these stupid whales is the market already has enough variables to worry about + always have to keep an eye on BTC - momentum gets messed up and people sell - coin drops. FUN was having a nice run until it got PnD'd and now this damn wall

accumulation tactics so when this hits 1$ they can make millions

can u explain how the depth screen works with the big green thing and the big red thing

Can I have some please 0x570505e0ebdfa4cf97cf4345ded1453c303d7bf4

> "We dont need cars! We already have horses!"

Fucking lol