Girls dont care if your rich

girls dont care if your rich

>all girls have the same preferences in men

Obvious bait but if that bullshit was true she'd be fucking some broke nigga with a bus pass just because she liked him.

She's either born into a rich family or she doesn't care about it yet. More than anything, she wants Chads - they have to be impressive individuals on the inside, if they are Chaddy enough on the outside.

We both know that's not true OP

She doesn't care about money

Girls don't ONLY care if you're rich. Having money gets you 99% of the way there, still possible to fuck it up by being a retard tho.

Except women are transparent cheap whores.

Money only makes up for the rest of yourself that you cfb to work on. If your attractive and sane you can get a woman pretty easy. If you are unattractive, insane, and filthy rich you can get a woman pretty easy.

Have her work a 10 hour shift at a grocery store for 6 months for minimum wage then tell me she doesn't want a man for his money.

To recap this and the OP what she is saying is literally
>If you're an asshole I don't care if you're rich
She ain't turning down no rich nice guy and she's definitely willing to trade up from a poor nice guy.

>thinking she actually means it

>SUUURE you don't care you fucking roastie

>hurr durr imma fall in love with a guy with a bus pass!

I can probably buy her house, family and heritage with a fraction of a bitcoin. At that point she is force to suck my dick.

Then why isn't she getting banged by a homeless Tyrone since she's better than everyone.

Tell that to the zero women I can bring back to my dads 1 bedroom section 8 apartment with my bus riding ass.

t. Butthurt roastie who got burned by some richfag

Pic related

This is just virtue signalling.

She cares about money as much as any girl. Wonder if a guy with a great personality but no car and no job will get a second date lmao

Since when do girls mean anything they say? Immature little girls are lead by emotions. They flip flop constantly

I care if I'm rich, tho

Im not in crypto to get a GF
Im in crypto so I dont have to support myself without having to get another job and so I can get a house in the future

girls don't care if you're rich, unless you're poor

>Willing to hand over money for what almost always turns out to be short term good feels. Stay cucked

If they say that they’re lying, even if they believe their own lies.

she's lying

Money is the precondition. She isn't even seriously considering men without money unless it's a hook up for bbc.

Thinks she's thenjnly roaster in the sea. Hit her with that silence and get back to making crypto gains or find another sloot.

>t. attracted to some rich boi she can't get

Does this story end with her dead?

>girls dont care if your rich
*Girls don't care if you're rich.

She is most likely still a teenager and still doesn't care about resources. That's why they date refugees and nogs these young girls. Later she will realise this, dupe a responsible but beta cuck into marrying or having children, get bored, divorce his ass and keep riding the cock carousel with sand niggers and coons

>bullshit was true she'd be fucking some broke nigga with a bus pass just because she liked him.
ive seen some shit dude. office girls will fuck some loser as long as he is tall and has a big dick.

though i said fuck, not marry.

Probably not. She'll just be a single mom with a nigglet.


Who hurt you lmao

Happened to my big brother kek. I told that fagot not to fall for the vaginal Jew

Actually my girlfriend don't care about how much money I got. She is paying most of the rent and bills while I invest in magical internet money.

Troll or giga-virgin

She's probably never encountered someone who has had to think about a $500 purchase

whenever a girl says she doesn't care how much you make, it means the exact opposite

she cares, ALOT

you guys do realize you dont need money to get girls if you're somewhat attractive and a nice person right? i got the same amount of girls when i was poor as i do now

As David Chapelle once quoted

"If a nigga could fuck a woman in a cardboard box, he wouldn't need to buy a house"

Just no. Being a manipulative piece of shit pulls more girls always. I sleep better when I try to be honest and decent but shit works the way it works. Everything that's attractive about being nice you can get by pretending to be nice.

>couldn't get girls when poor
>couldn't get girls when a bit richer
accepted my life

I honestly don't care.

she's an investor type that takes a bet on her man for future gains.
she likes u poor now because shes betting youll be buying her lambos soon

This is fucked up, but 9000% true :D

>ITT: people who believe they are way smarter than they are try to summarize the behaviour of 3.5 billion individuals in 200 words or less

Yep. This subforum is soo misogynistic sometimes. It makes me sick.

Fuck hate.