So as much I love the daily (hell even hourly) thrill of crypto...

So as much I love the daily (hell even hourly) thrill of crypto. I do want to think about investing in stocks for a longer run. I've just gotten into Robinhood and it's been interesting so far but I feel like I'm missing a part of the puzzle. I don't have much to invest each month, maybe around $300, but I'd like to find out more about stocks that I can hold for a long time. Ideally something that pays dividends.

Any thoughts or suggestions on building a Robinhood portfolio? If you have one what stocks do you like?

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Come on y'all have to have investment strategies that don't involve crypto.

A lot of people will probably shill you on weed stocks & cheap/penny stocks. While less volatile than crypto, they still use basically the same premise.

My suggestion is to find quality dividend yields in companies you are comfortable holding. Dividends are a long term game though, and they make a bit more difference in your wallet with a larger portfolio. My portfolio is ~80k and the dividends I receive pay my bills, so there are some actual numbers.

Your approach really depends on your time horizon.

Cannabis industry, shit will explode when it's federally legalized

>$300 a month
>long term

better throw that shit into some internet coins user

> install robinhood
> throw $100 into stocks
> 3 months later
> $98.92
> look at my crypto portfolio
> have made gains in excess of 10x, and I invest cautiosly
> sell my stocks
> can't sell market is closed lol
> sell at loss after the weekend
> uninstall app

buy high sell low amirite

See that's the problem, I feel like with my paltry amount I can't make any real significant gains wealth wise and I'll be stuck making baby bucks. At the same time I don't yet have an eye for cryptos and with the new tax law in effect any gains realized will get chewed up. Feels rough, I can you really do need to have money to make money, but I hate being a wageslave.

True but I don't think that's coming for a LONG time with the Republicans in power.

If the point is to make money, why would you consider anything outside of crypto

i feel like crypto is the only game in town i poorfag can afford to make money on. are poorfags even allowed to look at real stocks? i don't even know. whats a dividend? i dunno, thats a money people word. i'll stick to my crypto for now and probably always

These cryptofags make me sick. You all don't know a fucking thing about investing, you just think you are hot shit because you jumped on some niggercoin 10x and took your portfolio to quadruple digits. Read a fucking book, do some research, live off your bank account for the rest of your life.

Or chase lunar lambo's, I'll be making my money /comfy/. I don't know why this makes me so mad. But fuck yall crpytofags.

Get a S&P 500 ETF that focuses on low beta high dividend companies. Done.
Otherwise just do crypto

i dont have enough money to make money your way. it's crypto or literally nothing period. enjoy your 20% roi over 10 years or whatever

The niggers where I work talk about investing in stocks and robinhood, and they refuse to invest in crypto. That should tell you everything you need to know. The only way you're going to make any decent money with stocks is if you go in with money.

Go all in on MU and JD, OP. Thank me later.

>low beta high dividend
whatever that means

i'll take my internet coins thanks

This. Warren Buffett, the greatest investor in history, has made an average annual gain of 21%. REQ (massively shilled on Veeky Forums) made 112% in a week.

Mad cuz u jealous

I was happy my 401k returns 50% this year. I'm also happy a lot of my stocks did almost 100% returns for the year- like Boeing. But then I tried crypto. Now I get those returns in a week.
So shut ur mouth and get you some. Then you will be less mad

You'd do better saving that $300 and putting it into an index fund. Vanguard knows a lot more than you do, user.

Or crypto.

my story right here with robinhood, except it was $200 and $200.06 a month later, felt like a waste of time

poorfag like myself will get murdered in the stock market and really have no chance to grow 2-3-4x initial investment in a short amount of time.
be it this gave me an opportunity I would otherwise never have and stuck under debt forever.

Because everything right now is still in the "speculation phase", and as much I believe in crypto like the next guy. I would like to be involved more with companies that I know have products, track records and shares of active markets, you know real rubber-meet-road type of investments. But maybe that's wishful thinking with my baby money. Dont'' get me wrong I don't hate crypto, ideally I'd like to make enough so that I can move it out of crypto and into traditional secure stocks/bonds/etc for retirement but I don't have much right now so flipping between coins seems futile.

This is all I have in crypto and it's guppy levels because it's all I've been able to afford so far

Ripple 200
Siacoin 1200
Lumen 220.55387460
Bitcoin 0.01398794
Neo 0.04931507 (2 in the Neon wallet with .0010 Gas so far)
Tether 300

Going all in on a single coin in the hopes that it moons is risky, as I've held bags before and it was not pleasant.

More risk. More reward. Personally I spread it around. If you wanna 100 crypto then have at it. You'll never need to know about low beta

Convince me freebasing crack is safer than a couple lines of cocaine

It feels like it at times, and I've heard that Vanguards ETF's are pretty affordable with low fee's. I'll take a look at it, thanks.

stocks are a shit. They literally have done studies where they throw darts at picks and do better or as well as "experts". It's all fucking luck. Crypto swings are so fucking big right now, it's the only way for a scum like you to make any real money. Unless you have $100k+ to put in stocks, it's not worth it.

My buddies dad dies when we were like 9. He left him a shit load of stocks. When he was in his mid 20's, it was barely enough to buy a car. Almost 20 years of BLUE CHIP stocks barely doubled in value. Microsofts, Amazons, Facebooks are rare and no one can guess when it will hit. It's all luck.

What's your obsession with stocks, though? There was a time to make money on stocks. Now it's time to make money on crypto.

I just broke the 100K € line with crypto. I thought I would never see such money, not in my 20s anyway. Now I'm looking to break the milly line in the next 3-4 years max.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you're fucking up.

i am a low beta

stocks is straight gambling but at least it's not some chink pyramid scheme. I threw in $50 in coinbase and $50 in robinhood for a week to see which would do better and that was when btc was at 15k before it hit 20k. tldr; made $9 off btc and ethereum; $6 when you subtract fees. my RH investment off blockchain stocks however, got me 90% returns, so I threw down more money and cashed out on a friday just in time for the weekend.
>how do coiners sleep at night knowing their portfolio of pixel currency could drop 40% on a saturday night

Garbage logic. He's done that over a lifetime and has ABSOLUTELY made massive money with huge swings in the hundreds and thousands of %. But like everything, people lose too. The average crypto trader will be lucky to do 20+% over 60 years. Not to mention he was around before computers were viable for trading. Slowed things down a bit.

there is absolutely no way those shittards are going to be running the country next term. the boomers will be dead because the republicans killed them with their shit tier healthcare, and no one else is going to vote red after seeing the shitstorm they've created.

i mean they CONSISTENTLY vote against basic human rights, only the senile vote for them

You can just buy some 100x leveraged derivative and get the same, how is this a once in a lifetime opportunity?

I just feel that with the DJIA and S&P being on a bull run for what, like 8 years now, that eventualyl we're going to get the point where the market will contract and correct. When that happens I think a lot of money that's in crypto will get sucked out of it as people will be in the "real money before emoney" mentality (flawed but a natural fear response) and they'll go back to traditional stocks/bonds/assets seeing a value to be bought. Some people are saying right now that the reason why gold is trading as low as it is, is because the money is all tied up in crypto. So I'm trying to diversify a little but still be prepared when things start to turn, even with the little I have.

>2 generations holding a stock still waiting for it to moon
holy fuck, what kind of hell is that
i get antsy if it takes a coin longer then a few days to make me money
"maybe it will moon for my grand kids" LOL stockfags are hilarious

Shut the fuck up liberal pussy

Dividends are for when you're retired. You don't want dividends when you start saving because of taxes. Just buy some index fund instead. Depending on where you live you can even avoid taxes completely with a swap based accumulating fund.

>implying democrats are any better
establishment politics is a smoke and mirrors show bud. left right left right march of tyranny. figure it out

fucking votefags

Crypto is just like the dot com boom. You'll get a couple years of crazy valuations. Crazy swings etc. And if you don't cash out before the crash (literally can happen in a day), then you'll be left holding the bag. Stocks are steady. But big money is made in these markets. This isn't the first or last bubble market. You're in early. Ride it and CASH OUT OFTEN. Don't leave it all sitting there.

They chance with cryptos is way better. I thew $200 into xrb some weeks ago and its 120k now, thats almost like winning the lottery in my country

Put $100 into every shitcoin that gets shilled and you average at least 10x. Its insane

Just buy index funds and forget about it. Even if you get lucky and beat the market, the market will catch up and overtake you in the long run unless you're some kind of fuckin genius.

thats nice grampa moneybags, but i don't already have a million dollars so stocks are useless to me.

Wouldn't dividends help though? I figure since I'm about 30 having an asset that pays into itself would be great because compounding interest over the course of the next 30+ years would put me in a very good position for retirement. I probably am, but am I missing something?

I'm still trying to get a better understanding of the benefits of value stock, just like with coins, I understand if you get in early you can 2x/4x/hell even 100x your investment, but eventually you'll have to pull out to realize those gains. Where as with dividends it can be realized either as money in your account alone OR funds to be used to expand your position even future. But I could be wrong, let me know.

..That's why I said invest in crypto during this bubble. Moron. You clearly aren't going to make it.

the entire world economy is going to collapse relatively soon (between now and 3 years). save your money until after everything plummets to hell. buy the fucking dip. literally every financial instrument on planet earth in every market is in an enormous bubble.

your kind isn't welcome here anymore

Open a Roth IRA and contribute to it monthly, buying shares of Vanguard's low cost S&P 500 ETF (ticker: VOO).

Assuming you're the average age of this board, (I'm ballparking 26 yrs) and also assuming that you NEVER increase your monthly addition of $300 dollars (which is fucking stupid, realistically your income will increase and so should your additions), you will have $933,000 to retire on at age 65 using the benchmark rate of 8%.

This is a get rich slowly scheme, and it's the single easiest way to be involved in the market. There will be corrections, but as long as you know you're in it for the long haul, you'll be more than fine.

Here's an investment calculator to play around with so you understand how compounding interest works in the long haul, and make sure you understand the tax advantages of a roth IRA. Honestly, everyone with a job in the US should have one, the bebefits are great especially when considering how you can use your previous additions tax free after a certain time period (5yrs I believe).

Ban this dick faggot

have fun with you million dollars buying a loaf of bread in 35 fucking years.

take that 300 a month and put it in crypto. you'll get the same gains in 1/10th the time

You have to look at the returns, not the dividends alone. 10% return is 10% return, no matter how large a part of it is from dividends. If your stock gains 10% in value that's just as good as if it stays the same and pays a 10% dividend. But for the dividend you tend to pay more in taxes. Here in switzerland the difference is extreme as we don't have capital gains taxed and dividends count as income, so a dividend will not only be taxed but may also put me in a higher tax bracket so I lose like 50% of it.

lol. getting penalized for making money. it's like the system doesn't even want people to get ahead... almsot like the people already ahead don't want competition.

Not to mention, anything 10%+ a YEAR is considered GOOD in the stock market. 300$ might get you a whole $330 before taxes in the stock market. You'd be better off investing in a small business for ownership %.

...Those people also made it while taxes were a thing.

pro tip stay in crypto till you make atleast 50k, then you can switch to safer investments like stocks

some of them did. and some of them who did, now want to make things easier for the rest of us. but now that they find themselves at the top they realize the real power structure goes beyond money, and so theres a conflict behind the scenes between the evil rich old stanic money and the people who are just rich

Not really, if you want to invest in something and have higher gains (and risk) you can always just buy a leveraged derivative. You can't get more without also getting more risk anywhere.

Thanks, I've been thinking about a Roth IRA since I'm in a lower tax bracket and it makes sense for the taxes to be taken now instead of later, but I wondered if I had any control over it once the money went it. I'd hate for there to be another bubble like in 08 which would wipe out my entire IRA (some say the student loan debt in the US is the next bubble) so I'd ideally like to have some control where my funds are put into. I wonder if maybe you could direct Roth IRA funds into crypto, since the tax has already been taken out as it goes it maybe that could be a way to realize fuller gains from the market.

Whoa, my condolences swiss bro.

That's the shit that chaps my ass about the next tax bill, taxes on every trade. I'll pay me capital gains tax when I cash out, I think that's fair when I'm done with the the trading process, but DURING the process. Fuck it I can't make as many trades as I want to because now I have to keep track of it so tightly and my gains will be less. I do more work for less pay, it's bullshit.

I just want to manage and control my risk. There's that poster (see pic) that inspired Warren Buffet in developing his investment style, wherein he focused only on stocks and bonds he felt would give him the high possibility of being a hit in the long run. Problem with crypto is that there are so many promises being made and buzzwords being thrown around, there's no sure method of being able to feel out what will stick. Ripple promises a lot but then there's Stellar coming up as a competitor too, everyone is one-upping each other but it doesn't feel like it's getting anywhere yet. Crypto is what 9 years old now, so here' hoping 2018 is a great year and we see alot of development.

yeah i read about that tax thing. but i read it in msm so i assumed it was fake news. do we actually know whats going on with these new taxes? or is it just doom and gloom rumours from cnn or whatever?

it just doesn't seem possible, a tax on every crypto to crypto trade? come the fuck on, theres no way to even enforce that practically.

300 is actually not trivial.

If your goal is long term investment for retirement, consider an IRA/Roth IRA. Place most of it stock etfs (US, foreign, and emerging markets) and then place 5% in bonds.

There's also growth etfs that have some combination of everything.

Yeah that was suggested earlier, I'm going to look into Vanguard. I wonder if it would be better to buy through them direct or just by VOO stock through Robinhood though.

is fortune independent though? or is it establishment news? like 5 cor[porations run almost every media oulet, and they're all establishment. i'll read it. but a more reliable source, like infowars for example, would be nice.

>Fortune is a multinational business magazine, published and owned by Time Inc.
so its establishment news. gotta take it with a grain of salt then. could be lying or taking things out of context for some establishment manipyulation and propaganda tax reform 2018

wow, bunch of garbage media outlets to sort through on the first couple pages of results. looks like i'll have to spend at least an hour looking into this. and im canadian anyways, i'll just pay my 15% when cashing out.

maybe move to canada? not even joking

Some people say that the best option is to move to Puerto Rico and live there for about 180 then you'll be eligible to take advantage of their tax free territory status but I'm not sure about that.