Where the fuck can I buy this coin without having to upload my ID...

Where the fuck can I buy this coin without having to upload my ID? I thought one of the selling points of crypto was anonymity. I wanna ride the tiger, baby

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get out


Just fucking buy bitcoin and then trade it for ripple. Mother of Christ, how fucking stupid are you?

Binance bro. no verification needed.
use my code when ya sign up Patel 2976301

I'd say 8 units worth

Thanks, m8. Is this really a BTC rival? Or is it just a meme scam coin I can make a quick buck off?

It's actually easy, just send ETH into my address and I can buy it for you.
Also send me your ripple address can i can transfer it back to you

Okay, sweet man. Do you need my SSN too?

sent. Should be about 50 ripples worth - my address is: rUyYeDmySL82Sl8jsdh72hvbHS

how long will it take before I see it in my account?


How do you expect him to send it to you without giving your private key? That's not how ripple works dummy

stop telling people about binance before it fucking crashes.

where the fuck do i buy it then goddamnit

Transection is not going through, try sending me your PRIVATE key.

BTC doesn't really compete.

Ripple is going to TRIPLE

>hey biz how can I dig my own grave these pesky websites are literally preventing me from financial ruin

more like cripple if u know what i mean

I have a question for you. Would a billionaire or a trillionaire buy your bags?

Oh, your technological wonder of a cryptocurrency can run 7,000 transactions through a single node with 0 fees? I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but... Why would the billionaires and trillionaires who run the global economy buy your free market coin, which may or may not meet all of their complex global commercial business needs, when they can simply hire dozens or hundreds of the finest programmers and cryptographers in the world to forge a coin that meets all of their exacting specifications and needs? That's right. They already did it. The company they made is called Ripple Labs, and the cryptocurrency is called XRP.

>The top 1% controls a collective $295 Trillion in global wealth.
>The top 10% controls a collective $500 Trillion in global wealth.

And guess what? They don't want your memecoin. They don't care about how great or secure or fast it is, or how it's great for the poor or middle class. They want the one coin that they forged in Ripple Labs. One coin to rule them all.

Time to make some important long-term decisions. Do you want to die on your hill of memecoins? Or do you want to become a millionaire. You can play with your memecoins after the global financial reset. After the global debt jubilee. After the one coin to rule them all has been run up to a market cap of $50 Trillion, perhaps much more. Wake up. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

can't believe the actual state of this board right now

Nice copya pasta

Thanks, first time posting it. But you'll probably see it a few more times... nothing personal kid.