Have you not heard of KuCoin yet?

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No, but I have heard of COSS

Everyone should be getting onboard this exchange, we will all make more money the more we trade on it. Shill the fuck out of it and make easy cash.

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Once RaiBlocks is listed in a few days the volume is going to explode

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Here's mine lets keep this going.

I ahve like 4 people that signed up directly under me but there’s no rewards to extract, wtf

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I trade in huge volumes everyday.

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strap in boys

Also how much money are people making from referrals on this?

Yeah I heard of it from pink wojaks thread yesterday cursing it like no tomorrow

i'm making about $50 every extraction at the moment invited 5 people in. So not bad for some side income especially when they come in the form of other coins. I just sell them off and put them on what I see a decent coins.

how do you use these codes? ive been on kucoin for a while guess im missing out

ok so...

i just found mine can u guys use mine too ? thx

when you sign up, I don't believe you can use one after you already did


join using mine, please



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good luck and many moons will come to you.

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good luck my friends:)