Ignite Ratings ICO

Ratings platform for ICOs and altcoins with a credit card deal.

This thing is like Cindicator on drugs. You rate and you get returns, as the the fund actually buys whats rated highest.

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you mean you can buy actual shit with this card?

like profits from the system? where can you use the card? sounds like an easy way to get crypto into fiat...

All rightey, I am listening. Shill me more

Why didn't I hear about this before, Veeky Forums??

They got mentioned on nasdaq.com

What is this shit, sounds like cindicator for idiots. ANd cindicator is a piece of shit... fuck you and ignite

Cindicator is like fantasy football, useless.

Ignite is like the real thing, you buy the tokens and the Hive decides where to invest them and you get the profits. ITS FREE MONEY, KEK!

Bitcoin already has this, I don't get it?
Verge is going to support a loadable debit card.

Well smack my ass and call me Sally..you tellin me i can dump my fat gainz on this card?!

How is this different than TenX (PAY) which also pays token holders .5% of the transaction fees generated and multi-currency?

You idiots don't get it. Card is like 10% of Ignite.
You can use that card with ANY token.

Read this you fucking pajeets:

I agree with OP - this is a revolutionary ICO.
That is until I saw the cap 90 FUCKIN MILLION USD!! Why these pajeets need that many sheckels??

This. Tenx already has a working product.

Gonna make it simple for you Veeky Forums idiots:
a) its NOT fucking 90 mil, where did you see that?? They halved the supply, adjusted for ETH price and cap is NOW 17-20 mil USD!

b) The card is not the point as the other cuck mentioned before. Its just another perk. Ignite is like a fund on the most hyped up ICOs and altcoins. You can be a fund manager and get rewarded, or just passive holder and also get profit from fund.

Where do I get this shit? Trading on ED?

ohh, its an ICO.
Starts Jan 15, whitelisting almost done

So why not just invest directly and make my own profits? I don't get it.

probably cause most dickheads lose when they invest in shitcoins and ICOs. This is like a hype detector.

not to mention armies of normies, who are too stupid to invest in ICOs and altcoins to begin with

because you're not smarter than the hivemind. go wikipedia "wisdom of the crowd" you fool

Veeky Forums cant read for shit.
found about ignite here: medium.com/@bitcoinbuxton/a-diamond-in-the-rough-a9343f325ca

Ignite, Nucleus Vision, Dadi, ChinApex == MOON

My profits so far say I'm much smarter.

Are you a normie dickhead?

Do you think your grandma 4chans?
All that stupid money can go into altcoins and ICOs using Ignite. And as much as it does, the more the token gains value.


Team looks terrible. Why can't these faggots just put their linkedin profiles?

>Cindicator is like fantasy football, useless.
the people holding the expert bot that are using it to make 20% gains a day would say otherwise.

lol, the wisdom of the crowd will never be 1%, but it will beat the average joe.

i'm not an average joe so i'll do my own investing, thanks.