ITC anons, ITC

ITC - Iota of China CEO interview

Partnership with IBM
Comparison to IOTA, ITC has tech implemented in chips. WORKING PRODUCT.

120,000 ITC were sent to Binance ( )

It's backed by the biggest chinese crypto fund that also invested in OMG and 0x.

Article on the “IOTA of China”:

Trading: Okex and Huobi
US citizens without a VPN (brain) cannot even get it. Its gonna explode on Binance.

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You can get it off of bibox if you're a us citizen

buying the fuck out of this. its IOTA with 1% of its cap and a working product

x100 of January right here

Someone tell me how to get on Okex and Huobi from australia and I'll go all in on this coin

register, transfer ETH and buy... whats that difficult

>FBG Capital (Omisego & 0x)
>Link Capital (Y Combinator of China)

no more research needed. this will go to a billion + at least. get in before binance listing

Fuck... we got in early Veeky Forums bros

I feel like this is going to be my ticket. I have 3200 of these bad boys.

Check this shit out:

You can sign up using our +61 mobile phone numbers fellow Aussie.

This is for OKEX

have to use a vpn from the U S of A?

what is it listed as on binance?

Ticket to glory boys, this is like buying ripple in january of 2017

better be right Veeky Forums

Shit so cash. Backing up the truck to load up on this rocket.

phone number should work. Set as Canada (same international prefix)

Its lambotime boyz

I bought 562 ITC at $4 each today. Already started making profit. Let's go to the moon!

does eth transfer fast enough for me to get in? is it too late? made an account on bibox

This is going to 15 billion market cap. You have time.

I only own 1600 itc, i want to kms

will this shit go back to 0.00030? i wanna buy but not at this price

am i too late to buy now?

It's not going to dip for a long long time. The hype has been built. It will be $10 when we wake up tomorrow.

already set an order, if the doesnt then fuck it


ok time to fomo, I'm sure when it hits binance it will explode

Hardly a FOMO, when in 1 week you will wish these prices were here again.

What do you expect the price to be? What is the potential of this coin in terms of gainz?

He says IF they get the hyperledger agreement they'll get IBM... you stupid pajeets this coin will go nowhere fast, the DAG won't be ready until EOY (literally) THEN they'll have all the problems IOTA currently has and will need to fix them but they won't have genius CfB.

IOTA will dominate EU/Western markets as they already have Bosch onboard, if you can't see this you're braindead.

I'm not saying IoTChain doesn't have a future but from what I can see they'll only JUST launch when IOTA has already made it.

FOMO bought, has been rising steadily last 2 weeks... about to pump. Burgers cannot buy it on huobi I think

It will hit 1 billion market cap guaranteed. 5 billion will not be hard. 15 billion will take some time but I believe it will be there eventually.

Thank god I got this one for cheap!
For once I didn't fuck up.

Just look at AntShares/NEO, the Chinese Ethereum. Any time those chinks copy a western product they make sure it succeeds. I have no doubt that the Chinese will make sure their version of IOTA succeeds as well.

burger with VPN, what country should I set to and what exchange should I use? Houbi?

Just use Raiblocks market cap as a gauge. ITC has to meet it.

Use a Canadian VPN and sign up to Huobi as a Canadian. I was able to purchase and withdraw 3k+ ITC through this method. This is because Canadians also use the +1 phone number like we do (which you will have to verify).

oh nice, looks like I missed another raiblocks

it'll dip dont worry, this happens often on this coin, pumps up and dips

Did you even watch the video dickhead, they have a working prototype. IOTA has dick.

ITC cap is 100 mil, Railblock 5 bil, IOTA 15 bil.


i just signed up for Huobi without my VPN on and it went fine, do I only need to verify if I intend to put in more than the 2BTC limit?

Define what you mean by verify. I had to verify my phone number to be able to withdraw anything. But I never had to upload a passport. The withdraw limit for ITC was 15,000 when I withdrew.

my account is "unverified" aka i havent done anything but confirm email but its letting me trade/deposit funds and says I have 2BTC withdraw limit

Yeah you're good, but you have to verify your phone number to make a withdrawal. Set up 2FA and verify your phone number in the settings, takes like 5 minutes and you'll be fine.

When I tried to withdraw without verifying my phone number they cancelled the withdrawal.

>thinking shitcoins are viable

this is all a pump and dump exit scam.

good to know, thanks user

gonna pump and dump your momma... this is going to binance cuck

going to 8 dollars over night

Inb4 Binance

future 100 USD. within a month!

Did anyone else sign up for Huobi for this shit? Sent over 1 ETH and it says in my history that it has been received but it doesn't show up in my balances......

it will pop up just be patient. its confirming the transaction but doesnt show it

Thanks for calming my nerves a bit...... but still it's been 30 mins since it appeared in deposit history and still isn't into my balances.

I don't need to be fully verified to just trade on the site right? I'm assuming I will when I get around to withdrawing though.

I was quite panicky too, but no need to stress. If it showed in your deposit history it will eventually pop up :)

Haha yeah just getting impatient because ITC hasn't stopped rising and I'm missing out on gains.

I’m stressing since the price has raised a moderate amount since I first sent mine. My f5 is gonna break at this rate.


Yes keep climbing you China coin. Pls gib me all the gainz


When I started my transfer it was at 4.80. Still waiting.

i was able to buy it in bibox pretty fast. transferred eth from binance to bibox in around 10-15 mins

is it too late for me to get in on this?

Got a feeling we are gonna miss the train by the time our fucking funds clear. This shit is ridiculous.

Possibly wait and buy the dump.

still low marketcap and no binance or bittrex exchange? WTF?!

Yea, not too happy. Block chain is at 150+ confirmations. Still nothing besides the little blurb in the history.

At least I can hope by the time I can get in it will be dipping.

Is it too late yet fags?

Funds finally came in..... so only got 0.5 ETH worth and hopefully there is a dip.

how long after depositing ETH on Huobi does it appear in my balances? TX is up to 50 confirmations

Sweet but fuck. I think you had like 20 minutes on me.

Mine took 1 hour between the ETH showing up in deposit "history" and it being available in my balances.

Too fucking long.

Don't stress man, hopefully the dip will come before yours are available and you will end up better than me. I have a sinking feeling that I bought near the top.

blessing in disguise I suppose, if it came in earlier I probably would have bought before the dip

wait i don't get it...are you guys holding this coin on the exchange? or is it supposed to hit binance soon or...

Yep, looks like it is about to dip. Seems I have some shiny new bags...... lets hope it gets listed in Binance sooner rather than later.

Another "korean ethereum"?

Ethereum wishes it was good as this, fag

Unless it’s a bull trap, looks like it’s climbing again.

Your funds cleared yet?

Sure bro. Ethereum is a person. Now it makes sense.


Nope. Hour+. 225+ confirmations.

Im trying to transfer BTC.

I'm also trying to transer some token to Binance - Sell for Eth -> Huobi.

I might make a purchase sometime later this week.

Volume decreasing, this will back to 26 just like yesterday

I'm sitting on 150 confirmations, no sign of funds

I thought huobi was supposed to be solid?

Finally cleared. Now to wait for the next dip.

good price to get in?

Mine cleared at an hour plus with about 260 confirmations.

>all these anons falling for FOMO and buyin at ATH

>I-i don't wanna miss out on raiblocks 2.0!!

wait for -30, theres not that huge buy power yet

There's huge gap between sell and buy orders, usually the bots who are in control of that gap, dont fall for it

so like $3.5 ?

No lol, dont think it'll go that low, i mean below 0.00030

okay yeah

This chink exchange is kind of confusing

Thats pretty cool actually

Still think it will come down?