This is being shilled by a pump group FYI

Every single one of these threads, Reddit posts, supportive comments, etc

There's a discord group dedicated to shilling this coin and promoting it in an effort to make money.
This is a complete scam at this point, there's not even a whitepaper. The targeted shilling is working and it's being done in a fairly smart way. This growth is completely artificial, and it's a shame this greed gets in the way of actual progress.

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then link to it faggot

Of course it's a fucking scam. It's a handful of people with proxies or one person with entirely with too much time on their hands. They'll probably make bank over this, but at this point anyone who falls for this shit deserves it, they've been warned enough.


link it faggot. ive been on the official discord since 4 days ago everything thats happened has made perfect sense to me

discord dot gg/BtEGtn

Prove it fag, stop fuddin

wow looks like theres about 10 people there lmfao. nice FUD attempt

>join a discord pump group randomly posted on Veeky Forums
>don't bother joining whatever they are doing because I'm sick with the flu and haven't learned how to crypto yet
>come in today and see a huge shitstorm and people saying everyone's dumping early and this was a huge fuckin scam

sounds like the merchanting clans in runescape back when you could manipulate the grand exchange kek

So you'll throw money at anything that's not been proven beyond of the shadow of a doubt to not be a scam. Do your own research, but if you can't recognize the most blatant kind of pump and dump scam, there is no hope for you.

bro im shilling it non stop and im not in any PND group..

I was shilling this shit hard for the past few hours, but I literally bought it like 8 hours ago and sold at 40 sats. Not part of any discord, just a lone cocksucker trying to make a buck

buy coins and use the damn wallet. transactions are instant. no proxy needed but i have telling you idiots how great this coin is all day

for real...OP is just mad he's not getting money

>Last commit 6 months ago


post proof faggot

it's a stinky poo pajeet coin

nah I'm making plenty of gains on my other holds, it's just fucking disgusting, no better than Pajeets

If it was a good project I'd shut up and take the money but it's fucked up to shill biz bros this (currently) worthless shitcoin

There's definitely plenty of shilling going on, you can bet every thread made here has been as a result of the group

Learn to google you fucking pajeet

Honestly, this is bullshit.

I put a good two hours into this post, researching and coming to a conclusion on a coin that I thought was techinlogically sound.

At this point I don't care if you believe me, I'm simply trying to share in the bounties I've received. Make no mistake: if you would have bought yesterday and sold today, you would have made great gains.

As I've stated before, the incentives for dumping are low, the tech is good. The wallet is coming as is the white paper.

XBY is valued at .76, excellent in relation to market cap and coin total. There still is no activity on github nor public facing developers.

I don't know why I should care at this point. My intention isn't to be a shill, my intention is to provide worthy advice to the board.

The information presented to me has led to massive gains and life changing situations. I believe ECA can lead to those, just as IoTA did in November and XRB did in December.

>I wont buy anything thats being fudded on Veeky Forums
>I will sell the second that something is being fudded
Good luck

I do my research as everyone should. All the coins have owned have been FUDded a lot, and I'm confident in my choices. I don't panic buy or panic sell. I also know how to recognize a scam when I see one. If you're not one of the shills, by all means, throw away all the money you want to lose, you'll briefly feel rich as you watch the numbers go up, but you'll never see any of that money, so whatever.

Look, Electra claims to be an instant tx currency like RaiBlocks. It can be proven that this is not true. You need a generalized graph like DAG, Tangle, SPECTRE, block-lattice, etc. for instant transactions, and ECA follows a traditional blockchain. This is absolutely unattainable, but ECA devs are not skilled enough to do it, so they take the easy route and just claim tx are instant when they are not.

It never claimed to be instant. But you can take your reddit pasta and fuck off

Look at the chart now.

look at the buy/sell ratios

little ass orders are selling

big ass buys are happening

weak hands are throwing it away for cheap.

So how about that Electra, uh.

isnt this shit getting dumped atm?

To get a shit ton you only need to put $100. Buy $100 worth, transfer to your wallet, and then forget about it for a while. onto the next coin. Can't lose really.

It will recover, can't go up forever

Yeah. It is a coin with decent potential. I don't know about the long term but I could see this thing doing a rai blocks and hitting 25 cents.

exactly. I don't normally jump on these, as I don't think they are proven enough, but I just think the name, logo, and some of the things showed in the road map make it look very promising.

waiting for this to pull a walton in a few years
sitting on a masternode

I lost a bunch of my original BTC stack to pump n dump groups over the summer.

DESU I started making it in crypto when I just went to cmc and find good coins that just dumped. I'll sometiimes buy coins mentioned here but only if there's actual serious dicussion about what it does. Then I research the coin, read the whitepaper, and buy a fuckton when the price is still low. If you buy on a day when all alts are deep in the red you are almost guaranteed to make a profit when the market recovers in a few days.

It recovered already

LOL, that graph though