7 JAN 18

The CryptoCrash.

You've been warned.

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Citation needed.



They got wmds?

I don't honestly give a shit if you decide that this engineered bubble is sustainable or whether the powers that have engineered it did so for a reason. All I'm telling you Veeky Forumsfags is that you have until 7JAN18 to take your neetbux out of crypto, lest you feel the weight of the implosion.


>OPs portfoilo in red cuz retarded investor
>wishes chaos on entire cryptosphere

it would literally take a nuclear attack for a crypto crash to occur. as if that would happen.. heh..... uh....



Godspeed, anons.

Jews will end crypto?

faggot larper

No im curious as how you would think Iran could do better than Best Korea in doing something devastating

>calls it a bubble
>normie detected

care to elaborate?
Why post this without details... you know no one is going to believe you, o why post without deatils

what does KTOS have to do with crypto

Nice just bought 100k crashes

It's not about Iran doing something "devastating." It's about putting together a bankroll for a project.

How would a bankroll devastate the entire market of crypto in 4 days. Like I get that your post is bait, but try harder.

>give me attention please

Sage, shitalian memer

As you please. Enjoy your decimation.