Missed out on RaiBlocks when it was just 10 cents

>missed out on RaiBlocks when it was just 10 cents
>missed out on XTRABYTES when it was less than a penny
>missed out on COLX when it was at just 2 sats
And yet, there were people who got in early enough, buying heaps of stacks and are now literally millionaires.
I now know how to do the research required, but still no idea about what coins got the potential to do the same over the same time period. Pls shill this poor faggot potential coins so he won't look for a needle in a shitstack and ease the research

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PRL, might not look like much now, but the future is bright.

Fucking get on COLX still, it's no where near finished yet

It's a roulette, these shitcoins moon without reason. Don't chase them and just invest in things YOU think will succeed. Stop being a sheep.

I've stopped buying released coins and just spend my money on promising ICO's. Crypto is so fucking stupid atm that any shitcoin with a half-decent future jumps up 400%- 500% then "crashes" down to 200% on it's first day of exchange. I usually sell 30% then hodl the rest. Get on LHToken user. I've already thrown a disgusting amount of ETH at this. It’s an already established and profitable business, guaranteeing 20% annually, monthly ETH dividends. You can even use it yourself to invest in forex if that sort of thing gets you hard. Top 100 by EOY 2018 no doubt.

buncha of fagtards shilling deepbrain chain nonstop.
Whaddya say cucks will DBC moon?

Youre literally asking how to make millions with no risk. The fuck m8. Dont let the delusion turn your brain to absolute shit

I feel like this one is too late. It's already almost 100xed
Looked at this, but doubt it can pull off much when it has already 100xed

I'm willing to waste 1k, which most of these early investors spent

I remember when someone was shilling XRB for 3 cents back in july.

You gonna keep spamming this shit in every thread? Fuck off, Pajeet.

shut the fuck up about colx, some of us haven't been able to buy

EncrypGen (DNA)

Not even gonna shill you on it, just research it yourself. See you on the moon.

s t e l l a r l u m e n s

Already looked on it. Seems like the most potential 10x now from my perspective

I don't like ICOs too much. Could always give it a try tho

Well go fucking buy it then you mong, there's still 10x in it this month

but this obviously look like pasta

Not bad I think I found my all In

It's luck not research

I'm doing you faggots a favour. Last ICO i bought into at 0.008usd and now it's sitting comfortably at 0.1usd. you can buy when it's top 100.

then it's already mooned hard. I don't see how this one will do anything more than a 2x


thank me later

why not? it's embracing everything that's good about crypto. trading fiat without any government intervention

What's so unique about it then? Just looking at the video, it sounds like nothing different from dozens of other shittokens out there that promises unregulated quick transactions

sure. what i look for is an already established business that existed before crypto and has a product in the real world. the brokerage has been around since 2004 and over 50% of the initial investment into the ICO came from their clients. the fact that so many people that have already been trading on their platform were so happy to invest into it is such a good sign. No doubt in my mind that these same people would jump at the ability to trade using the coin because they were the first people to pay for it

Don't miss out on TUA then user.
Don't make another post 3 months down the track and day you missed TUA going 75x
Don't be that user

Can't even find it by googling


Imagine how many foreign Arab oil baron cocks she's had in her mouth, holy shit

Don't miss out on PRL now faggot

Low market cap and low supply, but already 70 cents. You sure it will go to 7 or so?

can we sticky an explanation of market cap and price? i feel like this has to be explained every thread.

not all coins make it to 500 million market cap, lad. But unless you are certain it can reach that, then why not

Also, how long you think this might take?