Why is this a shitcoin again?

Why most Veeky Forums hate xrp? what are its flaws and why it won't work?

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biz hates money

Jewish banker scam. It's good short term, just don't hold it

jew coin

Its not a crypto currency, therefore nothing new, not disruptive or revolutionary in anyway.

>he cares about anything other than price


Reminder that big money investors are entering the crypto market via XRP.


Enjoy chasing pumps and shitcoins with no underlying fundamentals.

that guy's whole argument is based upon the wild assumption that 1 BTC will ever be worth a million dollars

Man buys beer with ripple at Walmart and hes a goyum. 500$ EOY 18


You missed the point. BTC is already worth 15k Ripple wont see past $4-5 with unlimited supply

literally kike coin

>unlimited supply
You still didn't got the news?

So the coin that will win?

> Goyum

Singular: goy. Plural: goyim. You need to go back.

im fully on board with the banks tricking everyone out of their godcoins theory, but why wouldnt you hold it till it gets on coinbase? and what do you think of stellar?

Ripple won't be sold on coinbase. The legality is different because Ripple isn't a crypto currency.

What is it than

A centralized token distributed entirely by Ripple Labs.

The main dev team has control of %40 of the funds, and regardless it's too centralized of a system, the opposite of what a good crypto should be

We should be praising decentralization to the normies who don't know any better and are susceptible into getting tricked by bad system cryptos

well consider me unshilled. im selling my ripple

i lost everything because of XRP. my wallet balance just vanished. scamcoin!

When you shill, I shill.

The banks don't want to collect all of your precious BTC and ETHemon. They don't want your 7 transactions per second, 15 minute block times, and $30 fees. They want you to use a currency that they issue and track. They want to issue it, so they can inflate it and give it to their friends first. And they want to track it so that they can assess sales and income taxes.

There is no "SCARCE" or rare cryptocurrency. It doesn't matter if it only has 16 million units or 16 trillion, especially since they are all divisible by 8 decimals. All that matters is that as many people as possible are willing to trade goods and services for said currency.

XRP is the bank, billionaire, trillionaire, fortune 500, government cryptocurrency. In their mercy for the thousandaires, they've been telegraphing this for a very long time. The market cap of all global paper and electronic currency is about $90 Trillion. If major retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc announce that they will sell products for XRP, market adoption will be very fast and Trillions of dollars will flow into XRP.

Another retarded part of this theory is the claim that the banks want to hoard all the BTC and ETH so they can use it to buy into new ICO's. That would simply result in the banks dis-hoarding their BTC and ETH and releasing it back into the marketplace and they would then be holding bags of various shitcoins.

To summarize this absolutely idiotic theory:
> 1) Banks create Ripple (I agree with only this part)
> 2) Banks trick the market into trading BTC and ETH for XRP, so the banks can hodl the precious BTC and ETH
> 3) Banks then trade the BTC and ETH for shitcoin ICOs.
> 4) ...
> 5) Profit?

I like how shills say that ((((they)))) are already rich. Nigger, Jews love money and don't get tired of collecting it. I'll ride their coat tails into a small slice of heaven.

Not true, the founders hold 20%. One of them has incentive to see xrp burn in favor of xlm but is legally only allowed to slowly dump his coins. Still on a 20 billion supply (the 38,7 of coinmarketcap - what the founders have) this is a massive expansion that needs to be absorbed.

>Why most Veeky Forums hate xrp?

Because most of them are incapable of serious rational though involving facts, statistics, history, and logical reasoning.


From the perspective of the banks and governments that created it, it has no flaws.

I have a question for you. Would a billionaire or a trillionaire buy your bags?

Oh, your technological wonder of a cryptocurrency can run 7,000 transactions through a single node with 0 fees? I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but... Why would the billionaires and trillionaires who run the global economy buy your free market coin, which may or may not meet all of their complex global commercial business needs, when they can simply hire dozens or hundreds of the finest programmers and cryptographers in the world to forge a coin that meets all of their exacting specifications and needs? That's right. They already did it. The company they made is called Ripple Labs, and the cryptocurrency is called XRP.

>The top 1% controls a collective $295 Trillion in global wealth.
>The top 10% controls a collective $500 Trillion in global wealth.

And guess what? They don't want your memecoin. They don't care about how great or secure or fast it is, or how it's great for the poor or middle class. They want the one coin that they forged in Ripple Labs. One coin to rule them all.

You need to see XRP for what it is. It's the new world reserve currency, cleverly disguised a free-market Cinderella story.

Time to make some important long-term decisions. Do you want to die on your hill of memecoins? Or do you want to become a millionaire. You can play with your memecoins after the global financial reset. After the global debt jubilee. After the one coin to rule them all has been run up to a market cap of $50 Trillion, perhaps much more. Wake up. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

20% to the founders the remaining 80% to Ripple Labs. The entire coin is distributed first through them and nobody else. You're buying chucky cheese tokens. Ripple Labs can also hand out tokens to their friends to dump on you stupid faggots.

what are the odds it gets on coinbase and how much will the price go up?


It will hit 3$ next week. Coin base will double whatever the price is day of release.

I'm shilling for XRP not against it. Load up your bags and become a millionaire.

psst. Please don't tell Veeky Forums

once again they will call you a filthy kike shill

it's not like we didn't tell them that Ripple is going to take of weeks and months ago

the eternal butthurt of no ripplers

Veeky Forums is filled with poor commies that hate big successful banks and money

Decentralization alone doesn't make a crypto good. Both decentralized and centralized coins can tank. But, decentralized coins are arguably weaker. There's infighting. Things never get done. Look at the all the forks and the total mess that Bitcoin has become, lmao.

Just explain to me what does the token do, as best as you can.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. We are in a global economy with at least $590 Trillion in wealth. Stop thinking about coinbase. Think about the FACT that XRP was custom-made by the billionaires and trillionaires to be the new world reserve currency. XRP's market cap is headed to the $50 Trillion ballpark. Load up your bags and become a millionaire.

No, i'm pretty sure the whole point was to say jew as many times as possible. You banker conspiracy guys LOVE letting your own (white, European, evangelical dudes) fuck your kids and wife while you jerk off in the corner. And deep down you're so ashamed of yourself after they pull their dicks out of your family, cum down your throat, and go right back to fucking them that you run outside at start calling everyone who knows they've been fucking your family and cuming in your mouth a cuck with one eye closed cause you shot your wad straight into your own eye the moment their dicks left your mouth and went right back into your wife and daughter.

Fuck ripple, but Jesus Christ what a story you guys can come up with.

>libertarians like central banking and government

Long story short: XRP was designed by the banks and governments to be the new world reserve currency. They are going to push it's market cap to the $50 Trillion ballpark and reset the global economy.

Long story long: Do your own research. Go to Ripple's website, watch youtube videos, go to the ripple reddit.

How many coins do you have? I only got around 3600 so I doubt I'd ever going to make it.

I'm designated hodler though as otherwise the taxmen screws me

when did the central bank got involved with anything you moron? are you confusing commercial banks with the central bank? lmao

>commercial banks aren't regulated by central banks and use their fractional reserve system

>implying the broker companies you use to buy cryptos aren't regulated by the same financial regulations
stay retarded

>coinbase makes bitcoin
>coinbase distributes bitcoin
>coinbase is the only entity that does this

>what the fuck is a decentralized exchange
>what the fuck is localbitcoins
>what the fuck is bitcoin trading forums
>what the fuck is a bitcoin

You don't understand this shit because you don't have fucking clue what a crypto currency is.

It's never going to work because the only people who want it are global banks and FIs, payment providers, governments, the richest families in the world, and now the normie hordes.

However, they'll never get the anarchists on board. So, it's been doomed from the start.

Sorry, kiddo.

>hurr muh decentralized utopian currency
fuck off commie. if you hate private corporations like banks and ripple you are a dumb commie. better go buy hippycrypto currencies that aren't based on those evil private corporations

I get you, my point is that it does nothing for the hodler. It works as a way for banks to get cheap BTC/ETH.

>bitcoin mining doesn't work as decentralized organization in which you are your own boss and assume your own risk and compete with other miners on a global scale in the most real life example we have of perfect competition to ever exist, but its communism
>banks that print their own money and manage the entire economy centrally is capitalism

Its a good and honest Jew scheme that i am totally behind

Literally every cryptocoin in existence, if you think otherwise you're delusional

>random dumb poor neets on the internet "investing" in a fake currencies based on nothing and offering no services at all is capitalism
>but actual corporations with trillions in profits that actually produce and offer services is not

Are talking about corporations are you talking about Ripple tokens?

Ripple is a private corporation, banks are private corporations, the fact that you hate them so much makes it obvious that you are a commie

It think its gonna be 5-10$ when coinbase adds it, u think its a good time to cash it out?

1. It's premined
2. It's not a crypto, it's digital money issued by a bank - people literally went to jail for issuing private money
3. It's lying about it's promise for future value - it WON'T be used by Ripple, they released it as PR

The argument here has literally nothing to do with private enterprise and everything to do with blockchain. Any miner is a private firm. You don't understand what makes a crypto a crypto.

>banks trying to hoard BTC/ETH

Read my pasta in this post That theory is idiotic and I explain why.

mining doesn't produce any useful service. your shitcoins are fake, they aren't based on anything. all those shitcoins are more like a stock than a currency

I don't talk about how many XRP I have. In any case, it's not impressive compared to many of the portfolios that are posted on here. You will make it will 3600. Target price is $500-1000 with a market cap in the $50 Trillion range. Keep buying and don't sell.

>mining doesn't produce any useful service.


Wtf is this for real?

im with the rabbi. how much you think crypple could go up to senpai?

>mining doesn't produce any useful service

You're a paid shill

Are you guys reading my posts? I explain everything and bring facts, numbers and logic to the table, unlike 99% of this board.

Can I have some rEb8TK3gBgk5auZkwc6sHnwrGVJH8DuaLh. Deposit tag-103358936. Please

Banks won't be using the XRP token, that's enough to refute your bullshit

your shitty mining wastes resources just for transactions. Who do you think pays for all that electricity? all the value that those shitcoins get go for the costs of electricity, its a giant ponzi scheme of wasting resources and producing nothing

stellar is good hold.. ripple will never be added on coinbase. i think this price boost is cause some is shilling on the interwebs that it will , but it won t

No. In order to refute my bullshit, you need to get 5 in a row horizontally, diagonally, or vertically. Keep going.

Please fuck off from the Internet

You have absolutely no idea why any of this blockchain shit is breakthrough at all do you?

Literally almost all of those are true.

the whole purpose of crypto was to hide transactions, show proof of work to make sure coins don't fly out of thin air.

Investing in a fucking fidget spinner, a "crypto" backed by banks, I'm not buying it, if it's making you sick gains, more power to you

True FUD is still true, were you attempting to make a point?

ripple themselves never claimed that it would rise to huge price. The whole point of a currency is to have a stable price, otherwise nobody would want to use it
the fact that you think its a breakthrough makes me believe that you have no idea. keep dreaming about your utopian decentralized currency you dumb hippy it will never happen as long as private corporations exist

biz, just let your grudges go and buy a small portion of xrp to hold, xrp is going to pump hard this year whether you're on board or not.

Yeah I can't believe these morons aren't following the Jews to money town. XRP/Ripple is EXACTLY what they want, and they control your money. Ride that mother fucker with them. Sell it. Fight the system with you millions.

And yet the bankers will still run it up to a $50 Trillion market cap and use it as the new world reserve currency, and you will be holding bags of shitcoins while the NORMIES who know nothing about crypto ride the wave to the top and spend their XRP at literally every grocery store, shopping mall, car dealership, etc in the western world after the global financial reset.

>as long as private corporations exist
They stand to benefit the most from such a currency, wtf are you even talking about? Explain why private individuals or organizations wouldn't want a decentralized currency but would prefer a centralized currency owned by a company?

you're delusional

If only you knew how bad things really are.

cuz ripple is all that's going to exist. banks going to buy out every other coin.

>blockchain technology allowing decentralized transfer of information that can be used in virtually any field for guaranteeing trustworthiness leading to improved efficiency and safety as well as giving people more control of their lives
>not a breakthrough

They're not going to buy the other coins. They're going to buy XRP have all the Fortune 500 companies adopt XRP and bid it up to $50 Trillion. Most of the other coins except for a few privacy coins will die on their own.

When will the rest of the coins be released?
Any informations about that?

Yeaaa it makes me bad it bad get him

Buy Lumens. Its a Ripple fork, dev is better more creative. original mt Gox founder

It was at $1.40 AUD and I didn't buy, now it's $3.40 AUD and I haven't bought yet.

Is there still time or am I dead to you all?

1 BTC will be worth a million dollars. When you buy x BTC, at most n = 21MM / x persons in the world can be mathematically richer than you (or ahead of you in the ranking of richest holders) in terms of pure BTC. Let that sink in.

Its centralized bank coin... Goes against everything crypto is supposed to be. There are a fuckload of moon opportunities right now. Better than cripple, to choose it shows who you are

I thought I was too late when I bought at $1 AUD

can only get bpay to fund coin though and this currently takes years FUCK AUSTRALIAN BANKS

I only got 150 but I still feel like I got memed.

The terms of the escrow is that 1 Billion coins become available each month, for the next 55 months. Ripple is not obligated to sell any. They are merely available for Ripple do do what they want with them. My opinion is that the vast majority of those 55 billion will not be sold. Ripple will either donate them to the IMF, or BIS or a bunch of central banks and let them manage the new world reserve currency, or Ripple itself will register as some kind of non-profit, quasi-government foundation and manage the new world reserve currency.


Just go through cuck/coinbase if you need to.
I was lucky that I had a buddy pre-verified who I could send a grand to via Paypal, but you're gonna be stuck with a $250 AUD cap if you get verified on cuckbase tonight.

have used that limit already sadly, fuck...

If miners stop mining gold, we still get to keep all of our gold. If the bitcoin miners stop mining, the blockchain dies and nobody gets to keep their bitcoin.