Bitcoin's power consumption

Man, I just love how much BTC triggers the right sorts of people.

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Good, the faster we destroy the planet the faster we'll want to leave.

We must moon harder


kill the earth

earth neva did nuthin for me

Faggots in crypto.
Women in crypto.
Normies in crypto.
Boomers in crypto.

When will it stop?

This is why Burst will be $1 soon.

There's more to it than leaving.

Damn white people and their computers. Shut it all down, fuck the internet.

>this simply cant continue
what a nu male faggot hha

This is actually the only scenario. The higher valued, the more we'll put productivity into it. Solar mining does come next boys. then btc market cap EXPLODES into the trillions.

>use as much as the US
>after denmark
dude hasnt read a damn thing about it


remember alt coiners, that power consumption is ensuring a rising price floor beneath BTC by acting as proof of work, something your coins don't have

Have you ever seen these people? They have nothing to live for besides harassing us and consuming themselves in self-gratification on their phones.

If i was a normie I would have shot up something or killed myself by now.

Burst relies on DAGs and has shitty marketing.

"It's the same situation as gold and gold mining. The marginal cost of gold mining tends to stay near the price of gold. Gold mining is a waste, but that waste is far less than the utility of having gold available as a medium of exchange.

I think the case will be the same for Bitcoin. The utility of the exchanges made possible by Bitcoin will far exceed the cost of electricity used. Therefore, not having Bitcoin would be the net waste." - satoshi

Proof of stake will kill proof of work

>If i was a normie I would have shot up something or killed myself by now.
That's a very non normalfag activity, normalfag.

>shitty marketing
that never stopped 70% of the 2B+ market cap coins

Well the function of society is to keep the young males down and prevent them from rebelling against society. It’s the antithesis of nature. A young alpha lion eventually defeats the old lion.

That’s why we’re constantly under attack by everyone.

I say first we should get rid of Denmark and USA.

Literally Jesus.

Maybe, but it doesn't hurt.

Thats impossible, i have a million buy orders at $2

He assumes exponential growth with no improvements in efficiency.

u forgot the first one
>losers who play vidya and fap to anime in crypto

It is a wasteful energy hog, but there are cryptos looking to improve that and they could potentially be the successors to BTC one day

Then even these people won't be able to shit on it and we go full mass adoption

Try reading a book instead of broscience.
That alpha shit was disproven.
I know it doesn't fit with your isolated hero narrative, but this isn't a fucking anime.

Burst is fucking busted, but the idea of HDD use for mining isn't a bad idea

with coins like colx working hard at being green energy coins, were already well on our way.

>tfw live a few streets away from the beach on top a hill.

I've calculated that i will need aprox 20mts rise in sea level to have a front water view and still have some 10mts before my house is at risk of high tides.
with 10mts I can get a waterview but it's not prime.

Bring it.

What is this "broscience" term I keep hearing lately?
I know it's been around a while but it's fucking everywhere now.
Is it soy for "stuff I don't like?"

that's where you're wrong bucko

>Something's gotta give

It’s simply that men are most physically dominant from 20-30 but they’re not necessarily most wise at those ages. There should be some check but their checks have become so radical that they’re completely antithetical to nature and the function of the world. The more men come to realize that the world is a fabrication the greater they need to make the fabrication to sustain the perception of power.

Nu-male soyboy detected

>miners make more competitive technology which cuts down on energy consumption by 20%
>instead of encouraging continued innovation and competition, softfork it and brag about gimping the network
>le 36% dominance face

>What is this "broscience" term I keep hearing lately?
It's an old Veeky Forums meme.

You already know this faggot read some (((article))) about how muh electricity is heating up the babby polar bears' play space and we're all doomed. Fearmongering at it's finest.

Why no just require people to type captchas as a proof of work? The work is beneficial, more eco-friendly, and solves the centralization problem.


Why not fuck off you global warming queer?

Energy use is good for the economy.

Go short circuit power lines then, you degenerate retard. That's real beneficial for the economy.

How about you jump off a bridge and stop exhaling CO2?


Suppose you come up with a properly decentralized PoW algorithm based on capchas (a big if). With machine learning OCR solving captchas reduces to running code on GPUs.

That's actually pretty funny.

All memes aside you edgy little homos, we don't need mining as it currently stands, it's expensive and inefficient and shitty for the environment.
Non-POW coins are the future.

Electricity use is the best part of Bitcoin. It’s a boom for the economy.


You don’t realize that mining has a beneficial impact on everything. Cable suppliers, transformers, electrical workers, power plants, microprocessor fabs, design, engineers, etc. It’s a symbiotic relationship with the economy.

I thought you were arguing against PoW. I want to see the tech develop and mining get more efficient. I don't want PoW to go away because PoS secures differently, so idk if its technically as secure.

my dad is really ruining the trading fun for me. he used to call me a virtual man, but after he saw i made 4k on Elix he got all heated. he reads all kinds of bullshit articles from mainstream media in Croatia (which is terrible and misinforming)
now when he sees me trading, he asks what's the price and what it used to be a week ago, then just says "BUY" or "SELL".
it's really annoying. and the worst part is he is often right, but then again, he's completely uninformed about stuff i'm trading.

holy shit were actually going to live in a post apocalyptic era because of bitcoin and fiat is going to crash and people with millions of dollars will be considered poor

I don’t care if it gets more efficient or not. The more energy it uses the better. PoS is garbage and has no intrinsic value. It’s basically fiat.

Sell your coins and mine.

Right wing idiot.
Global warming is true.
Power wastage is stupid.
That's all theres to it!

>PoS is garbage and has no intrinsic value. It’s basically fiat.
Fiat has value, who cares how "intrinsic" it is. You're essentially proposing a 20XX labour theory of value.
>The more energy it uses the better.
OK big guy

I actually think the models will change as we adapt more and more to a decentralized world. So there will be lots of different ways to secure different blockchains. Probably by doing something that contributes to whatever product or service that blockchain is connected to, basically DAOs.

I also think a lot of these cryptos are doomed to fail, not because they don't have a use case, but because their use case can be applied ontop of bitcoin (or w/e PoW coin is king at the time).

There’s simply nothing that differentiates PoS shitcoins from each other or the ability to duplicate and counterfeit them, since there is nothing tangible that backs them. Now you introduce some kind of decentralized authority to govern the coin and you’re back to square one.

You can keep any centralized coin you want but by its nature centralized coins will eventually succumb to the force of the mob or authority of the state.

PoW coins differentiate themselves by work and energy.

dafuq will i mine with only one GTX1050ti?
tried mining ETN like a month ago for a whole day and earned just 0,05$ (although i fucked up and mined with i5 CPU but still)

Tell him he it annoys you and isn't helpful information.

Oh wow, the average intelligence on this board has really plummeted. This place is literally filled with manchildren from /pol/ and /r9k/. I'm wondering if it's just larp, because the stupidity at times exceeds all limits. You make my normie friends seem brilliant in comparison.

Seeing someone type like that just makes me want to burn the planet.

when did you changed the mind of a boomer, man?
i feel like he's there just to frustrate me.
i'm there trading, and he asks me about the price then just tells "Sell". I tell him that's stupid as shit idea and that i won't, and he just repeats "SELL, LISTEN TO ME" and when something loses the value naturally like it always happens, he tells me that i'm an idiot and stuff like that.

Pretend to follow his advice and lose money.

Kill him and wear his skin like a suit when you trade in order to establish your dominance

Excessive energy consumption IS NOT THE PROBLEM. You dumbass third worlders using coal and shit are. I'm on hydro so I can use however the fuck much I want. It's hilarious how people try and "preserve" energy here anyway to be hip.

>I'm on hydro
That shit's addictive, user.

>uhhhmmm..sorry sweetie but we cant have BTC anymore its ruining our planet

The free market tends to eliminate waste. Proof of Work is a wasteful method of confirming transactions.

That’s why gold mining disappeared.

Braindead boomers / teenagers.

Agreed desu. I love watching these fags get so salty.

>losers who play vidya and fap to anime in crypto
If it weren't for these people, you'd still be poor as fuck now, so you better shut the fuck up and insert that green dildo up to your ass.

why do we still have these autistic ass /pol/tier normie hate threads?

Can I have some BtC please 1P3vmCc7HW3k95zrvBcSEXnCvcakoF33i3

Hey guys, I know this is gonna sound ridiculous but hear me out. The internet may one day be closed down due to power consumption, where will the peeps on this site then go? We must make a snail mail ring, a fanzine, or something. To unite in the hard times. I'm not joking.

If the power and internet go off and I'm not allowed to shoot other people, I'm just going to shoot myself.

This is why coins like Deep Brain and Siacoin will inevitablly become the main source of cryptocurrency. Two reasons:
1. Both coins are backed by a service
2. The processing power is for something useful rather than something trivial such as in Bitcoin

Also, the whole thing needs to be planned in advance, cause we dont know when the shutdown will happen.

get fucked hippies!

>The "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE" nerds are now attacking the concept of biology.
This is your brain on Marxism.

mods could you please move this thread to /pol/

while your at it could you delete /pol/ and shoot everyone who uses /pol/

Hey you can always fuck off back to your subreddit.

you retards realize that all that money "value" that bitcoin got all goes to electricity waste costs right? its a ponzi scheme based on wasting electricity

soycuck detected

Sources for fucks sake.

>as much power as the US.

That sounds completely retarded.

You will also be wearing his "BUY/SELL" aura by having consumed his soul, guaranteed comfy gains.

Can’t wait I’ll it reaches parity with gold.

being a son of a war criminal, how does it feel?

I don't get this, why does gold require energy? I'm probably asking somethign retarded but it's like what?

Mining equipment, refinery, setup, transportation. And a lot more stuff.

Build a few nuclear reactors, problem solved.

DeepBrain Chain creates a decentralized neural network made up of innumerable mining nodes across the globe. These nodes will supply computational power for AI use in countless applications.

Mining nodes are compensated by receiving DBC. It is a secure trading platform that will allow the safe exchange of data between owners and users while protecting their rights.

DeepBrain Chain provides low-cost computing power while eliminating idle time across enterprises while protecting users with smart contracts ensuring data is safe. Computing power is kept flexible and idle time is minimized. Since there are so many nodes even if some are attacked the remaining nodes will still work and data leakage is forbidden.

DBC is essentially an extension of the DeepBrain AI platform ( - This site is not very known to western investors b/c it isnt offered in English; i only came across it after doing due dilligence. Found the site link from one of DBC's venture sponsors, GSR). DB is already functional and serves landmark customers like Siemens, MS, Lenovo and Samsung. Unlike some of the peers in the 200mm market cap zone, DBC is one of the few that has a working platform to build on and definitely a rare gem that can leverage an existing corporate customer base.

Nuclear reactors have a buildtime of 10-20 years and cost between 10-100 billion dollars to build. Bitcoin won't even exist anymore when they would finish construction.

^ @ KuCoin of course

kys faggot