/SFG/ Six Figure General #2

A thread to discuss how we will get to 7 figs in 2018. Only those with 6 figs can post itt.

>How will you get to 7 fig in 2018?

Right now I have 80% BTC the rest in alts, here is my strat so for for 2018.

>50% BTC
>10% LTC
>10% XMR
>10% OMG
>10% ETH
>10% miscellaneous

How will you be getting from 6 figs to 7 figs in 2018?
>How will you be getting from 6 figs to 7 figs in 2018?
How will you be getting from 6 figs to 7 figs in 2018?
>How will you be getting from 6 figs to 7 figs in 2018?

Forgot link to first thread

You need some smaller coins instead of just the big boys. Like Link

200k fag here. Got in the summer bullrun. Made some horrible trades, missed every moon mission, and still wound up here. How do I 5x?

That's what the 10% miscellaneous is for. Shitcoins, gambles, ARK, etc
Well as you can see my route is putting most into "safe" picks then hoping to moon with a little bit. You think my overall portfolio will 5x?

Went from 5 fig to 7 figs by getting into good ICOs.

Good luck.


I have 210k and Im almost all in on icx waiting for it to go atleast 5x during this spring. It's a safe bet but still has more room to grow than btc or eth.

You won't make it with that BTC OP. Sell it and you'll probably have a chance. The market itself may just 10x this next year, but BTC will VASTLY under perform.

Nice. Why aren't ICOs talked / shilled on here more often?

Majority of threads are usually for coins already on exchanges.

It's that simple

Image for you, learn to pick better.

My thoughts are:
1) People don't like waiting for them to be released
2) People are too lazy to actually learn about a project so they don't get scammed
3) More ICOs aren't allowing US/CA/CN investors due to regulations

Also 4) People can't manipulate/shill/fud something that isn't tradeable.

Yeah BTC probably wont do more than a 5x, but I safety as much as gains. A lot of shitcoins that people hope will 50x will go nowhere and die off. Do you propose I put more of the btc into eth/ltc/xmr/omg or what?

Hey 6figure bros, is 21 still the 0.01% thing? that's my next goal before 7figures


Hi, 6 figures in kangaroo bucks here, guess that counts right? I'm literally all in on meme coins, the recent alt bull run pushed me past the 6 fig line. I have sub $10k in BTC and ETH. So fucking scared of losing my gainz. Guess I will rebalance into 50% BTC and ETH, with the remaining in LINK REQ ARK. Gonna drop my DIONS bro and Obsidians on the next spike. Critique/hate on my strat.

Just depends on your goals and timeline. I think its wise to hold at least 50% in safety of btc/eth/ltc. If you take 10% to chase moons that's still 10k, you hit a 5x your +50k. Spread the wins from gambles back to your reserve and rinse and repeat.

bouncing between 120K and 150K with my 5000 XRB. Literally all I have (excluding 0.2BTC and twenty-two ETC)
Really confused on what I should do. Almost sold my stack yesterday night but I saw CryptoYoda retweet/like some dude saying something like "even though it sometimes feels everything's going to be fucked, don't let your emotions in when trading. Sometimes it's better to breathe in, breathe out and hold your shitcoins"

yes, but it's probably less than 21 because of all the lost bitcoins.

>bouncing between 120K and 150K with my 5000 XRB
Dude get out asap. Don't get emotional and attached to your shitcoins. XRB will crash hard and end up well under $10. Cap this if you don't believe me.

Thanks user. All that's stopping my from converting to solid coins are my emotions. Damn it.

The choice is yours

Not in Raiblocks, but yeah I see the lesson here. Godspeed user

I need reaffirmation. Won't there be a pump once Binance is confirmed? The only people holding large amounts of XRB right now are being held hostage at BitGrail and they (me included) get to decide the price when the immense buy pressure comes.

Went from an initial 12k investment back in March to about 140k right now. As of this moment I am all in on NEO. I also have about 65 GAS which I generated from holding the last few months. I’m honestly thinking about just holding it all the way through 2018

i think there's a change in the risk factor of holding btc this year, don't wanna hold much or maybe will not hold at all

I'm feeling this. Got 10% in BTC, another 10% ETH, another in LTC. My "safe" pick for 2018 is actually monero.

What makes you so confident in NEO after all these gains?

Perfect thread for me. I'm now hovering around the $165,000 range after a $3,000 starting investment in 2017.

Mostly ETH, some airdrops that payed out big, and good ICOs.

What can I look for in 2018 though?

the price of eth retard.

I have a question for you. Would a billionaire or a trillionaire buy your bags?

Oh, your technological wonder of a cryptocurrency can run 7,000 transactions per second through a single node with 0 fees? I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but... Why would the billionaires and trillionaires who run the global economy buy your free market coin, which may or may not meet all of their complex global commercial business needs, when they can simply hire dozens or hundreds of the finest programmers and cryptographers in the world to forge a coin that meets all of their exacting specifications and needs? That's right. They already did it. The company they made is called Ripple Labs, and the cryptocurrency is called XRP.

>The top 1% controls a collective $295 Trillion in global wealth.
>The top 10% controls a collective $500 Trillion in global wealth.

And guess what? They don't want your memecoin. They don't care about how great or secure or fast it is, or how it's great for the poor or middle class. They want the one coin that they forged in Ripple Labs. One coin to rule them all.

You need to see XRP for what it is. It's the new world reserve currency, cleverly disguised a free-market Cinderella story.

Time to make some important long-term decisions. Do you want to die on your hill of memecoins? Or do you want to become a millionaire. You can play with your memecoins after the global financial reset. After the global debt jubilee. After the one coin to rule them all has been run up to a market cap of $50 Trillion, perhaps much more. Wake up. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

If i see this pasta again tonight i swear to fucking christ im gonna get off the computer and to to bed at a reasonable time


im already here

I bought all my three main holds at ICO, so lmao at faggots saying it's a bad strategy. I'm comfy that holding these will give me 5 mil by EOY but will still buy into promising ICOs.

How do you stumble across promising ICOs?

Unironically just Veeky Forums shilling, then I do some more research. Also bought into Jibrel recently but didn't put much in.

85% vechain
15% icx
I am sure this will take me to at the very least 300k maybe 500. Maybe even more.
Then i will Diversify more. And put 30-50% in some of the big secure coins.

literally just look at the top 10-20 icos that cryptonigger and other ico reviewers are shilling, research their partners and backers yourself, developers too, and then go in hard on the best ones.

tech barely matters, actual products barely matter. what matters are partners and news because it all generates the most hype, so the most gains.

zencash is mooning this month


Not going to make it to 7 figs unless some of these alts or Ether really goes parabolic but I'm okay with that. Expecting to hit $500k this year at least

Six figures right here