First time sharing some gossip, so gather round Veeky Forums. may be old news, but i haven't heard anyone mention it

first time sharing some gossip, so gather round Veeky Forums. may be old news, but i haven't heard anyone mention it.

i heard that rumor about XLM and Bank of America and Coinbase listing.

well, i use boa and coinbase. and i bought ETH with it a couple days ago. BOA gives you "cash back rewards" for stuff if you use your credit card for certain things. like gas, auto repairs, etc.

ANYWAYS I got an $8 cash rewards bonus for buying on coinbase for the first time a couple days ago. thought some of you would think that was interesting. they still charged me the foreign transaction fee, but i've never got the $8 rewards before.

now... i've never had a moon mission before. if you liked my gossip PLEASE TELL ME A GOOD COIN TO BUY AND HOLD FOR 2018 i'm red candling like crazy chasing moon missions.


Lots of institutional money is being pumped into POE soon


Well I'm not really sure what your gossip here is but that's pretty dope. My bank wont even let me use my card for coinbase much less give me rewards for it.

i just thought it was strange that the day before someone found that text file about XLM and BOA i got an $8 rewards for using coinbase.

i thought it was cool, too. cut the fee in half.

Also fun is pretty much a guaranteed 10x this year. Idk exactly how many x's you're looking for. You could go all in on link and retire sometime in the next few years.

the gossip might be true with xlm...ya dig...who knows for sure..ive heard from months back it would be a good hold for 2018 for certain reasons

i know if i dont gon deep in xlm now i will regret it, but i'm an educated investor, and i will first read up on it. wat does everybody idea?

Lol this thread is cracking me up. I can imagine two broads with curlers in their hair having this conversation on big ass corded phones in the 70s

How many XLM is enough to not kill my self in ROMO panic?


is link for real? i hear about 50/50 reviews on it from here. sounds good from the site, tho. i'm not very good at this, getting better, tho.

if you had 1K to hold in a coin for a year, which would you choose?

Vitalik himself said that link is undervalued.

I bought 800. I’m too much of a pussy to go all in on any coin.

me too. mostly because i don't have much to put in. if i'm in 5 coins at least i get to see that green arrow sometimes. when i started it was just BTC/LTC/ETH from coinbase. now i'm blockfolio-ing and hoping for a moon mission and all the things.

figure it took most of the experts here a while to get good at this.

i have 600

what's a romo panic?

Im assuming he meant FOMO

>be me
>23 in las vegas
>never gambled
>invested 20k in a company here thats doing well back in oct 2015
>friend sends me screen shot of LTC mooning from december
>start looking into crypto
>skeptical of the whole situation since its basically a bubble for 90% of the coins
>almost no regulation
>pump and dumps everywhere
>say fuck it and start investing, testing coins and platforms and strategies
>start reading up on block chain tech and different coins
>learn a small amount but enough to realize whats smart and whats not
>start initial invest of 2300 into xrp at 1$
>understand in the long run its a shit coin because the tech doesnt need it, but know itll atleast moon to 2/3$ soon
>5 days later 2.83 ATH
>sell my stack at 2.40
>Free 1250$
>Send back principle to bank account
>Imaginary money at this point
>invest in xrb and xlm
>40% gains from those two coins
>rumors and partnerships almost guarantee further gains in said coins
man this shit is ridiculous, even a retard like me can get lucky and make money

what happened with the 25k you invested in the company?

i went to vegas to see bob dylan a couple months ago. good times.

Only ethereum tokens are getting added to Coinbase. CEO said so himself. Just buy BAT.

similar situation
>be me
>21, nice little cash savings
>tracking btc since september, 5-6k.
>skeptical and hold out
>fomo at 19k btc
>5k into xrp after trolling biz
>6100 at .82cents
>13k free money

you cashed out? how'd that go? what service did you use?