Moon Project - Bounty0x

Told you guys to buy @0.08 cents,
then told you buy at @0.15 cents....
Mooned to 0.30 cents....PROFIT!

Back here again to tell you buy BNTY
its stable now at 0.17 cents, whaling is done.

Massive buy ins from normies at plebbit and FB....discord groups are watching closely

get your moon boots ready!

More obvious moon shot than Raiblocks. You'd have to be full retard to not be in on this one

Thanks user. Just bought another 20k. We're going to the MOOOOOOON!

This guy knows how to get rich!

Not too late to buy into BNTY

lol shilling your own coin? why is this a good coin?

All in partner. See you at the moon on my lambo

>Did not change while BTC went up $2000

uhhh okay op

Steady hands, moon landing soon!

You a normie, DYOR or go back to plebbit, fuckin pajeet

BNTY is a golden opportunity x3 ezpz

Whale is dead! Time to buy BNTY

Go troll another coin, you fucktard

How bout you do your own research ya fucking pajeet

Thank op for even bringing this up. This shit is in its infancy 7 days old. Only up from here dingus

beyond easy 3x, I'm holding for 10x.

I'm looking at the satoshi value. Where's this moon? Outside your window?


thanks I just bought another 20k BNTY,
stacks just gets bigger!

Something BIG is happening.. if normies over at plebbit and FB are buy.. you know there is going to be a major PUMP

Go ahead stay poor

You see that fucking dip it’s ready to moon. Anyone can see that, learn market trends or back to plebbit

I turned a 3k into 30k

what exchange are you guys using to buy some? I am gonna throw $500 and hope Veeky Forums hasnt fucked me up

Kucoins use my ref and get 10% and Ill send you 3 KCS


Kucoin, use my invitation code


Isn't the team shit-tier though, OP?

all tech aside, it has an active team who's founders communicate directly on telegram, are avid marketers, and working hard to be listed on every exchange possible

Buy BNTY or stay stay poor

Did you miss the last moon mission?

fuck off pajeet,

Whaling is not done from what I can tell. He forces the price down to 15-16 cents, then let’s it go as high as 19-ish cents. Rinse and repeat.

definitely sounds like you 3 are trying hard to shill

Once it get listed on more exchanges, whaling is NOT possible.

Trade volume is extremely high rn

Buy BNTY while the prices stay low

What's the target this time, user? No bullshitting, don't shit on your fellow anons.

This guy knows it. Easy $1-2 end of month. Dont think just fucking do it. I went all in at ICO, now I’m waiting for the moon for my Maserati bitches

Jelly you missed out on the ICO? I made a fuck ton, pumping and dump ath

Just saying its about to happen again..

stable at 0.16-0.18
SOP..wait for the pump to 0.30 rinse and repeat

As you command, I'm now a whale.

COMFY. I own XRP and BNTY, and I'm 70% into Bounty0x

not sure if BNTY or DBC holders are more desperate at this point

Nice. Ripple is going to TRIPLE.
DBC also good buy as well

go back to plebbit normie

Go back to pajeet town where you belong. Look at the fucking market cap, any dingwad can see that this can easily 3-4x.

Gtfo normie who sold at a loss weak hands

keep trying to shill this shit on here 20 times a day. still wont make a difference. you missed the exit on the pnd, sucks for you

50k bags here

did you just start crypto? veteran here

go back to your FB and plebbit pages Veeky Forums is for real wolfs

BNTY has been around for 7 fucking days, what you expect normie..go home to your momma

Steady hands and hodl BNTY

Lets all get rich and buy lambos.. no BS

97k here

>15 posts by this id

how desperate can a pajeet bagholder be

>only hodling 3300 bnty ;(

I have 500

what did the whales mean by this?

fuck you pajeet

comfy at 100k BNTY and buying as we speak

Q2 2018. Screencap this.

BNTY Moon project 2018

Sell wall is gone. The whale is buying now

Ready to moon

STRONG hands holding BNTY

Lets get rich!

sell walls down

Eaten or just down?

eating time

I was looking at this, but is there a real usage for it? seems like a pump n dump

Whalebros buying now.


Yup imagine a crypto world fiverr

Whales aren't stupid

someone slay that fucking whale; postponing the moon landing

I'm in balls deep. 388k cowboy reporting in.


god damn god damn what price


BNTY is one of my stablest, comfiest holds, knowing where it will be EOY.

question is, when to sell though?

This. My guuuyyyyy!

Source for reddit and FB posts that tell people to buy. I want BNTY to succeed. But let's see those posts.

Got 30k, let's see what you can do bois.