Lost device with 2 Factor Authentication

Ok Biz I am going to ask for some advice one last time because it is now day 4 and I havent recieved a single bit of acknowledgement from Coinbase, Binance, or Bitstamp. Some of you may remember a few days ago I asked for advice in regards to me breaking my cellphone with my Google App 2 Form Authentication security program which I have turned on for all three of my exchange account. Once again those accounts include Coinbase, Binance and Bitstamp. I have submitted tickets to each site 2 times so far. The only response I received was from Coinbase telling me that theres delays with responses at the current moment. I am locked out of every account. In addition to not having the cellphone anymore I also no longer have the cellphone number anymore. Technically I still have the number because I have the sim card but I needed a new phone immediately for my job so I bought a new phone with another company with a completely new cellphone number. I used the same google account and samsung account with this new phone number and new phone and downloaded Google Authentication. I tried to scan my old barcode for the 2Fa for Bitstamp and it did not work. This is insane. I need to access my accounts. I somehow lost the codes for COinbase and Binance and cant scan those to be able to pass the 2FA. I have sent all three exchange sites a photo of my ID and a photo of me holding my ID with a hand written note saying please turn off the 2FA temporarily until I can get on and rescan the codes into my new phone. Why has it been 4 days without any response whatsoever? This is insane. I have thousands locked up now and I feel like I will never get access to my funds again. I am a day trader and its been 4 days now without me being able to make any moves. My entire life savings are locked up and all because I lost the stupid phone with all the 2FA codes on em. It is not fare. It doesnt even seem like the tickets I am submitting are going through.

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Has anyone else dealt with this type of mess? I now will designate this new phone as a crypto phone only but what good is it if I cant access a single cent of mine. I was born poor and struggled my whole life. I finally found something I really like to do which is investing in crypto and day trading and I am finally making a little something for myself and I already lost because I cant log in. This seems insane.

live and learn

are you the guy who dropped his phone in the toilet?

What does that mean? does that mean I am never going to get back into my accounts? This is insane.

Yes and its been 4 days now. I did everything the different sites have told me to do and everything BIZ has offered for advice and now its really looking grim. ITs like whats so hard about responding to a customer and letting me back into my damn account?

your probably jsut goign to hvae to wait really long for the backlog of support tickets to get worked thorugh and youl probably eventualy get access again. I'd expect it to take atleast a month desu

maybe spam them with support tickets but check first to make sure that wont keep bumping you to the back of the line

They will get back to you. They are just super slow from what I heard. Don't lose hope yet niqqa.

Give it back, Tyrone.

The good news is I tend to Hodl but the bad news is I have a few Alts I like to trade back and forth to generate a little bit of a cash flow.

>It is not fare

Got a new phone the other day. Almost forgot to send over my auth stuff. Had a heart attack when i realized what I almost did. Sorry I cant be more of a help, not much you can do besides what youve done

good luck user. Hopefully others heed this lesson. I've lost phones before, multiple times actually, so ill take extra care.

How much btc equivelent do you have locked up on these exchanges?


Your money is gone. You should write down the code the give you when you enable 2fs.

Do you think all three will help me out Binance Bitstamp and Coinbase or do you expect any of the three to not help me out? They certainly all put my accounts on hold at some point or another to prove my identification and that always took about 2 days and now all of a sudden they are making me think they just arent going to help. One time I have a clipboard virus and sent 130 bucks to a bad hacked wallet by accident before I really got serious about all of this and they responded within 24 hours to tell me I am screwed and they couldnt get the cash back. Now they just straight up arent even answering to the ticket I submitted.

everybody betray me. i'm fed up with this world.

close to 15 grand at the moment.

So for future reference if and when i decide to upgrade my phone, I need the same phone # and google account for 2fa to work properly? Or is it better to turn off 2fa for all my accounts before doing the switch.

Fair, not Fare*. sorry. Didnt think my grammar was worth analyzing.

I've seen posts where it can take them 2-3 weeks to get these 2FA accounts unlocked. Nothing you can really do at this point other than wait.

I just want the 3 sites to shut the stupid 2FA off sor one log in session I wont even transfer funds etc ill keep it simple and just add the new scan to my new phone but its taking them forever to even acknowledge my existence.

Oh and OP a quick google of "switching phone binance" turns up some some hopeful answers.

user. do not listen to any faggots who tell you otherwise. multiple friends went thru this.

good news:
your money is safe
more good news:
support can take a solid month so youll be making alot more money holding than trading

traders are adhd faggots who always lose in terms of roi potential. ALWAYS

do you definitely think they will all eventually help me though? or do you think they will ignore and never let me back in? I am getting paranoid.

It means next time you write down the fucking code. Sorry for your troubles, but for anyone else listening, that's how you prevent this.

Dude chill, they will get your shit figured out. All the exchanges are extremely backlogged right now with the massive influx of new users. It sounds like you need a trade fix or something, sign up on a new exchange while you wait.

The ticket I submitted to bittrex took two weeks before they replied. They apologized and said they are overworked at the moment and just aren't capable of handling all the tickets due to lack of employees. This is because of the big recent crypto boom. They are hiring new workers fast, but it might take a while before they have an adequate support team that can respond fast. I think other exchanges might have the same problem. So yeah. if you can't get your codes back somehow you probably will need to wait for a couple weeks before you can acces your account again. but do not worry you will get your funds back. Once these people start replying they are usually very helpful. they are there to support there customers after all and want to make a good expression. So for the coming weeks. I would just try and focus on other stuff. There is more to life than crypto. just know you can get back to it in a couple of weeks, just not now.


OP if you were verified on any of those accounts you can contact support and easily show them you ID as proof of identity.

Dude unless all your money is in BTC, I wouldn't be too worried. Just sit back and enjoy your hodl gains for the next 2-3 weeks. Most amerifags are hodling anyway cuz of the tax law.

I messaged coinbase during a busy period last month and it took a week to hear back. It's probably a little worse now b/w the latest surge of newbies and limited holiday hours, but 2-3 weeks sounds accurate. Plus maybe an extra few days to verify your ID.

Every exchange has an incentive to get you trading again. Your $$ doesn't do them any good holed up in the account... they want you trading again so they can rack up the loose pennies from your bags.

Spelling, not grammar numb nuts; no wonder you locked yourself out of your binance account with 15k you stupid fuck.

Maybe even send your shit from the exchange to a wallet, if you want to be really safe. Withdrawal fees suck, but getting locked out would suck even more.

happened to me with my binance account. I woke up one day and forgot my iphone passcode... long story.

Binance replied promptly, I sent them my selfie then I got no response for a couple days and then I replied to the ticket maybe once or twice and then they disabled it.

You should relax, they are probably getting hammered with requests, just update them occasionally and be nice about it.

I was thinking about using one of my other unused phones laying around for just 2FA but with the iphone, backup and restore is pretty easy so I don't know if it's worth it for me.

Don't be mean please.

Also I don't think any of those exchanges could steal your funds or permanently "lock" your account without getting into legal trouble. Coinbase being US-based, & Bistamp UK-based-- both are subject to consumer protection laws. Binance may be the least regulated, being Hong Kong based, but nonetheless are pretty reputable and would doubtfully risk their brand over your measly $15k.

Binance Rep here -

Please update your ticket with the back of your ID as well.
Once that's done can you please post your ticket number and i'll get it sorted.

I also just emailed in my documents (roughly 6 hours ago) in order to disable my 2FA, could you please check on it? I really need access to my account as well.

Thank you!!!

Ticket # please.

can I still get the code to write it down after I put it in the google app? So I can prevent this from happening to me

this same fucking scammer from this other thread
do not give your information on Veeky Forums idiots

Seriously, this. I write down everything about any site I sign up with, 2FA code as well.

They will figure it out. For future use the AUTHY app. You can save your account so when you do get a new phone all you do is login and all your old accounts are with the app and not stuck on the phone. I have not used the google one but I heard that is the problem with it.

Not sure what I'd do is download the app Authy and then go onto each account and disable 2FA and then enable it but use Authy instead of authenticator because it backs up all your codes.

>I am a Day trader
>doesn’t take securing credentials seriously
5% chance your telling the truth. Start again from $0 and take this as your punishment.
95% chance you are Jamal trying to hack someone else’s account. Go back to stealing rims

>using the computer

How did you lose your phone?

If you saved the code you will be fine bro, but expect wait a few weeks for their slow as shit support teams to recover it.

If you DIDNT save your secret code you may be fucked indeed

You do know that whenever you setup 2FA for the first time they are showing a code that you can use for backup, you should have take a photo of it and printed it out.

download telegram app
join binance English
type /support, get list of support people
pick one
cry about your problems
solved in 10-60 mins

You deserve to be poor you stupid fucking mongoloid

bumping this for op.
poor bastard.
hopefully should have it all back within a month.
with a fkton of gains with it.

Don't use Google auth. You would think a company like Google so big and Cloud bulshit that they but have some method to transfer that piece of shit app to a new phone but it looks like the only thing they're good at is censorship now.

redundancy my nigga

i quickly figured out that having 2fa on my phone is a huge potential problem. get a yubikey or someshit

Get yourself the Authy App in the future and backup your shit on a low cost android phone and hide it.


Or follow the fucking instructions when it tells you to write the key down.

For everyone lucky enough not to be in OP's situation (yet):

Write down the damn code it gives at setup-time you retard! If you didn't, you still have your chance if you have a rooted Android phone. Google Authenticator saves all the data in the non-encrypted SQLite database located at (going by heart, find the exact path in your phone):

Just copy it to your computer and use an SQLite viewer (or export the data to CSV if you now how to do that) and enjoy all your codes.

Since I've probably saved you from losing all your funds one day, if you feel like buying me a beer you can do so by sending me some ETH here:

I've been there with Bittrex and they eventually get back to you. Be prepared to provide a bunch of info though:
>last login details (i.p. date etc.)
>current balances
>recent trades

good luck user.

You know when you active 2FA they give you a code in the very case that you lose your device, right?

You fucked up by not writing that shit down.

Just contact support ffs
No one here will be able to help you
Support will

>put your life savings in a wallet
>take 0 precaution in keeping it safe
>lose your wallet

What code? Isn't a new one generated like every 15 seconds?

>Write down the damn code it gives at setup-time you retard!

this is a meme right, I mean, anybody with 2 working brain cells knows to write this down. nobody actually opens an account worth real money and doesn't save their fucking authentication code.. right??

If you are on a Unix-like system you can export the data to CSV (a text file you can open with Excel, for example), with the following commands in the terminal:

$ sqlite3 databases
SQLite version 3.21.0 2017-10-24 18:55:49
Enter .help for usage hints.
sqlite> .headers on
sqlite> .mode csv
sqlite> .output data.csv
sqlite> select * from accounts;

(Note that here $ indicates the terminal prompt, while sqlite> is the sqlite prompt).

Enjoy all your data in the data.csv file!

Those temporary codes are generated from a seed code that the exchange gives you when you setup 2FA. You have to save that.

I went to device storage/data/ but can't find com.google.apps.authenticator2

I just checked and on my device it's:

I forgot .android before.

Note that usually this will be in your root directory / (which you can access only if your phone is rooted), unless you moved the application to your sd card.

You can also try the path /sdcard/Android/data/com.google.android. .. etc.

>not using authy on your computer and phone

secret code for Binance or authenticator app?

Not this bullshit again. Dude ...

You can also just use adb backup

>turns on 2FA
>doesn't write down the security code and store it somewhere you can access without your phone

How to get your code from binance?

Remove authenticator, then re-add it and make sure you save the code before you add it on google auth. If you have the code you can add the auth on a new phone if you should ever lose it.

I absolutely wrote down my recovery code for binance. Issue is, how do i actually use the code for when or if i need it? The Binance website or the authenticator app? If its the website, where? If its the app, do i need to use the same google account?

Just get the telegram app, and talk to support/Angels.

good question following

Dude just pay to get the phone fixed
Any skilled tech can fix water damage

The text code is basically the qr code
You can use it on any 2fa app
Like if I put the code in my app it would give the same numbers as you every minute


I have my auth keys on 2 phones + I have the QR codes backed up. It's your own fault not backing shit up. Restart and learn from your mistakes.

pretty sure you can just disable 2fa and re-enable it to get another chance at ACTUALLY SAVING THE FUCKING CODE

>you can just disable 2fa

Daily reminder to use Authy for your 2fa codes, it sync between new devices, also dont be a faggot like op

fucking boomers
get fucked for being old and stupid

>Yes and its been 4 days now. I did everything the different sites have told me to do and everything BIZ has offered for advice and now its really looking grim. ITs like whats so hard about responding to a customer and letting me back into my damn account?

Binance is being inundated with new users at an unprecedented scale, give them a fucking break you mong. The ticket backlog is most likely a week or two and they are in the process of expanding their infrastructure so calm the fuck down and wait.

You will be fine as long as you can verify your identity with them, its not the first time someone has lost their 2FA before.

It is by design. The codes are stored on the phone only so it's more secure and works even without internet access.

Use 1Password and link it to iCloud or Dropbox. You can set up 2FA sections for each exchange login and the view the seed if necessary. Just don’t be a dipshit and forget your vault password. If your phone takes a shit you just redownload 1password and log back in. Idk why you guys copy the codes to google authenticator only. Do multiple 2FA apps the shit all works the same way. And put it in a cloud one too to cover your ass. GG GL HF

use authy.

About to sign up to Binance, anyone got a code?

13696659 is mine. Much appreciated if you use it.

Btw people use the app Authy instead of google Authenticator. It will do all Authenticator google does but there is a recovery option if you device breaks.


good luck out there m8

The official Google Authenticator app isn't that good, yes. There are several free alternatives on all platforms.

And a using a bloud-backed password manager should also be a no-brainer.

Just remember to turn off multi device support in the app because it uses SMS verification to authenticate new devices, and that's a real weak spot

This is why I take screenshots of the 2FA QR codes and keep them (encrypted). And backup codes if they're offered.

Use Authenticator Plus and do encrypted syncs between your phones so you don't lose the 2FA if you flash or break your phone.


Oh, wow, I didn't know SMS was this vulnerable.

This is why I do all my trade/crypto on a separate Laptop.
it only connects to the internet when I buy or sell.

Download the telegram app and contact the binance support that way. Just spam every support employee until one replies worked for me kek

Hey OP, if you're still here--you didn't hear it from me, but I was waiting all day and night for a response in the Telegram group, spamming the support staff with messages to no avail. But then I waited until one was online and called them. They don't take calls, but what it does is plant your conversation over their screen so that you're now the #1 priority. He sent me an annoyed message and reset my 2FA immediately. It was kind of a dick move, but All's fair. You'll never be heard over the din of pajeets in that group chat