Coming clean: shitcoins we shipped

What shitcoins did you previously shill when you held a position but now laugh at the HODLers.


Every lowest shit coin is mooing, even doge coin. But the most pathetic one is LTC coin. its only at 250 still. Hold them fuckin bags.

Expecting to see this a lot here.

That said, please everyone buy ECA and BNTY.

One of these will make you legit money. The other will make me regain some small losses for me.

Verge. That was some scary shit man, but we did a good job drowning reasoned posts.

I've never laughed so hard in my life. Doge shills are the most pathetic.
>Muh great tech

/thread LOL
I remember the night it started. Anons were so happy thinking that they were all 'helping' it moon 'together' as a 'community'. I knew right then that this was reddit shit so I sold my bags at .16. Easy 80% gain.


BTC... then again I sold all mine at $8000...

None. CHAD only buys good coins like ITC & PFR


What happened to Verge? I was about to go all in, but decided with XML.




And how many anons were taken in by these? Sigh.

I think I own almost every coin mentioned, but mostly sub-1% of my holdings.


Thanks India!

Vaporware with a shit team It will stay around 1K sats for a while because people refuse to let go then bleed slowly.

up 250%+

>doge shills
nobody really believed doge was good, im assumed most people were just having fun being ironic


Bought very low, shilled and sold high. The writing is very clearly on the walls, for those of you who haven't figured it out yet.

I rode that shit so hard. I could have made more, but I made a solid profit
Honestly, it should have been fine, but there are SO MANY FUCKING RETARDS who can't understand basic english. I thought pajeet was a meme

My co-worker wants to put some serious money in XRB. Should i let him or let him be a bag holder?

These threads are great.

I am the OG kucoin shitcoin shill. BNTY, DBC, and QLINK

Unless you shilled him hard, it's his job to make his own decisions

I shilled shitcoins I didn't even have, man.

This. I remember people got pissed at me when I sold the first or second night it was out at 27 cents. Lmao coin is done.

Sold mine for $300, not complaining.

still holding dusty dogebags.

back in the days the doge meme was strong. its time will eventually come.

Tfw I bought in at 8 and 12 cents flat. Still comfy

I've been a doge millionaire since 2014, never selling, literally up 100x since then.

You either die a shill or live long enough to become a bag holder

REQ, bought them all below ICO not even a month ago now people bought my bags at 5k+ sats. Kek

You are gonna regret selling at 5k, mark my words.

you got that backwards m8

Shilled bitgay & BSD hard during the 2017 masternode fad, made a solid 12x return off those though, thanks anons.

Even shilled dopecoin and never held any.

Hi does anyone here own UAHPAY