Check biz

>check biz
>it's suddenly filled with fucking normies and poor fags who think they are hot shit because they tripled their hundred dollars
>everyone is holding alts
>alts are pumped to shit, everything is 3x-10x in a matter of weeks
>btc is about to fucking rek all this new money

Heh, nothing personal kid

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you have a strange attitude

You're a fucking retard. BTC is a dying shitcoin.

Lol. You're out of your mind


I spit on your altcoins, faggot

I've seen this before. alts will retrace 80%, everyone will dump to btc. last time i got caught holding the bag, not this time.

mah 10 minutes block
mah $30 transaction fee

2018 is the year of the alts

Not really, BTC dominance is pretty much all time low and keeps dropping, I mean yeah

I will let you guys in on a little secret

The only other altcoin I hold substantially, 3 btc worth.

Nobody on biz knows about it, nobody on twitter knows about it.

HPB - High performance blockchain

It's chinese eos. You see some people shilling chinese IOTA, but that shit already pumped. you can't even find this on cmc yet. it trade's on bibox, the new chinese version of binance (chinks are banned from binance). you can pick up some BIX there too, which is the BNB equivalent.

>hedgefunds buying the fuck out of btc
>world governments buying btc
>btc etfs

yes, btc is a dinosaur, but it is still king, and you are about to learn that real quick

korean pump and dumps. you are a fool if you think btc will go sideways/down forever.

Enjoy holding those worthless lead-filled bags, niggerfaggots. Screenshot this then shoot yourselves in the face when it actually happens circa July.

How can someone so early to the market not see where the trend is going? Bitcoin dominance is low, companies are creating better alts with more utility aiming at every industry from Artificial Intelligence to gambling to shipping.

All bitcoin gets is bad press these days. I'm not saying it won't go up, but there is way more potential in alts these days.

Hell from your portfolio alone I can tell that you would easily 10x your stack if you all in'd your BTC on a good reputable alt.

>how do i buy alts
>with fucking bitcoin
>how do I sell alts
>to fucking bitcoin

hint: when alts dump, guess what pumps faggot?

inb4 muh eth trading pairs

How to spot the newfag.

and i already rode the alt wave. its fucking done, you are already a bagholder.

>Implying I'd ever trade to BTC.

Fuck the $10 - $30 transaction fees and dicksucking load times. I always trade to ETH and buy alts with ETH. The Bitcoin pumps in december have all fucking dumped back to 13k or so. Not a good look for BTC.

you're welcome to your opinion grandpa.

it's ok user, one day you will get it. maybe it will be when btc hits 100k ...

So If I'm getting in now, I get BTC, then hold until spike and start trading for alts, yes? And when alts do well I go back to king that about sums it up?

exactly. i will switch back to alts/ fiat when btc tops.

Whatever man I don't really have a bone to pick with you. I just want us all to get rich, my maple nigger.

You're in the wrong alts then buddy, try XLM, VTC, and Blackcoin. Far from over. BTC is okay if you don't mind settling for a measly 5x long term. Anyone getting into crypto now has to ride the pumps like Verge and BAT to really increase their stacks. Of course brainlets will fuck it up and end up poor, but let's not kid ourselves, they were always going to be poor anyway.

you'll be real sad when btc drops below 10k in the next couple weeks after a lot of people offload their bags at 16-17k

explain your meme lines old man

>Still relavant

What a dumb faggot. Bitcoin is dead, the only ones that haven't realized it are the suckers.

The Alt coins are going to skyrocket once Bitcoin implodes. And the "new money" that is holding is going to get the return on their investments.

When the alt-coins skyrocket, the same cycle will repeat. It's called the business cycle.

bullish continuation pattern

altcoins already skyrocketed you dumb nigger



>still thinking of BTC as a currency instead of a store of value

>TA is a hard-and-fast rulebook

You are truly one stupid nigger lmao. Enjoy carrying those worthless bags, you abjectly retarded no-finance faggot.

>he doesn't know about FairX
You're going to be in for a surprise, dearie

Everyone holding BTC realized that the money is going to get trickled into altcoins anyway, you realize if you placed those bitcoins into some alts, you could be a multi millionaire right now, do you even know how to math?

Lmao the eth pairs are absolutely useless. No liquidity at all

You guys need to realize if bitcoin goes down this entire market crashes. Ideally bitcoin continues its growth or we are going to have a problem. Look at the snapshot on CMC from january 1, 2017 and you will understand that everything will moon as long as bitcoin continues its growth. We are literally all on team bitcoin and a lot of you are too fucking retarded to see it. I am not holding any bitcoin and I want nothing more than to see a 100k bitcoin because I know my alts will grow with it and hold a decent share of the market.

>delusional boomer and his btc bags
get fucked gramps

The only one that believes this meme is normies.

>up literally 100x mostly from TA

kys brainlet

Show me one good example.

Enjoy those bags, nigger.

kek. literally look how brainwashed this corecuck is. I am screencapping your comment so in 20 yrs i can show my kids that you are the equivalent of someone praising that netscape was gonna be the best and final implementation of the internet

if its a store of value then don't expect it to go up or down and keep its price

Okay, lets do some quick maffs

I'm holding about 7BTC worth of alts. Lets say best case scenario bitcoin hits $70,000 a coin in 2018, If i cash out my alts for BTC, sure I could have 500k in bitcoin, if some of my alts hit a few pennies, I'll be a multi millionaire

>Wants to talk about liquidity
>The king of shitcoins can barely be fucking moved from wallet to wallet

Heh, you're cute

That's what I don't understand about his logic. Bets 3 BTC on some random fucking chink EOS clone and holds majority BTC and doesn't buy good alts. Fucking CND and STRAT? Lmao. Well, CND is a good pick at least

so how about you scroll back a bit on the chart

>alts are all pumped to shit oct 2017
>btc starts running
>btc runs for over a month
>alts retrace up to 90%
>but i still have the same fiat value gaiiiis!!!!!

trade satoshis or stay poor

post graph or larp

lol wtf. by july i'll have 10-20x more btc than now. so just buy btc then not now.

>Alt coins already skyrocketed

How can you say that with a straight face....honestly.

You know damn well that all the money is in bitcoin right now. When it implodes, that money is going to rush into the alt coins.

>Holding on to Bitcorn

that btc run was insane normie fomo tho

every fucking coin is sitting at 3x~10x

btc dominance at an extreme low

are you retarded?

Shitty portfolio

Although that is unlikely considering bitcoin is the first stop for most nooby investors - do you really think they're going to put money into some random coins they've never heard of once they've lost 60% due to panic selling their BTC stash?

That's the market which is really going to make this a bubble and get the gains we are looking for. That cycle would be detrimental to gaining said crowd.

>Fucking this

Bitcoin is "old tech". It would of imploded already had it not been for Coinbase or other exchanges using it as their medium of exchange.

Nobody can buy just alt-coins with USD or other fiat currency, you need to trade in Bitcoin or ETH, etc. That's the only floor holding this bitcoin bubble.

If I have $1,000,000 in alts I'll cash in $1,000,000 in bitcoin if it's 1 bitcoin, or 2 bitcoins, I don't understand your logic?

Do you really think bitcoin is going to blow up and everyone is going to remove their money from alts? The price of bitcoin directly plays on how much money gets put into altcoins, I don't understand.

Are you the guy from the original "I've seen this before meme"?

The one who sold all his BTC at like 2k?

were you asleep today? it already happened, and it will keep happening all week.

You're new and don't even realised what happened 14 hours ago.
Every time btc goes up people sell their alts, a 10% btc pumps means at least 20% down for alts.
It happened literally yesterday, even the btc is dead idiots panic sold, or suffered losses if they didn't.

If btc is back and goes to 20k you'll realise how weak the other coins are when 90% of them are in the red for days or weeks straight.

Dude every single shitcoin went at least 2x to 5x the last 10 days.
There's a lot of profit to take, and everyone still look at their portfolio in sat value.

How can I buy it when everything is in Chinese?

>Alt coins are rising

Yes, but WHY are they rising? It's not just happening for no reason.

The reason why they are rising is because people notice that Bitcoin is soon to be extinct, so they are positioning themselves for the influx of cash into the alt coins.

alts rise when btc goes sideways. btc is done going sideways

top right switch to english

>corecucks still aint getting it you are cisco of dotcom

you are platform for real welth transwer faggots in denyal

only reason btc atill relevant ia coinbase


holding bitcoin over ethereum

that blockfolio is a fucking meme



Trust me I really want btc to die and have fiat pairs for everything, but it's still the coin with the most volume, the name and the big players.
They won't just drop it like that.

Last year people were sure that ethereum would kill bitcoin, it nearly achieved it, but look where it is now.

Normies that are afraid of a 10$ transaction don't make the price, it's people with millions, who usually pay a shit ton of money in the regular stock market for every transaction.

Been in the game since 2012. Bitcoin is a wretched subverted shadow of its former self.

As soon as a major exchange decouples trading pairs from it then its game over.

Sometimes we just have to let go.

What example? Literally everytime I want to get rid of a shitcoin the eth pair takes forever and has slippage so I just use btc instead so I don't have to wait hours for a fucking order to be filled

No issues moving it from an exchange

Love to see a nocoiners lose their cool while trying to troll.

>Implying that the "big players" won't cash out at the first sign of an imploding bitcoin.

Think about what you are saying.

>Hurr durr old tech
This brainlet doesn't even understand the point of crypto. The tech doesn't get old. It works exactly like it should. Any problems today are only political

A 45% drop in 5 days is not a sign of imploding bitcoin ?
Did you see how much money there was at 11k to get the cheap coins ? There were buy orders for 1k btc or more.

Do you have a 5 hours memory ? Can't you just look at the charts of previous days or weeks ?

>No issues moving it from an exchange
>He keeps his crypto on the exchange

Why though? Because of the hostile takeover (blockstream) you mean?

>350K of his 390K is in BTC

holy shit lol

I really hope that when the time comes, he can't even sell his shitcoins. That'll teach him for being such a cocky shit.

>40$ transaction
>"It works exactly like it should"
>should be worth $260bn

the absolute state of corecucks everyone

That is how you trade

who even gives a fuck what happens to shitcoin, i own so many alts that their lowball moves will leave me a millionaire, so go ahead and keep your nigger coin shitlord

What do you mean corecuck, I fucking hate core. I literally said btc problems are political (shitty delusional neckbeard devs and idiots following them) and not technical

have you heard of eth

Only network size matters for anything.

>10% of btc pair volume
>no liquidity

nice meme friend



HPB does seem interesting. What's the market cap and how high can it go in your opinion?

I'm a poorfag and just want to catch one of these x50s or at least x10s too. Might consider putting 1000€ in this one.

nigga sell your shitcoin at least to USD, you really can't be this stupid

btc is THE chad coin of them all
>invested early, 500x up so doesn't give a fuck if it hits 1000 dollars
>fees are ultimately a small donation back for all your immense rise to fortune

this man understands

>that feel when you're able to hold both BTC and alts in your country

i really am not sure what the mcap is, I think it is somewhere 30m~100m. you will have to wait for cmc

i think it can 3x~10x

the rise today is literally just cnbc meme news about peter thiel investing. its just going to dip and continue sideways

you're gonna get eaten alive in a few months, I actually feel kind of bad that you can't see a plain as day trend

i sold my alts yesterday cuck, see the part where I am 4x since 2 weeks ago?

>store of value meme
if it costs $30+ just to transfer out of bitcoin, how on earth will it ever be used by anyone outside of the western world? you expect poor pajeets to pay $30 if they want to sell a couple hundred bucks of bitcoin to buy their new cow? get real retard, bitcoin is over