What color lambo do you plan on getting?

What color lambo do you plan on getting?

Lambos are for retards.

I'm planning to buy a Porsche.

I just want to pay off my parents mortgage

All black

In all seriousness though, I wouldn't buy a lambo at all because it's such a waste of money and they are a massive liability.

Maybe if I had $15m i'd consider it.

who the fuck are you and what did you do to Veeky Forums?

germanfag here

Only retards and Ausländer like you buy Porsche.

The lambo thing is just a meme

Only niggers actually buy them irl

>get rich
>waste money on a stupid car

Want to know the difference between a porsche and a porcupine. With a porcupine the prick is on the outside

matte black, all black.


im proud of some of you's.

keep going bizbro, we all goona make it.

Lambo is a normie car

Thanks pajeet.

Bright orange like the color of bitcoin

None, since it's an ugly gay car.

I was originally interested in a newer model Maserati but after doing some research, they're all shit.

I guess it depends what coin makes me a millionaire first

making electronic cash, why not drive an electric car. available 2019

not lambo, porsche

leftist cuck

Funny boy.

Enjoy your deprecianting asset that won't last 10k miles without breaking the clutch and shit.

If you need anything more than a Cayman (not even the Cayman S or the 911) you should really grow up and think about how spend your money.

I bought used G class Mercedes and a house.

orange. but im not getting a lambo anyways. maybe a tesla model 3

Harley doesnt make lambos, but chrome silver on black

Says you

I'd rather spend that 100k on first class tickets while traveling the world for 5 years banging hookers

Forgot pic related
Were all gonna make it


Kek. I unironically spent some of my gains on this fine automobile.

Whats the point on caring about color? Its all about the interior as i intend to drive that fucker everywhere.

>whale penis leather over the entire interior.

Sheeeit. When I make it I'm rolling deep af in pic related

No he’s correct tho, you poor fags are so used to driving daily rides that you forget that lambos are treated like hot wheels by the rich. They take em out a few times a month and park those bitches in a multi-car garage. Grab yourself an G65 amg for a daily SUV/big daddy ride, and a Tesla roadster with ludicrous package for s fun ride


>pic related would be my soccer dad car
Make them bitches think “ew hes buried in child support debt”

XDDDD wtf is that thing??!?!

getting a mustang and a house hopefully

Supercars are fucking stupid. Unless you have true "fuck you" money, it's simply not worth it.