Fellas why arent you in capp

Fellas why arent you in capp

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I'm all in :)

where can I find you if I lose moneys?

shhh I'm not done accumulating.

Go in with 50 usd and sell end of jan then thank me

Boy this shit too comfy

ok will try
will thank you if I make moneyz

I'm in that shill group, they're neat.
Also I exited most of my alts, went back to the king, fuck that noise.

What are you saying? Is it a scam? Should I exit?

Nah, not really a scam, it's just that when BTC rises everything usually takes a hit. But if you bought at 0.3 you're totes fine, even being pessimistic I can't see it going for less than a buck if you hold.


Yes that's generally true. You mean 0.13?

Not a shill group. Its a signal group theve been haring signals amoungnst them selves abd been rigjt the last 12 signals they posted east gainz all day

I got in at ICO and it's went up 1000%. Sold most of my stack but keeping 10,000 back.

I got in at .07cents im hoping for big things

Wait. There is gonna be an ICO again when you'll be able to buy the thingf for less then a cent:

Token CAPP
Price 125 CAPP = 1 USD


Link ?


Fair, shill group is the first thing that came to my mind but it's not a good description, you people are really delicate about your pronouns.

It says rheyre gonna correct 2nd ico to market price

Oh cool, I didn't see that info (but suspected it will be something like that because it would make no sense to make another ico at that prices).

Btw, anyone knows why is cryptopia down suddenly?

Scheduled maintenance probably taking longer than they thought.