This is it fuckers

This is the one to make your 10X-20X. Not going to bother posting the details about it just read between the lines on it. Thank me when ya’ll lambo

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Got 4 eth in with a 66% bonus. This is going to make me less of a poor fag when the project does a 20x, and I make 120 eth with my bonuses.

MASTERCARD partnership holy shit, how did I not sell my car and go in it.

Fucking missed the pre sale and now they are not doing a ico public sale, fuck my life

Seriously pick it up on exchanges first day. This will be one of the biggest moons in 2018.

what exchange is it hitting and when?

when will be listing ?

Tokens are distributed on the 15th of feb. Not sure what exchanges yet, but it is an ERC20 token, so it will be on EtherDelta straight away.

ED is such a piece of shit though. Nearly shat myself buying PayFair the other day

Grats you locked up your money in probably one of the highest growth months of this year, and all of crypto.

I don't like the token, it seems that you need 1 STK token to use crypto to pay. Just 1, and I think you get the token back after the payment is finished.

The demand for this token will be extremely low.

Don't get me wrong the idea is great, but :

A) Who the hell pays with CryptoAssets? It's a store of wealth, not a currency.

Why the hell would you pay Ether or Bitcoin for a coffee when that same amount is probably going to be worth a car next year?

and B).

This isn't the stockmarket, you don't own the company. You own the token, and the token according to the white paper grants you the right to use the system. Just 1 token.

So if for some reason you DID want to throw away eth/btc for coffee, you'd have to pay for the right to do it.

Unless they accept shitcoins as well, like buying coffee with bazingacoin or XRP might be an amazing deal due to how worthless it is.

>locked up your money
You do realise that when people talk about 10x-20x ing, they mean their eth? It doesn't matter if eth goes to fucking $10k, I'm not talking about the dollar here, I'm making ethereum.

Read the whitepaper again. You need more than 1 token. And who the fuck said crypto is a store of wealth? Maybe bitcoin is because it's a piece of shit, but cryptos are great to pay with, and I've been in the situation a few times where I'd like to pay something in eth or whatever.

>hurr durr the guy who bought a pizza with his bitcoin in 2009 would want to kill himself
It's called buying and replacing. With that same logic of yours, any time you spend fiat on anything, you are wasting money because you could have put it into bitcoin and in a year "had a car"

Also, you have seen TenX, right? This idea isn't new. It's only better. And this company will achieve a close if not greater market cap than Tenx, which means I will make a fuck load of money.

Tokens will likely be distributed early, there is word of Jan 15th-30th.

There is so much misinformation in both of your posts. Read the whitepaper before spewing bullshit.

I'm also interested in VSX / Vsync tho.

Wow, you are dumb.

Oh cool, is that because the public sale was cancelled?

>A) Who the hell pays with CryptoAssets? It's a store of wealth, not a currency.

>probably one of the highest growth months of this year, and all of crypto.
If you think December was the biggest growth months you definitely weren't trading in July lmao, shit was doing 10x's overnight.

How about you wait a bit more before alerting the newfags? It's not like they can buy it yet.


entire month was a horrible bear market my friend, you might be thinking of april / may

ya they're discussing with TokenMarket, who ran part of the ICO to get the tokens released.

Take note of the other ICO that this beautiful bastard advised.