About to drop 1k on dbc, reassure me of this or shill me another coin

About to drop 1k on dbc, reassure me of this or shill me another coin

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do it

this is goooooddd

Dont. I just sold mine its not a comfy hold. Mostly buzzzwords, no real product.

buy it, sit back, relax

dont its a cheap chinese scamcoin. its even worse than pajeet coins becuz china is wors then india dont buy...

india is very smart...

buy link insted. deep bran chan is no comfy. link very very comfy

They do have a product, it seems you didn't do any research at all.

Stop your shit now and just buy BZC

AI computing isnt necessary or cheaper than existing solutions.

shut up pajeet, will you at least pump the XRB i'm holding

Yes I'll surely believe you rather than Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung who have already used the DeepBrain product.

is good or no?

>these companies use the Deep Brain Chain, a product that isn't even fully functional
You are a goddamn retard

Yes, they have a slower decentralized product that is worse than what is already out there.

buy and hodl before moon
some people think too much but it will rise
end of story

i put 100 rupees in link pls plz buy my bag my friend it is good bag... railroad & req wil use link.... deep bran chang will use smart contracts so it use link...

is bad chinkcoin... bazinga bzc is better... link is better... do not buy or all money gone to chang...

Where did all these ai experts come from? Have they been lurking this whole time?

Apparently the "AI experts" want your cheap DBC. Why aren't they working on a better AI product backed by huge investors if they think they know everything? Sad!

Here you go, FUD-chan.


That's not even 1$ fake pajeet.

waht do australia??????

it's backed by some big chinese groups.. especially the early investors of the chinese uber... their AI has won awards,

when you listento the fud understand not every coin/token is 100% baked on release. hell even BTC still has to fix shit. ETH was a fucking disgrace with DAO, etc...

long term hold...people are looking for overnight 100x for some reason...

>using coinspot

google does centralized AI much better and cheaper than anything a cheap chinese company can do. Decentralizing this just adds unessecary complexity

What gives you such faith user?

Yes centralization is the answer to all our problems tell me more.

>he think ok google is AI
>he thinks companies small, medium and big want to invest massive amounts of money in hardware and maintenance for AI, instead of offloading computational power
>he thinks AI that has won awards and backed by big time chinamen is a scam

this is FUD

>he thinks that link is about DBC
>he doesn't know the difference between decentralized AI and centralized AI

Their AI has won awards, but DBC is not the same thing you goddamn illiterate monkey.

>he thinks splitting 10 smaller computers all over the world and creating unneeded latency is better than one computer with the same processing power in your livingroom solving the same problem

Your logic is the same as everyone throwing money at that sinking ship called Tesla just because he succeeded once. No one is disputing that Deep Brain isn't a real chink project, but we are fucking telling you that decentralized AI is a meme.

thanks for your erudite and considered feedback, mutt. I also tried to sign up for kucoin and haven't even received the confirmation email even though it's been 12 hours. whats the go?

Drop in Lamden Tau. ICO just ended and big coin burning tomorrow. It's gonna go up. You're gonna keep hearing about it either way

no worries

they are getting pretty hammered since they are blowing up, would be fairly normal for this to be the case though I hope you get it soon m8.

I have expert tier knowledge+experience with the reinforcement learning algorithm they are using and I can tell you this project is going to be dead in the water.

I don't think you understand just how much processing power goes into these mining projects.

What do you think will happen when BTC and ETH eventually are replaced with competitors that are more efficient to mine? Do you think all these huge Chinese mining operations are going to pack it up and melt down their setup for copper? No, they will start looking for something else to use their immense computing power on, AI has a use for such setups so it makes sense that there will be some sort of relationship there. DBC just provides an payment ecosystem for such a setup.

>but what about having a smaller computer with the same processing power

Consider this, is there a computer with an energy consumption rate greater then Syria? Sure this will be much less efficient then having a dedicated computer but in my opinion the DBC framework will allow for cheaper computation because of the pressure Chinese mining firms are to not be left with obsolete hardware.

desu you probs know more then me about the AI side of things since I'm a maths and engineering major and don't know shit about AI. But I think it makes economic sense that increase demand for AI computation and the falling demand for BTC mining should meet somewhere

expert tier FUD

Are you smarter than this guy?
>Why do I personally like Deep Brain Chain * Since I am doing a PhD in a scientific field I am close to this project and really like the idea. * Considering their strong partnerships, clients and advisors, they haven’t marketed the project well enough YET. I can see how the hype will suddenly skyrocket and everyone will try to jump on this project last minute. In the next section, there are some of my tips on how to improve marketing. * DeepBrain said it will establish a laboratory with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Shanghai branch. The two groups will jointly develop core technologies such as natural language understanding, multi-round dialogue management, question-and-answer systems and blockchain technologies * Now that the Ethereum network is congested by Crypto Kitties, and all the interesting NEO ICO’s are around the corner, the hype will move towards that direction. * Their telegram is blowing off with minimal marketing. * AI is the new cool word, it has the buzz, it has the hype. Everyone is learning or talking about AI these days.

>he think ok google is AI
>natural language processing is not AI
>Wavenet is not AI
>ranking is not AI
>google is not #1 in world for AI by some margin right now
You are so clueless. Geoffrey Hinton would be rolling in his grave if he was dead right now.

>>he thinks companies small, medium and big want to invest massive amounts of money in hardware and maintenance for AI, instead of offloading computational power
>what is google cloud ml?

>he thinks AI that has won awards and backed by big time chinamen is a scam
>AI that has won awards
Firstly, you mean researchers who have worked on AI that has run awards. DBC itself is not a AI. Also what awards? The top shit this year is dialated convolutions (google mainly), generative networks (google mainly), AlphaGo (google)

>Also what awards?

Their "immense computing power" for btc mining is just ASICs which are useless for anything but mining btc. Don't be deluded, user.

DeepBrain Chain creates a decentralized neural network made up of innumerable mining nodes across the globe. These nodes will supply computational power for AI use in countless applications.

Mining nodes are compensated by receiving DBC. It is a secure trading platform that will allow the safe exchange of data between owners and users while protecting their rights.

DeepBrain Chain provides low-cost computing power while eliminating idle time across enterprises while protecting users with smart contracts ensuring data is safe. Computing power is kept flexible and idle time is minimized. Since there are so many nodes even if some are attacked the remaining nodes will still work and data leakage is forbidden.

DBC is essentially an extension of the DeepBrain AI platform (deepbrain.ai/ - This site is not very known to western investors b/c it isnt offered in English; i only came across it after doing due dilligence. Found the site link from one of DBC's venture sponsors, GSR). DB is already functional and serves landmark customers like Siemens, MS, Lenovo and Samsung. Unlike some of the peers in the 200mm market cap zone, DBC is one of the few that has a working platform to build on and definitely a rare gem that can leverage an existing corporate customer base.

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Thanks. This is KuCoins highest volume coin right now. Also don't forget Dragonchain, but that already mooned a lot lately, might want to wait for a dip..

Sorry Wang that's not an award for making an AI. That's an award given by a non-academic organisation.


Stop fucking yourself, use IR.