Any1 wanna fill me in on wtf is going on with ada

any1 wanna fill me in on wtf is going on with ada

did i miss an announcement?

the announcement hasnt come yet, its being priced in.

buy the rumor buy the news

what fucking rumor?!

no, this shit just moons for no reason

this is seriously delaying my coss all in

its sell on the rumour buy on the news dipshit

Jan 5 roadmap update

it's not even about a rumor or announcement it's just a good project and also the ethereum killer

The next update is due Friday 11am AEST

This isn't even the beginning

shitcoin, holders

holding 12,588 ADA am I going to make it

Not as much as me senpai I've got 13550

Pack em up

:( time to get a payday loan

Only 800 ada, is biz going to get together and delegate votes? I'll be down to throw my Ada in.

Explain why I should do proof of stake

Who the fuck are you and why demand to be spoon-fed simple shit.

If staking is going live I will shit my pants. And buy a new one with my gains.

yes, i got in at .02 we'll all be good

This shit needs to get to litecoin prices soon so I can never have to work again in my life

Announcement from the devs coming Friday but then isn’t even hitting Q1 and Q2 releases yet. Buckle up this is just the appetizer. I tried warning you guys for about two weeks now when it was sitting at .40 but everyone thought it was “overvalued”, whatever that means when this is the crypto market we are talking about.

No way it can go past a dollar with a name like cardanal.

Isn't this project like 5 years away from completion? Why is it worth so much now?

It's promising, and bubble.

Potential is everything.

It won't tonight, I was watching it struggle at 98 cents and it's going back down. It will be before long though, but I hope it dips enough before then so I can buy more.

I hope your right I'd like to make ada 80% of my portfolio.

You’re right it will take about 5 years to fully implement but by 2019 March most of the network should be up and running with fine tuning happening over the remaining months. It’s the only project right now in the crypto space with the professionalism and smarts to actually get this ambitious technology up and running. People buy the dream and the promise, this is markets we are talking about where everything is emotional and irrational.

Have you looked into ICX?

Anyone with half a brain is bullish on Cardano.