Next moon when? Or will it stagnate? Is it even chadcoin?

Next moon when? Or will it stagnate? Is it even chadcoin?

next dump you mean ?

Guys, you're fucked.

You bought a shitcoins, on exchanges with 0 liquidity that will dump hard whenever it will it Binance or any other seruous exchange.

The dips typically don’t last long, so don’t go anywhere. It went up x5 since Christmas already, so it just needs some time to refuel.

Its not even a fucking cryptocurrency. Its a pre-mined coin with a current supply of 38 fucking billion coins which was supposed to act like an "IOU" system for banks.

How does "mooning" even work with something like that. Oh right, when the banks artificially create the demand and fuck the retarded investors in the ass.

yea I bought in at 1.30 and cashed out 80% at $37. I think it'll be ok.

wrong thread pajeet

protip: the raiblocks exchanges are fucking scams
raiblocks were mined by fucking retarded pajeets by solving captcha

it's mind-boggling that people are this fucking retarded, puttin money into this literal pajeet coin

You are confused between XRB and XRP.


Still superior distribution compared to basically any other coin.

people are waiting for binance vote to finish and bitgrail issues to be sorted out IMO

This is correction dude. Support is strong at 32$ so I dont see it falling much further currently. Once its on binance and whales cash out its mars time.

That's what ripple is and its 10x



well I guess I’m registering then, not worth the risk, I really hope this doesn’t become a thing though

XRB? What? Is that a real thing? Oh shit, my bad. I thought you said XRP. Wrong thread. I'll just leave this here on my way out.

I have a question for you. Would a billionaire or a trillionaire buy your bags?

Oh, your technological wonder of a cryptocurrency can run 7,000 transactions per second through a single node with 0 fees? I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish but... Why would the billionaires and trillionaires who run the global economy buy your free market coin, which may or may not meet all of their complex global commercial business needs, when they can simply hire dozens or hundreds of the finest programmers and cryptographers in the world to forge a coin that meets all of their exacting specifications and needs? That's right. They already did it. The company they made is called Ripple Labs, and the cryptocurrency is called XRP.

>The top 1% controls a collective $295 Trillion in global wealth.
>The top 10% controls a collective $500 Trillion in global wealth.

And guess what? They don't want your memecoin. They don't care about how great or secure or fast it is, or how it's great for the poor or middle class. They want the one coin that they forged in Ripple Labs. One coin to rule them all.

You need to see XRP for what it is. It's the new world reserve currency, cleverly disguised a free-market Cinderella story.

Time to make some important long-term decisions. Do you want to die on your hill of memecoins? Or do you want to become a millionaire. You can play with your memecoins after the global financial reset. After the global debt jubilee. After the one coin to rule them all has been run up to a market cap of $50 Trillion, perhaps much more. Wake up. Load up your bags with XRP and become a millionaire.

Would have used your ref link if you used OP's sister's friend instead of his plain-Jane average sis.
It's her friend that's actually hot as fuk

>You know those rich (((bankers))) who keep fucking up world wealth distribution?
>Buy their coin instead of this technological gem

Either bait or the saddest ripple shilling i will ever see

You could simply make an easy 100x or more on XRP and then after the dust settles go right back to whatever the fuck cryptokitty you're interested in.

If you are against XRP for ideological reasons, then WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES IN YOUR WALLET!?!?!?!

pls user, I don't want to be poor forever

Why could possible want feeless transactions?

If you're gonna shill Ripple at least do it convincingly. You basically just said, "Why would you want [awesome thing] when you can get screwed over?"


Wtf dude? Using government MANDATED currency means you haven't got a choice. You think you can pay taxes in stamps or beans or beautiful drawings of pink wojaks? Retard.