ICON advisor

Guess the one project the ICON co-founder is advising on

yes it listed today on an obscure chinese exchange. confirmed to list on kucoin soon

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That one mean Kim.


Which chinese exchange?

DYOR im not holding your hand through this moon mission.its mooning as we speak just be greatful i showed it to you

post some info you fag

all the information is in the OP. read every bit of text you lazy newfaggot.

Wtf are you talking about? I am literally all in in this coin, but i srly don't hope you are talking about huobi...

you are all in on which coin?

Man why you gotta post these cryptic treasure hunt threads while ALL my capital is tied up in imminent moon missions. where was this shit a week ago!!

Also good call, shit's about to go +100%

op im fucking lazy its 2 am stop this cryptic shit gimme gainz

it listed today. i told you early

he's probably talking about ICX. Probably doesn't understand that OP is talking about a different coin that the ICX co-founder is an adviser for.

see you on lambo land friend

How deep are you? Can you trust this shitty exchange?

very deep. exchange was safe

BUY RUMOR!!!11!!1

lmao, a decentralized search engine? enjoy your bags

it's bitclave everybody

buzz buzz

So i'll post an ICO that the Nem founder is advising... only raised 1 million dollars lol

it's in the image description detective. you're so smart you can't see a moon mission this obvious

good luck

did i mention they also have a partnership with kyber?

they raised 3 million

Yeah looks like a shitty af project, will probably moon because pajeets buy anything but I'm not touching it.

you mean like prl and bounty0x?

you will never make it. decentralized search engine has much more use than those AND it has reputable fundamentals

either fudding to accumulate or literal retard

It looks dumb at first sight, but it's always possible that they do in some brillant way I can't figure out right now. I'm not interested enough to research it more. Here is their ad everybody:

So what is it? Help a fellow out.

why is this better than google? Cuz it pays people for their data?

dont give me anything about privacy cuz normies dgaf

this is a raiblocks level moon mission

this guy gets it

>dont give me anything about privacy cuz normies dgaf
They will at some point, they can't be that dumb. It may take a long time (many years) but there are too many invasions of privacies going on right now. Normies might be oblivious to it and its potential impact on them for now, but they'll catch on at some point. That said, I know nothing about this project.

Where? I can't find that anywhere.

look deeper

you're saying this after the verge moon?


Why can't I deposit or withdraw this on HitBTC?

We all know that was a mcafee -> hype snowball effect

Why can't I deposit or withdraw this on HitBTC??

Why can't I deposit or withdraw this on HitBTC??? Price there is higher than Bibox!

Why can't I deposit or withdraw this on HitBTC??? Price there is higher than Bibox!?!

Why can't I deposit or withdraw this on HitBTC??? Price there is higher than Bibox!?!?!


Maybe you bought IOU instead of the real stuff, stay away from hitbtc

I will keep asking this until I get an answer


Doesn't answer my question. When I try to get a deposit address of CAT on HitBTC it says "Please note that CAT is an IOU for future issued token. Until the blockchain is released withdrawals and deposits are unavailable. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience."
But it doesn't say that on Bibox


Ok for the last time , do not buy fucking IOU on hitbtc you fucking mong

Wait so the CAT on HitBTC isn't real? Why is the price there so much higher than Bibox then? I sold a lot of my portfolio to do arbitrage...