Trade crypto

>trade crypto
>67% tax
welcome to germany

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>lives in germany
>literally surrounded by tax haven countries
What are you doing user

Refugees need money, user

Why 67%?
It's taxed as income right?
Is 67% the highest income tax bracket? Wtf?

which? its not as easy as you think user


I thought communism was abolished?

1. HODL for a year
2. Evade taxation
3. ???

Portugal for example, mein Bruder.
>register company in Portugal
>set up letterbox and bankaccount there
>cash out on portuguese bank
>go on vacation in portugal
>take 10K cash with you everytime you return
>get stopped by customs
>"oh ok, it's 10K which is perfectly fine to carry around with you inside the EU, have a nice day sir"

> Not just going on localbitcoins/localethereum or atm and selling for cash


Home of the cucks

give ahmed and fatima a little of you gains, user. they deserve it... kek

seriously though. i might actually move out of the country temporarily, should i make it... in a similar situation here

you get fucked by normalfaggotry all your life, finally start to make it, and then you'd have to give half of it to the people who perpetually fucked you over?
fuck no...

i heard u can crypto tax free in germany. wut

hold for a year and it's literally 100 % tax free you fucking imbecile

You can. See and It's then classified as a "privates veräußerungsgeschäft" which, if you made gains and kept the asset for a minimum of a year, is tax fucking free.

Only works with currencies that you can trade directly to €, which means if you hold an Altcoin for a year and trade it to BTC/ETH/LTC and then to €, you still have to pay taxes.
So the only way to get it tax free is to trade Crypto and then trade it all to either BTC/ETH/LTC and hold THAT for more than a year

But According to the other thread it’s up to you to prove you did everything right, otherwise the government can take as much as 90% of it.

Also it is not clear that you can exchange your btc for shitcoins tax free. If you just had to not swap out to fiat for a year, that would be ok.

I’m looking at such options as moving to Denmark or some Asian country so that I can cash out. Either that or establish a corporation.

you're holding the wrong altcoins then, user. XRP is the way to go.

You think anyone is gonna check if you've made trades? If they see that you bought BTC and then sold BTC 1 year later, they're not gonna give a fuck. Most people don't even know what crypto trading is.

Portugal is not a tax haven though

>Buy 2k€ worth of BTC
>Cash out with 500k € worth of BTC
>Yeah, BTC just grew a lot, I just held it.

>buy 1 btc in 2017
>sell 5 btc in 2018

Where did those 4 btc come from, user?

It's a tax haven for crypto though:

It's first in first out principle. Bought some BTC in April? You can cash them out tax free in April this year.

Gonna need to do some explaining if you cash out more BTC than you initially bought. Though who honestly cashes out everything? If you have "free" Bitcoin I'd just keep them in the wallet

>Going back to fiat

No joke but that is about what happened to me, I did buy BTC pretty early though

Even then it's 25% tax. Idk where OP got 67% from

Ahahahaqhahahahahahahaaha have fun paying for all those Islamic rapefugees with your hard earned crypto gains. Jesus fuck what a joke of a country.

you pay taxes on the profit you made on every individual trade if the acummulative profit is over 600€ per fiscal year
if you hold altcoins for over a year and then trade them to btc and instantly cash out, you probably made no significant profit on the altcoin->btc trade unless btc goes on a moon rampage in the time it takes to process your transactions so you won't have to pay taxes on it

I think you still have to pay a separate 19% tax when you cash out regardless tho iirc

If you cash out more than 8600€ you have to pay 6% of it to taxes up to 42% when it's more than 53.666€

>trade crypto
>1.4% tax
Welcome to the Netherlands!

I cashed out about 15k€ and had to pay nothing.

Are you really that stupid? When you made your gains holding Your shitcoin and trade it to BTC to cash out you only have to tax the money(profit) which you made during the small time you where holding btc to cash out.

Why do people with literally no basic knowledge about economy do even try to get rich?


Thanks mama Merkel!

Only if you're not doing it for a living

I was explaining that holding a currency you can NOT trade directly to €, is tax relevant, even though you held it for more than a year.
Holding a crypto currency for more than a year and that you CAN trade directly to € is completely tax free

BTW OP, how did you find the tax rate? I went to the tax office yesterday and they couldnt tell me

Does this mean the IOTA founders are taxed to hell, since they are in Berlin?

Please be so, they are people deserving of bad karma

They didn't find out, you got lucky.
There's a minimum amount of incoming transfers that triggers an audit. I don't know the exact amount.

You go above that in a certain time period, bank freezes your account and begins audit.

who decides on that / what determines that

Greek here by the way, IMF forced us to adopt the same tax policy as Germans since 2015, so the rates are the same for us.

As an user said above, no fucking taxman in the municipality or tax office knows what this "crypt-oh-currency" is, and they can't tell me the rates. A lady there gave me a sheet for Market Share taxation, but crypto aren't shares.

Please do educate yourself on this point. You'll lose a lot of your money to refugees.
You only have to pay taxes on the profit you made holding an asset (whatever it is) and it is tax free after holding it for 12 months.

Lowest bracket

>I was explaining that holding a currency you can NOT trade directly to €, is tax relevant, even though you held it for more than a year.
but it's not

> (You)
>who decides on that / what determines that

The tax office and the law. As a general rule if its the largest part of your income its considered doing it for a living

eww so arbitrary. sounds like they'll just take your money if they want to.

Jews won the war.

1. make big crypto gains
2. move to belarus with zero crypto tax
3. get a QT Slav Wife
4. enjoy life while Germany gets overrun buy rapefugees muslims.

5. Get invaded by Russia

i take invaded by russia over invaded by muslims any day senpai

American here, I have to pay 52%

39.8 % federal taxes as I'd be in the highest income bracket
And 12% state taxes because I live in a shitty liberal cuck state.

Land of the free, home of the whopper

You're getting assblasted my friend

might actually do that

>paying full amount of taxes

Come on friend, wtf

Well i guess since you are in a high bracket they are eyeing you. But as for me
'i didn't know' : )


Enjoy your ban, poorfag.

Absolutely not, pajeet

sent ;)

this so cute

I don't know about tax laws for any country but my own but principles should be the same
Just move to a country with no capital gains tax. If you like first world countries New Zealand and Singapore work. Then you just need to stay there long enough that the taxman in your country doesn't consider what you earn overseas taxable in your home country.


>No 100 FTC for you!

And get the advice of a tax accountant or lawyer. Their job is to make you pay as little tax as possible

Last time I touched any of my cryptos was in September.
I'm not touching them AT ALL until next September at least.
Something to do with a "good housefather" principle.
t. Belgian.

based user

capital gains tax is probably coming to NZ soon fyi

Google local nearest bitcoin atm.
Go to denmark,switzerland netherland.holidays cashout 10k.

I was hoping to take advantage of my citizenship-by-descent

not a done deal yet but labour are in government and they've got a mandate to go after investors pushing up housing prices

21% here
I really don't mind paying the tax because I'm not a fucking nigger.
If it was 67% though... It would be a completely different story.

What would hinder people to move to belarus for several months, cash out and move back? Is it this fucking hard.

Or found a company in tax heaven countries, i mean come on.

Who the fuck pays tax? Everyone has to love wagecucking.

I think those unlucky enough to survive Berlin 45' would disagree.

150k € residence permit for one

You're a fucking nigger because you pay the tax. You taxcucks make me sick.

CGT hasn't stopped house prices from soaring here

Well here your liable for every trade and if you bugger off out of the country they consider your capital gains as realised, so the only option is to move indefinitely and trade in your new country

No they didn't. If you sell your car or a pound of banannas or anything for a private crypto like monero how would tyhe governmet know unless you tell them? They only win if you dislose. Hint, don't disclose. They cant tax you on something they dont know you have.

This. if you pay taxes you deserve to be poor. Rich people avoid taxes all the time, that's why they are rich

Fuck off you greedy and selfish criminal

which is probably why its not a done deal

At 21% you're still a nigger. The tax you paid was voluntary. You are a cuck

Taxes are theft, the state is a criminal and you're his accomplice. Fuck you, you disgusting slime.

Why do you think the state has any right to tax your crypto gains? What have they done to be in this position?

I think you're replying to the wrong post m8.

>The tax you paid was voluntary.
>You are a cuck
Choose one. I want to contribute to the well-being of my country and I also recognize that not doing so would be a criminal offense and I'm not a nigger. What's so bad about it?
Who hurt you? The state has not done anything to hurt me, but it educated me, provided me with healthcare, great infrastructure, police, firefighters, etc etc.
And it would be even better without disgusting pigs like you who stay in their mansions while making sure that they avoid every tax they can. Fucking kikes.

Brudis. Ich ziehe nach NZ wenn es soweit ist. Solltet ihr genauso machen.

hold one year.
stay under 600 euro.
or find some better country.

I do not remember signing any contract where I would be obliged to pay shit for welfare niggers like yourself.

>being anything other than a non dom british citizen who operates all his trading through offshore trusts


Why do you think the state has any right to tax your crypto gains? What have they done to be in this position?

Sorry m8.

>non Dom

>actually going back to fiat where the government takes whatever it wants. all taxation is theft

What right? I don't know the exact law number.
If we're talking about morality, the state has invested great money into me and it would be an absolute disgrace to avoid paying my taxes and by doing this not repay my fellow countrymen.
I understand that an anti-social or a Jewish person may feel very bad about paying this tax, but that's too bad, the world isn't a completely fair place. We all know this, right? It's just that there really is no better alternative. Anarchism is a joke.

In Japan we have to pay 50% tax on any crypto gains above 180k.
55% tax on any crypto gains over 400k.

There isn't even a capital gains system, so literally no matter when you cash out, it is gonna cost the same.

I have to make 1m to come out with
500k profit.
I have been here 6 years and I hate it in America, but I would consider moving back for the long term capital gains. 300k is a huge fucking loss.

>mfw crypto will make banks and the state go out of business

lets hope so desu

what happens if the gov knocks on binance door? you all get busted

which government?

finance office tard here.
since there is no precedent (Präzedenzfall) you guys are all safe.
Crypto is new. And the old legislation doesn't apply since you are not trading stocks. Until there is no precedent, or a new legislation specific for crypto on its way you are good to go.

>Imagine being this much of a brainwashed cuck that you like having over half your stuff taken by the government.

I can't even begin to fathom this level if marxist indoctrination.