Surprised no has made a thread yet

Surprised no has made a thread yet

Ya'll ready for the pump?

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would you request fags fuck off., there is like 6 request threads on the front page 24/7 we got it. have fun when this thing corrects hard.

As much threads on the frontpage as ETH had in early 2016 when it was $2.

Wish I had a time machine to see people like you hating yourselves for not buying REQ while it was below $50

No, we busy dumping it.

I heard a lot of FUD on this shitcoin reccently

Like the whitepaper being complete trash , and it not really being implemented? Comments?

read this:

It has one of the best whitepapers out there. Read it yourself.

The document above is a report from an investment firm. They qualified REQ as the best cryptocompany in the entire cryptomarket right now. Please read it and the whitepaper yourself so you know how big the potential of REQ is.

0x570505e0ebdfa4cf97cf4345ded1453c303d7bf4 please

thx will do

are you this fucking retarded that instead of reading the whitepaper yourself, you're believing other people saying it's shit? why don't you read it yourself and formulate your own opinion, you absolute fucking dolt.

Whats wrong user, missed yet another train?

Your levels of retardation are through the roof


I like that one, must be fun having autism

I dunno, sometimes getting a quick summary is better you fucktard. If i were to read every fucking white paper of every coin i'm about to invest in (many times for quick flips) then i would miss my opportunity to catch it in time


thanks to the other guy tho , you're cool

it's time these REQtards get rekt.

This coin is probably the most overvalued one in the whole cryptoworld

Pic related would be you if you were browsing Veeky Forums in early 2016.

ETH is a project that actually WORKS you retard.
Don't ever try to compare your shitty REQ coin with ETH u absolute stinking street shitting pajeet

god you are dumb

>thinks dolt makes you autistic
>Also req-less

shggydyggy dooooo

Not even in REQ but FUD is usually a good buying signal.

Thanks, buying into it now

Should I sent you the link to the REQ net that you can use RIGHT NOW or do you have the ability to use google.

Nevermind your comment clearly shows you can't

here's a video demonstration:


bought 100k

>tfw less than 1k req
R-rich get richer..

Fuck it, I’ll put a bit more cash in today after work. News is coming on Friday so I doubt I’ll regret it.

You have to go back

the fud is so real holy, just bought 10k again you tards

>tfw i mistakenly bought Req instead of Xlm
>directly sold
Fucking piece of shit.

Please also prepare a rope for when you are watching coinmarketcap late 2018 and regret your decision.


Sorry that was by accident.

I dont get what people dont understand, we just hit the floor lol, were hitting $1..

some people deserve to stay poor because they dont understand fud and the market

Sell walls are a joke, people literally selling their hands for what? Cashing out? Buying something else? Fear?

If you're not hodling right now at the beginning of the best year in crypto then god damn you deserve to lose money

Have any of you have faggots have to hold Litecoin?

Holy shit the returns were astronomical, but you gotta wait

>he didn't buy PayPal, ETH, Stripe and Square all rolled into one when it was sub $1

wow, just wow

bought half my stack in req right now, half into pajeet coin that's gonna moon

Once i get profits from pajeety coin adding it to req, bad or good?

REQ is a long term hold but will give you the best return if you just forgot about it for 1 year and it 100x you never know when it moons but only that it is inevitable that it moons. Most of us held it below ICO price for months because we knew it would eventually moon. Oldfags can recognize coins with potential from a mile away but daytrading is attractive and addictive. Make sure to keep REQ separate from your daytrading adventures or you will want to kill yourself for not having the biggest grower of 2018 in your bag.

desu 2017 was the best year for crypto and always will be

I got like 6 solid coins in my port

Yea i wouldn't day trade my holders, which REQ will be one

I keep a little ETH around to buy coins and trade though, so far working quite alright

We always thought 2013 was the best until 2017 rolled around. Were only 3 days in m8

Yep we're not even close to the greatest year.

Why would it correct? It's only at 0.71 rn and regarding the expectations REQ should be at 3-4, more and more in the future thanks to its very nature

Primitive Veeky Forums is just like modern Veeky Forums lmao

How many should we have to not be him?

my portfolio swong from 10k straight to over 40k in 3 weeks. It took me almost 5months to get it to 10k

Thnak you holy trio, this will get me to the 1%

oh yeah here is the new team member for qsp btw

which news? shill me

More exchanges is the speculation

Want to buy some QSP but I am already all-in in REQ and not willing to sell. Hope it doesn't moon too much before getting my wagecuck check.

hey how come you don't go into icx or ada? curious what you think so i also believe in the three horsemen

since i also*

QSP and REQ both have Ycombinator backing (Major shareholder of Coinbase).

Both QSP and REQ have partnerships with LINK. LINK will probably be extensively used as a decrentralized Oracles in tons of projects. It makes sense.

Meanwhile ICX or ADA might still grow or moon but they don't have such big money and industry experts standing behind them. Also the potential of "the three horsemen" is one the biggest in crypto right now. It's a "Go big or go home" move.

are you me?
Im @ 40k from 10k atm too because of the holy trinity. We are going to make it

why not include RLC and make it the four horsemen? or 0x, or ENG, or RDN?

Because of the difference in potential. REQ and LINK have a really high potential marketcap they could reach. QSP while a lower theoretical marketcap is still the cheapest and would give similar returns.

In comparison 0x while a good product is already highly valued and the potential marketcap is not much higher than the price it's already at right now.

RLC, ENG and RDN all lack big institutions and experienced people behind them. Sure they might moon and be the best coins ever. But it's a far riskier investment with a lot more risk and a lot lower potential rewards.

You get better with judging the viability of crypto projects the longer you are in the business. I started in late 2015 and seen it all. I think REQ will be a top 5 coin late 2018, LINK a top 5 coin late 2019 and QSP a top 20 coin between 2018 and 2019.

maybe you're right, but a lot of the projects getting shilled on Veeky Forums are actually running on RDN right now, fyi.

I'd like to believe user, if REQ will reach the top 5 bizz wil have made loads of millionaires. So, you tell me you're in since 2015, can you tell us about some wins and loses? Do's and dont's and did you make money with the knowledge?

Here comes the pasta, boys. Strap in.

REQ is currently working on adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

Put simply, REQ tokens are what fuels the network. The REQ tokens are not currency.

>I'm selling my anal virginity on ebay
>It's priced in USD, but Ebay has embedded the REQ payment system
>You get to pay with cryptos, ERC20 or fiat, and no matter what you pay with, I still receive USD

Aside from its intended usage, which is what everyone is basing their valuation estimates on, it will tap directly into a $500 billion crypto-market in which it's currently hard to cash out of, and expensive to buy into.

So it might, or might not steal marketshares from Paypal. But it sure as shit will become a force to be reckoned with in the cryptomarkets.

And as an aside, YCombinator, which has a high stake in Coinbase, also have a high stake in REQ. Since REQ's very functionality will pose a threat to Coinbase's entire business model, it is only logical to assume that REQ will eventually be implemented in Coinbase to ensure that both platforms survive and thrive. Owners never let one business kill the other when it is perfectly logical to merge the two.

See picture. If REQ takes just 0.1% of the online retail market, it means $5B worth of annual transactions. And $912M worth of REQ being burnt, which increases the price of remaining REQ. With a 10% marketshare, that number increases to $500B of annual transactions, and $91.3B worth of REQ being burnt.

Wait the 3 horsemen being req, qsp & link?

FUG, mistake in the pasta.

>If REQ takes just 0.1% of the online retail market
This should be 0.1% of global transactions overall. Not just online.

Do you agree with many people that REQ will hit $25 EOY?

See my post here I don't think Veeky Forums will become rich from REQ because most people will drop it or get fudded into dropping REQ before the real moon mission starts as is Veeky Forums tradition

Don't daytrade and read whitepapers are the 2 most important tips I can give you.


Call me retarded, buy can you explain token burn more? If tokens keep getting burnt, how will req as a payment t system be viable for sat decades? PayPal's been around for almost 20 years

Pic related is some old ETH shilling picture where they said that ETH would reach $50 in 12/31/2017!!!

This is how I feel about REQ $25 EOY.

Depends entirely on what happens. Anywhere between $10-25.

If it begins being implemented as a payment system by the end of the year, a $16B marketcap ($25/token) isn't out of the question.

If it takes just 1% of global transactions by 2019-2020, it'd easily surpass Bitcoins current marketcap.

Read this report:

It's about to explode higher

It's a good question. As the price of REQ goes up, the amount of REQ required for a transaction goes down. Even with mainstream adoption it would take decades for the REQ to reach zero, and by that time there will be forks.

They use examples to simplify it on plebbit:

>the amount of REQ required for a transaction goes down

And by this I mean, the amount of REQ burnt goes down. The merchant and buyer will never actually interact with the REQ tokens. They just use the system, and experience it as an instant currency-swap.

What is the difference between REQ and LINK?
Asking cause brainlet.

Thanks, interesting. So there could be forks of req to create a new pool of tokens which oils be used on the same network?
Also, if req gets to say $10, what would that mean for the price of link?

That shitposter said nothing of substance and basically said the team sucks. DYOR and stop reacting to weak ass FUD or stay poor

If REQ ever needed a fork it would be centuries in the future. You would never experience it yourself. REQ is literally build to last for centuries read their whitepaper.

Pic related is from their whitepaper.

kek just wait till normies realize there are more coins than btc/ltc/bch/eth. Shits gonna get real user

Yes interesting thanks

We're the new Ether boys $30 EOY

Wont this create an investment incentive to not use REQ?

Proof that meme lines don't mean shit

It will never actually reach zero. The whole idea is that REQ is going to be infinitely divisible.

When’s my moon

Walls came down, strap in gents

Nope you need to pay a fee with REQ. You don't have to use REQ though. Using the Request Network a % of your money will buy REQ for you automatically to pay the fee that gets burned.

REQ is build to have 0 profit margin to force a monopoly on e-commerce. No other company should be able to compete with 0 profitmargin.

what is this?