ICX moon mission

prepare for lift off

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not right now you dont.

love it if it happened, but it is just trading sideways. tf you smoking?

Why should we lift off right now? We will soon enough, don't worry.

10th of jan is when it starts

When what starts?

how bad it will be if I go all in?
why does everybody seem to think it will moon this month? seems fairly overpriced right now

I think so too. We will see a nice and juice uptrend to $10 until main net and from there we will break everything

Why would you go all in, when you don't know what this month is coming? Furthermore you think it is overvalued.

because I'm shit at this and I might as well listen to /biz since it can't get any worse

oh lawd.You think something that could eclipse eth is undervalued?Please dont handout advice to others.

I have nothing to do at work right now besides day trading, so here we go.


ICON Mainnet will officially launch on January 24, 2018, one week before 2018 ICON Annual Summit.

>What is the ICON Annual Summit?

On January 31, 2018, ICON team will host their 1st ICON Annual Summit titled “The Genesis”, appropriately at one of the most iconic, tallest skyscrapers in the world—Lotte World Tower. (Watch the beautiful picture)

This will lead into spacious exposure, especially in Asia. Afterwards the exchange listing of korean exchanges will start.

Guess who owns ICON?

ICON is a project under the legal entity Dayli Financial Group, one of the biggest FinTech companies based in South Korea, formerly named Yello Financial Group.

And now guess who owns Coin one?

1 + 1 = 2, quick maths, after the exchange listings it is not done. Their own ICX DEX, release of the wallet, partnerships and the first ICO's based on ICON will make this an andromeda mission.

So 24th Jan. I guess 3x is granted?

Ok back to "work" aka day trading. Good luck to everyone.

fuck it, I'm going all in because I don't know any better
setting my sell order at double price and I'll check back in a month


Please explain to me the financial analysis you have undertaken to reach this conclusion. Even just a summary would be fine.

triple, set them at triple

If i looked at icon and considered it overpriced, id make sure i never made another trade again.This could literally reach the highest marketcap crypto has ever seen.


Fuck the moon, we're aiming higher

Brainlet here, what a mainnet and why would it cause a mooning?


Oversimplified as fuck, but going into the tech details makes no sense here.

Right now ICX is an ERC20 tokens and is running on the ethereum blockchain. Main net switches the erc20 tokens with the icx tokens and allow running on their own ICON blockchain. And this will open the party.

Will the switch be seamless? Where should I store icon? I have them in my etherwallet atm.

Assuming it works as they say and no major issues crop up

Details will come out for sure. Look back at Qtum for example, the main net switch was smooth as fuck. Usually they will consider partnerships with exchanges to auto switch the tokens or like in your case manually.

But like i said, don't worry. Announcement and clarification will come in time.