2018 predictions?

2018 predictions?

15-20 eoy

Fuck it, I have no idea, could even be 50 dollars for all I know

420 ameribucks

Who fucking knows? You're asking three million dollar Veeky Forums question. Will Sergey drop the mainnet release tomorrow 14 seconds after SWIFT tweets they're officially implementing LINK? No one knows.

1 link = 1 link ;P

good god i am stinky

$5 minimum
$10-15 likely
$20 optimistic

is LINK a better hold than ICX for '18?

0 because its a fucking scam

yes, it's like ripple but better

so a kikecoin scam?

I'm holding both. ICX seems like a sure thing, while LINK is not quite a sure thing but pretty damn close.

LINK can either crash in a dumpster fire or soar to the sky, it all depends on whether Sergey is a conman or legit.

At least 10$

100% chance: $15
80% chance: $30
50% chance: $50
20% chance: $100

link actually solves a problem, most underrated token ever

Don't you understand that there isn't any use for Chainlink thanks to Ripple and Codius

Sell fast

Sergey offs himself due to pressure from members of a japanese-derived online imageboard.

price in dollars American by February?

The use cases arent even the same.

Yeah smart contracts are mentioned but thats about it

nt stinkie linkie

ripple and swift has already partnered

Id guess 3 bucks and then it really takes off in march/april.

i didn't see iota pumping to $5 while their network was dogshit and their wallet didn't work. i'm not missing this! i know damn well i won't see the pump coming, i'll just wake up one morning and it'll be a wonderful surprise instead of a kick in the dick.