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Is the image relevant, do you know how to make a thread on an "image" board

shouldnt the last one be WIS?

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In that case I go Wisdom. It's got all the most practical bonuses.

I hate that people use CHA in place of SOC


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>t. wannabe CHAd

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Failing that; stack CHA to Bluff the other two.

This nerd gets it

Of course it's relevant. OP wanted to masturbate but chose to make a thread on Veeky Forums instead.

>the VirgINT
>the CHA/d/

Depends on the setting, but if it's somewhat modernish CHA is completely broken. If you have high enough CHA and just below average to average INT, you can accomplish absolutely anything AND you never have to take any responsibility if it goes wrong. You can just push it off to some patsy and move on.

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Why are you so obsessed with masturbation, user

>mfw I never have to choose, because I never ever roll low at character creation

I'm a freak, a freak with no stat lower than fifteen.

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okay but what would a muscles wizard's INT, WIS and CHA be?

High, because wizard
Low, because wizard
Middling, because wizard and muscles

He is eternally jealous of muscle sorcerer

>that guy detected

>better than average ststas
>that guy


>muscle sorcerer

I'm not sure I want to imagine such an existence, to be honest.

You don't need CHA when you can STR everything

Conversely, stack INT or WIS and use your knowledge and understanding of knowledge-based things to bluff the other two. Unless you mean RAW and not RAEFAOTI (Rules as Extrapolated for Arguing on the Internet), in which case carry on.

Flex Mentallo is the hero we need.

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There was no need to to make it /d/

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>latent muscles flex their way through the intricacies of magics
>lords this over the person who must train throughout life with dedication to understand magics from a rational level
It's Genetics Vs. Work all over again. The real question is how does gear fit in? Are steroids the equivalent of the Muscle Cleric or the Muscle Druid? I'm leaning more towards Cleric.

Probably a cleric. Muscle Druid uses "nature's own steroids" for gaining muscles, or I guess they could just transform into a bear and call it a day.

Is this just an excuse to post yuri? Like, I'm not complaining, I just wanna know.

>nature's own steroids
Dare I ask what these might be? Whey protein? Onions? Unfiltered bull semen?

They're Alex Jones' all natural super male vitality suplement

Throw all of those into a blender, and you've got yourself an unforgettable protein milkshake.

I have a straight-up sorcerer with 18 Constitution, I hit people with a quarterstaff and make all my concentration checks, it's great.

>shapeshift into a bull
>guzzle own semen
>eat raw onions from your garden out back
>just off Whey-based familiar, guzzle its semen, too
>unlimited, free, infinite gains
Muscle druid is the way to make it, fellas.

Didn't we just have this discussion a week ago?

Is bull semen taken from a transformed Druid comparable to the semen of a regular bull, though? Or does one of them have lower amount of protein in it per litre?

It's not about the protein, it's about the testosterone. And that's honestly as far as I'm willing to go in discussing that particular subject.

If Loki could become pregnant as a horse, I'm certain that a Druid's semen fits their transformed form.

These guys , , , , , , are discussing drinking bull semen.

Ironically, Veeky Forums probably had this discussion last week.

Ah, I see.

Loki is a god, though, not your average Muscle Druid.

This comic reads like something out of Veeky Forums.

>came for thinly veiled LWA thread and get discussion about bull semen

Veeky Forums is bsically a yuri manga with more penises

It doesn't matter that Loki is divine, as his transformative abilities are due to his personal power, not his divine nature. If it were otherwise the other gods of Asgard would be able to transform, but they must instead rely on mundane disguises.
Ergo, transformation affects reproductive organs.

I was thinking more along the lines of "His divine nature boosts the transformative abilities", but I guess you do have a case there.

Roll in front of your DM next time, chump

Charisma. With enough of it you can make people think you're tough or make them think you're intelligent.

A bear can, yep.