"Quantum creatures"

>"Quantum creatures"
what are some examples of those from different game systems?

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quantum creatures are not system specific, nor restricted to being creatures.

isn't that already an example? imagine a dnd-party encountering a monster that shapeshifts between different systems through quantum powers

Consider the Photino Birds from Xeelee.

>"Quantum creatures"
So they're really small, like a water bear? What are these? How do you stat something like that?

I /think/ it's in reference to Quantum Orgres, which is essentially the old DMing method of putting the same thing down different paths. Go down left path, Ogre. Go down right path, Ogre. Go north, the sorcerer's tower. Go south, the sorcerer's tower. And so on.

I don't understand the question in the OP.

He means shit like displacer beast.
God damn.

A dragon that is also a chicken, from Fire Emblem 6

Suppose that a GM is running a campaign.
In this campaign, an ogre king is assembling a great ogre army to create an ogre empire, all unbeknownst to the authorities of the land.
The people have, however, noticed the sudden increase in ogre appearances, as well as ogres with greater arms and armor than normal.
The party has just left a town where they heard the news, and comes to a fork in the road.
The GM knows that the party must come into contact with an ogre soldier, who is a courier for the ogre king
This encounter is necessary for the entire campaign to happen, so to make the campaign able to happen, the ogre soldier will appear on whichever path the party chooses
>party chooses left road
>ogre soldier is on left road
>party chooses right road
>ogre soldier is on left road
If one looks at the situation in the same way some interpretation of quantum physics looks at schrodinger's cat, the ogre soldier is simultaneously on both paths.

TL;DR it's a softer form of railroading that happens because the campaign is about a particular thing, dammit.
not to say that more sandboxy campaigns are meritless, but that shit's way more advanced than a good chunk of gms can handle, and takes way more prep work than a more module-like campaign

Now I want to play some sort of quantum bullshittery campaign.
>The party happen on a three-way intersection
>As they go left, they saw an ogre soldier blocking the path
>They retreat, and go to the right
>The same ogre soldier is blocking that road as well
>Looking back, they see the 'first' ogre soldier looking incredulously to their direction, at the 'second' ogre soldier, as if it's perplexed by this
>Party could incite both ogres to fight each other
>Or kill one of the ogres blocking the way, upon which the other ogre will start flickering between living and dead state
>Or just kill both
>Or return to the path they came from, but there's a third quantum clone of the ogre soldier standing guard and trying to deny the situation
>Or maybe trundle through the bushes, choosing neither of the paths, only to stumble upon the ogre soldier crying

fuck, people, it's not hard.

I don't have anything in particular though, except how quantum slimes work visually/lore wise in slime rancher is kinda interesting and might be worth adding somehow.

>as they leave the intersection through the bushes, the three ogres simultaneously shake their fists
>"this isn't ogre!"
>You blink, and the fearsome beasts are no longer present. Perhaps eating those "totally safe, i swear!" mushrooms your ranger found was a mistake.

>But then, the DM asks you to roll some kind of Perception check
>the floor is ogre
>everything is ogre
>you wake up again to find out you are actually the ogre
>but the dream was so real, you thought you were the entirety of the party of adventurers
>which is real, the ogre you, or the dream-party you?

>party kills left ogre
>start a flickering between 1 dead phase state and 2 not dead phase states
>"d grug"
>flies are settling on the corpse
>"ing plea-"
>party has to do a timed ol' yeller x2 then set off down "different" quantum roads to see which one leads back to the village instead of back to the 3-way intersection

>"GET OUT OF MY SWAMP", you try to scream. But the words won't come. Instead, tiny ogres fall from your lips.
>This isn't ogre.

And then, the ogre obtains quantum immortality for how could it observe the world if it was dead?

>longing for death to release you from this nightmare you open the medicine cabinet to get your trusty razor
>the courier of the ogre king sticks his head out
It ain't ogre until I say it's ogre

Clearly you azathothed the party-verse when you woke up.

In Nethack/Slash'EM, they just cast blink a lot.

Just stop, you have no idea what quantum means or what a quant is.

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A person who analyzes a situation or event.

>players lose the encounter if they cant make an adequate conversion of the stat block

I think i'm starting to hate this chicken

got you covered

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