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>Document compendium: Contains official (ex-canon) DnD 3.x variants and a fan made DnD 5e version! Also contains the official Warcraft Chronicles volumes 1 and 2.

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Anywhere I can find chronicle 3?

Has it ever been explained why Senegos's brood is Azure, rather than Blue?

yer I want chronicle 3 already some one post it.

"For me the wheel of death has spun many times."
"The wheel... spins... again."

Tell me again why Teron doesn't deserve to return?

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He's my favourite character, he MUST return.
Though his wings in BC looked stupid. I prefer his yellow cloak.

I was really bummed AU Gul'dan didn't try to summon any OG Death Knights on the Broken Shore or anything, it was just demons and demons only - most of which we never got to actually fight.

Because he's too good for this sinful franchise and Blizzard would never show him THE PROPER RESPECT.

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Why is the Alliance so garbage?
No woder the Nightborne didn't join them when they saw "purple" humans.

First tell me what the hell he was doing in the Black Temple in the first place

Why are shitposters so garbage?
No woder the threads get derailed when they say "serious" discussion.

Gorefiend was given his old armour back because he tricked the PC into freeing him by possessing the PC's body and killing his Draeni jailer, I guess he was in the Black Temple because he wanted to, Gorefiend does what Gorefiend wants.

This one's better.

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I prefer the real servants of darkness.

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The fact that this wasn't even mentioned in Chronicle 3, the books that are supposed to be created to fill in lore gaps like this, indicates Blizzard to this day still has no fucking clue.

In all honesty I think nu-Blizzard have forgotten about lore such as Teron, I'd like to see what they say if we asked "How much do you remember about the lore of Warcraft 2?"

If I had to give a justification, after he dupes the player into resurrecting him he looks at his situation following the events of Beyond the Dark Portal. Perhaps he felt some manner of solidarity with Ner'zhul, and decided that he, too, wanted to fuck over the Burning Legion, which could go either way, but most importantly he also wanted to fuck over this New Horde and the Alliance that had killed his cohorts. Ner'zhul is a planet away, and the only reliable way for Gorefiend to reach that planet is currently being guarded by the combined forces of the Horde and Alliance. The rest of his cohorts are either dead, he doesn't know where they are, or have turned their coats and joined Thrall's Horde.

So, instead, he looks over to the Illidari who have been shown to fuck both the Horde and Alliance over at every turn, are openly accepting all of the dirtiest and sketchiest fucks on Draenor, and have plans to throw down with the Legion. BC-era Illidan would totally be willing to accept somebody as powerful as Teron Gorefiend onto his side.

>BC-era Illidan would totally be willing to accept somebody as powerful as Teron Gorefiend onto his side
"When asked about his alliance with Teron Gorefiend, Legion-era Illidan coughed, looked away, and said he didn't remember anyone by that name. Oddly similar to his response when asked about the Den of Mortal Delights, as well as his reasons for not simply telling A'dal what he was doing."

Is King Ymiron a Death Knight?

BFA is last expansion so we can look forward to a future Warcraft game that progresses story in a more dramatic and cool way with out being stuck in mmo land.

I think he's just a powerful Helarjar

Where is that quote from?

Me, here, just now.

>The rest of his cohorts are either dead, he doesn't know where they are, or have turned their coats and joined Thrall's Horde.
As per BC "lore", he had a bunch of Death Knights with him, but then he proceeded to sacrifice them in some kind of ritual in order to make himself truly immortal.

T-t-thanks for making sure the Horde didn't fall back into its old ways Saurfang.
I guess.

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Horde has absolutely nothing to do with it, you shitty falseflagger.

>buddy cop KT and Terion

Or maybe it's just extremely unimportant.

Illidan regrets nothing of his actions, he did what he thought necessary and he distrusts/hates the Light.

>beautiful new art drawn for the thread
>the OP pic is a fucking game screenshot to provoke the autists

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t. (((illidari)))

Yeah, the motivations of one of the original hero units is pretty unimportant, but god forbid we not have an entire page devoted to centaur clan politics.

In my mind, the Chronicles should document EVERYTHING about the lore of Warcraft.
That way everybody gets what they want, and we all get lore for our respective favourites.

Original hero units can't be extremely unimportant?

How about an original hero unit whose actions in BC were always widely considered one of the most bizarre things in an already lore shaky expansion, and was seemingly deliberately the only major player in the Black Temple/Illidan's group not to be detailed at all in the book?

His actions are, above all, extremely inconsequential. You can't fill the book with stories for every raid boss who did nothing in the lore. There are raids that aren't described at all, and you want space dedicated to some BT mook whose one claim to fame is that he was a named unit back when.

>Teron Gorefiend
>BT mook


Probably because they've been feeding on
a different source of power and also isolated themselves from the Blues. Magical creatures evolve very quickly and very radically. It's a night elf/nightborne type of situation.

/v/ says these will break the lore.

As the undisputed experts, what do you guys think?

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As undisputed expert I think this outfit on a goblin makes my dick azerite.

I think they are butthurt lorelets. It's well within the lore to add as many beast races in unexplored regions as there are species of animals.

Yiff in hell

Admittedly I don't know much about them, but I don't see why they'd be any more lore-breaking than any of the other beast races we've had so far. Are they just butt-blasted about furries?

Lore no, setting cohesion yes
It's one thing to steal from AoS and another to steal from fucking Zootropolis

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As a race I have no issue with them in the lore, but the issue I do have a problem with is that their inclusion is obvious pandering to people who want a "cute" playable race.

>want to shag gobbos
>somehow a furry

The final Alliance zone opened for testing
>dat orc village on Kul-Tiran soil

Interesting how artillery technology has advanced to the point that Alliance is adopting star forts.

Also, context behind this picture? Are the orcs burning civilians alive, or are they trying to rescue them from something? Since with Sylvanas at the helm it could go either way.

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>thrall's balls! this village is on fire
>here, humie, let me carry you to safety

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I'm guessing the Horde are just killing civilians for the sake of it, war is war, after all. There must be a reason to target Brennadam, though.

Dindu please, atrocities are an ancient orcish tradition.

Why is it whenever Thrall isn't at the helm Orcs decide to murder for whoever gives them the best speech? You have:
>Now Sylvanas
They don't even seem to care if the person leading is a non-orc so long as they're allowed to kill.

WC3's Thrall wasn't a castrated peacenik either.

>As per BC "lore", he had a bunch of Death Knights with him, but then he proceeded to sacrifice them in some kind of ritual in order to make himself truly immortal.

Glad to see that worked out for him.

>pandering to people who want a "cute" playable race.
It used to be a running gag in my guild that I was the only gnome in the raiding team. Given how so few people play Gnomes, I wonder how big of a market this is.

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Sylvanas: Glad you could make it, Saurfang.
Saurfang: Watch your tone with me, elf. You may be the warchief, but I'm still High Overlord of the Horde.
Sylvanas: As if I could forget. Listen, Saurfang, there's something about Kul'Tiras you should know. Oh no. It's too late. These people have already joined the Alliance. They may look fine now, but it's a matter of time before they turn into enemies!
Saurfang: What?
Sylvanas This entire city must be purged.
Saurfang: How can you even consider that? There's got to be some other way
Sylvanas: Damn it, Saurfang. As your warchief, I order you to purge this city.
Saurfang: You may be my warchief yet, yet. But I will not obey that command!
Sylvanas: Then I must consider this an act of treason.
Saurfang: Treason? Have you lost your mind, Sylvanas?
Sylvanas: Have I? Varok Saurfang, by my right of succession and sovereignty of the Horde, I hereby relieve you from your command and suspend your Kor'kron from service.
Baine: Sylvanas, you can't just...
Sylvanas: It's done! Those of you who have the will to save the Horde, follow me. The rest of you... get out of my sight.
Saurfang: You've just crossed a terrible threshold, Sylvanas.
Sylvanas: Baine?
Baine: I'm sorry, Sylvanas. I can't watch you do this.

Female gnomes are creepy, male gnomes are weird.

Nope, but just about every action he performed was in retaliation for the Alliance/Night Elves hounding him and his people over misunderstandings/old feuds. I don't think he approves of what Sylvanas is doing, and him stepping up at one point in BfA is probably key to ending the conflict.

Lol why none of u niggers have made scans of chronicle 3 or AT LEAST make phone screenshots like Come on....... retards

They were mentioned in the War of the Ancients books
So were tortollan
Though they were named, creatures akin to them were described to have appeared in the battle

I'm not doing it because I know people like you would be using it


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That's not how you spell sexy.

Well kys then brah. Fkn retard sjw. I just wanna check if there is any new lore on the unplayable races like tuskarr, magnataur and shit

There's nothing sexy about them unless you're sexually attracted to children.

Ever heard of index, faggot?

Where do you live where children have thicc thighs and massive boobs?

>The following are mentioned in the book's index but never appear in the actual text.
>Med'an (the index of the book features an easter egg entry in the form of listing Med'an as being mentioned on page "404" - as there is no such page in the book, this is a joke on the HTTP 404 error message, also known as "404 Not Found")

So, is he going to be the next major villain? By the time BfA ends and the Void Lords are dealt with he'll probably be the strongest thing not dead remaining.

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>Can't be killed
>Alextrasza is still alive
I doubt Blizzard will take it out of the fridge. It wasn't particularly good book.
And I'll rather have Galakrond be brought back.

>a big undead proto drake
>a big immortal dragon with five heads, mastery over time, life, Arcane, death and dreams
Contrarians should be shot.

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>Dragon themed xpack focused on use, now with the voice of Azeroth aka Magni wanting her favorite pet aspects back and ready to flex some of that titan power to give them strength. Other factions also bring back other dragons and dragonkin creations trying to steal the newly improved power of the aspects.

I had no idea Chromatus was still around, where is he(it?) being kept?

>Elune blesses a Dragonflight and we get Moon dragons

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Apparently an Arcane Prison in Northrend, technically without a pulse but described as only a dragon-sized set of goblin jumper cables away from being brought back to life.


What did Tirion mean by this?

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It will ba called
World of Warcraft:
Dragon Age

Excuse you.

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I'm calling it, either Bolvar or the Twilights Hammer will try to turn Chromatus to their side - and fail.
Easy raid tier similar to Gruul's Lair.

>What is Ysera and Alextrasza
Elune is just Eonar channeling her power from Elunaria and bouncing it off White Lady, that is visible in Elunaria's sky.

>what is Ysera, someone who is green and channels Nature
>what is Alexstrasza, someone who is red and channels Nature/Necromantic
>implying Elune is Eonar when Elune is far more powerful and ancient

>Horde has nothing to do with Horde


>Tear of Elune
>Powers related to the Emerald Dream, wielded by Ysera and Freya, both of who got those powers from Eonar, more or less directly
>Elune's "Light" is Arcane in nature, yet it still can heal. Eonar is a titan (Arcane) that wields power of Life and Nature (can heal)
There are no reasons to believe that Elune is either more powerful OR more ancient than a Titan. Or even that it exists as a separate entity.
>inb4it was used to contact Light's Heart, therefore must be above Xe'ra
Titans were born where Light coalesced in amounts higher than what it takes to create a Naaru.

>Azure, rather than Blue

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Shh. Don't tell him.

>Elune can create a constellation in seconds
>Elune did this before Eonar's planet was close to Azeroth
>Elune created the Naaru, who were explicitly around before the first Titan awoke, during the ordering of the universe

He means that Senegos resemble Azure Drakes more than regular Blue Drakes.
Personally, I think it's all about magical runes, most likely to draw arcane power more effectively, which most likely wasn't a common practice before Nexus War. Senegos needs it nowadays to help himself survive, as he's really old.

>Constellars were made from Argus' energy when Aman'Thul used time magic on him
>Implying that Elunaria wasn't always close to Azeroth, as shown on any astrolabe in game that shows more celestial bodies than Azeroth and 2 moons, including Moonguard Stronghold and Karazhan
>Believing in someone's speculation on how Tear of Elune could be used to communicate with Xe'ra, when Pillars of Creation are clearly Titan made, and Tear of Elune has no Light-related powers

>implying the Titans at any point have shown to be able to make not just small Constellars, but entire constellations like Ysera major
>implying Elunaria was close to Azeroth at all
>believing the most intelligent and knowledge man in the world's theory which is proven to be true.

Face it, Elune is beyond a titan. Elune has Nature, Light and Arcane under her thumb.

>Implying you can even see Ysera "constellation" after that short moment it existed
>Ignoring that you can see Elune from the surface of Elunaria
>Implying there are actual proofs to his theory, instead of theory being made on why could Tear of Elune work with Light's Heart

When did Elune shown to wield power of the Light? What proves that Tear of Elune was called that before Elves got their dirty hands on it? You can't even prove that Elune is in any way associated with Nature before Tear of Elune was a thing.

Is that an updated dark ranger model?

But Saurfang is too busy helping Slyvy burn down Malf's tree to intervene.

I don't see a problem with this.

>Blizzard circlejerks the WC2 horde
>Forgets about the best characters

>Few understood my use of Teron

It was not the Horde user, but the Horde.
Don't mix them up.

>good characters

Sauce on the image? Can't seem to find anything with the normal searches.

Ah there we go Mr Potato Party on tumblr.

I'm proud of you, user.

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