Fantasy VS Magical Realm

So I have an idea for a magical city, where the leader has an array of enchantments that subtly affect her subjects. Longevity, protection from disease, that sort of stuff. However, because I'm a horny teenager, I'm also picturing her creating wards against stds, unwanted pregnancies, and enabling some more fetishy stuff via magical manipulation of biology.

My question is, is this too magical-realmy? Does it diminish the quality and respectability of a work to imagine how one might use it for sexual gratification? Am I gonna piss off my players/readers?

Where is the line between fantasy and magical realm?

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There is no line. Look at Wheel of Time. It's a respected fantasy epic and it is just crammed full of Jordan's fetish bait.

I have heard of that, but never read it. Oddly enough, knowing it's full of fetish bait makes me want to read it MORE.

No user, that is very much the intention.

So then when does magical realm become a bad thing? If it's just not vanilla enough?
I am a little concerned it'll make my players uncomfortable if they go to her city, and find out promiscuous unprotected sex is the cultural norm because there is literally zero risk.

I'd say it depends on how much you focus on it.
Throwing a line about lax morality when describing the city, and another one about the princess is fine, I think. It gives your players a frame of reference, and the city a bit of personality.
Spending 20 minutes of the princess being fucked by two slaves while screaming obscenities is too much.
I mean, sexuality is a part of the world, so it's not necessary to neuter it every time. If that becomes the focus of your game though, you might have to ask yourself why you're doing it.

because boners

Then go home and masturbate, and spare your friends from that.

not my boners, their boners.It gives me a weird rush to know I can get the guys at my table hard, like I'm not some fugly slut that's gonna be alone forever

There are two right answers.
For actual play, it's too far if your players dislike it. Otherwise, you can do whatever the fuck you want with your group if everyone is on board.
If you're going to talk about your setting on Veeky Forums or anywhere without an intimate agreement though, it's too far the moment that something fetishy doesn't serve a practical purpose in building the setting. If it's just gratuitous then it's not classy.

Magical realm becomes a bad thing once your players become uncomfortable with it.
Fetish material inserted into a game/setting that makes other participants uncomfortable is the literal definition of magical realm.
The point at which this happens depends entirely on your players sensitivity to what you're doing, and how blatant your presentation is. Since there's no way for us to know this without participating in your game the standard advice is that less is better.

>So then when does magical realm become a bad thing?
When you take your players somewhere they don't want to go. There's really not anything approaching a universal standard. It really depends on your players, where you play, the type of game it is, the tone of your campaign, etc. If in doubt, talk to your group about the issue in general (or not-so-general) terms.

I will say that, speaking realistically, is there any doubt that people would use the sort of enchantments you talk about if they could? But people also fuck, and that doesn't mean it's okay to show it in explicit detail in something like, say, The Last Airbender. It wouldn't match the tone or the demographic of the show, and a similar thing might apply to your campaign. I'm really not in position to know.

Let it be said that a lot depends on how you present things. People in your setting have sex, because otherwise there wouldn't be any people in the first place. But how do you deal with that? Do you avoid even the implications of it like the plague? Do you avoid people even having crushes on other people? Do you occasionally allude to it in an oblique manner? Do you have their be off-screen romances? Do you even play a bit of the courtship, but fade to black when things start getting explicit? Where exactly do you draw that line? Do you actually play out the seduction, but stop after a kiss? Maybe you let them get to 2nd base or even 3rd? Or maybe you play everything out? And regardless, how clinical are you about whatever level of stuff you're okay playing? How descriptive are you? There's obviously a difference between "you fuck for what seems like hours" or even "you fuck the shit out of her, taking her in every position imaginable" and "she moans and clutches at the sheets as you slide your cock slowly into her ass".

The point is that each level of detail is appropriate for some people in some places in some games, and you really can't say that any of them are definitively wrong.

Then you have bigger issues that are not related to the game. Please seek help.

>wards against stds, unwanted pregnancies
This is literally the first thing humans would do if given access to magic. There is nothing magical realmy about it.

>This is literally the first fucking thing humans would do if given access to magic. There is nothing magical realmy about it.
It's all in the execution, really. Or to put it another way, just because you kill monsters in your game, that doesn't make it a snuff fetish campaign.

>not my boners, their boners.It gives me a weird rush to know I can get the guys at my table hard, like I'm not some fugly slut that's gonna be alone forever
If they're into it, that's fine, but tread softly on taboo ground, because people can get majorly weirded out. Err on the side of caution and proceed slowly and carefully, reading people's reactions. Hint before you reference. Reference before you show. Show before explore. Explore before you delve deep. Stop wherever somebody starts to feel uncomfortable. Pull back from level and be hesitant to return there unless you have good reason to believe attitudes have changed. Even if you you're not getting any signals that something's out of bounds, don't go in a straight line all the way maximum perversion. If everybody seems cool with a hint that something sexual may have possibly happened, you should still leave it at that for a while. Then throw in another hint at some point, and leave it at that. And then maybe another hint before making a reference to something sexual that clearly happened. Then pull all the way back to zero and don't even hint for a while. But eventually work your way back up to reference. And after a while of this maybe you can show a little something. But just a tease and back the fuck off after that. And so on and so on. That way, if somebody ever gets uncomfortable, it just seems like a one-off, throwaway thing that you've never done before, and so it probably doesn't mean anything, so they don't have to get weirded out by it.

Things only really get tricky if a player takes the ball and runs with it. Then you have to judge where other people are, but even if everybody seems cool with it, you probably want to play it kind of coy at first, and be vague or detached about shit, or even engineer the situation in such a way that it doesn't go anywhere. The girl turns him down, or something interrupts them, or whatever.

>The girl turns him down, or something interrupts them, or whatever.
People who throw caution to the wind can later be embarrassed by their own actions, and you don't want to rush ahead too quickly, even if it's at somebody else's behest (especially since there are other players to consider).

i know

>creating wards against stds, unwanted pregnancies, and enabling some more fetishy stuff via magical manipulation of biology.

Implying this isn't something humans would do if we had magic. Also, if played properly it's some seriously dysotopian shit. Unwanted from whose perspective? The mother or the state? Imagine if you needed the states permission to get pregnant - not only legally but physically. Imagine if the state could just filter biological traits it didn't like out.

Hang on a sec, this sounds... Familiar...



I mean that's kinda the idea. Originally she was just going to be a lusty princess that wanted her subjects to just be fuckin nonstop, but if only she can remove the sterility, she could easily be a villain instead of my pathetic wish fulfillment self- insert

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this guy got it I think
don't even tell your players about it unless they ask, just explain how the wards work in general, say that they protect people's health and diminish their mortal flaws and shit. They don't need to know they stop unwanted pregnancy, and why would a character tell them so, unless they ask or it comes up in the conversation spontaneously?

Your players will know if they are interested in it, or if the plot makes it somewhat relevant later on

there' always a funny guy that thinks his character should visit the brothel on the first night they're in a new city, have the whores explain it and it won't feel forced

Magical realm is:
>sexual content
>that comes at the expense of somebody present
Where expense refers to something other than immediate reaction. This is best explained with an example.
A player might be grossed out when it is revealed that the aliens crossbreed with humans to create hybrid monsters. But the player knows this is part of a good alien infestation story; and what makes aliens so terrifying. Thus it is not magical realm - the player would rather have weird alien infestations than a boring one. It makes for a better game.


One. Yes, it is magic realm
Two. Literally The forgotten realms as run by ed greenwood.
Kindly reminder in FR sex doesn't count if it doesn't cause pregnancy, family members fuck all the time to practice, magic handles STDs and pregnancies, potions of cure light wounds are household objects, brothels are everywhere, several holidays involve orgies, huge Royal orgies are common celebrations, Azoun has like a million bastards (whom he then also fucks) and a host of other shit

As for your example, you've admitted that this is something you find hot. So we've got the sexual content down.
So the other part of the definition depends entirely on your players. If they're also horny teenagers who want to masturbate immediately after your session they'll probably love it. If they're not, they'll probably be weirded out and you have a magical realm on your hand.

Just personally, I don't like the idea of city wide enchantements at all. It feels quite silly.
Mougle is that you?

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