Hey Veeky Forums, I've been having a pretty bad week

Hey Veeky Forums, I've been having a pretty bad week.
Can we have a funny/awesome tg pics and stories thread?

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Here's a funny and awesome Dark Heresy anecdote. Ah slightly broken dice mechanics...

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Okay, I have to ask, is that a real screenshot?

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Yup, Apparently the AI is bugged in how a spymaster can also be the assailant.

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Assailant AND victim *at the same time*, no less. Wow.

I seem to be rather short on stories.

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memes would be fine as well.

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OK, got a few of those. But first this.

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How many skulls are in that pic?

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>117 skulls
Are we sure their not actually Kornites?

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Ha, that's an old on, eh?

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pphht, c'mon. You can't make a throne out of just 117 skulls.

My experience exactly.

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> RIP good game

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post the follow up!