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How have you shown appreciation for your fellow players and party members lately? Any headpats?

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Not at all. My session pretty much runs like a episode of Top Gear.

No headpats as of late, but I'm sure my appreciation for my fellow players was made clear.

Bonus round: describe your perfect, cutest /pfg/ party!

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Do you want /pfg/ characters, or /pfg/ players?!

>How have you shown appreciation for your fellow players and party members lately? Any headpats?
Surprisingly in Intrigue the older gruff knight and the younger greasy mercenary have sort of built something approaching a friendship, maybe just an understanding.

DHB is not the most hated character in the party. Mostly people seem to pity him.

Get buried under tits on the reg.

So I guess so?

>Magical Tails (Kitsune, Racial)
>You grow an extra tail that represents your growing magical powers.
>Prerequisites: Kitsune, caster level 2nd or higher.
>Benefit: You gain an extra spell point each time you gain an Illusion or Mind talent. Every time you gain a spell point from this feat you grow an additional tail up to 9 in total. You cannot gain more than 8 additional spell points from this feat.
A single feat for +8 spell points is quite strong. I suppose this makes kitsune the premier Illusion- or Mind-users?

>Pierce the Veil (Combat)
>Prerequisites: Wis 13, base attack bonus +2.
>Benefit: When attacking a target with miss chance granted from a spell, sphere effect, supernatural or spell-like ability, you may take a penalty to your attack roll to reduce the miss chance for that attack. Each -1 penalty to the attack roll you take reduces the miss chance by 10%. You cannot use this feat to take a penalty greater than half of your base attack bonus (rounded up).
Now this is a good feat. By base attack bonus +9, someone can simply close their eyes and ignore that 50% miss chance outright; a -5 attack penalty may not matter too much against most casters, apart from AC-stacking psionicists.

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Why not do one for both?

>Shadowstuff Armament (Combat)
>Prerequisites: Shadow Magic (must have selected Creation sphere).
>Benefit: As a move action you may create and automatically equip any weapon, piece of ammunition, light armor or light shield you are proficient with out of stable shadowstuff. This object dissipates one round after you are no longer in contact with it or if a second object is created. Creating ammunition using this feat may be done as part of the same action required to load a weapon instead of a move action.
>Special: You may create an additional object per 5 caster levels.
I must wonder if this can replicate the Call Weaponry trick with advanced firearms and technological weapons. Can it?

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>Masques (glamer)
>As a trick you may aid another on any target within your illusion range with Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate or Perform.
>As a glamer grant a bonus or penalty to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate or Perform skill checks equal to your caster level.

>Shadow Cord
>Price: +750 gp (This includes the cost of masterwork)
>Shadow cord is thin threads of stable shadowstuff woven into clothing or light armor. Shadow cord responds to glamers and improves their efficacy when placed on the wearer. Any glamer cast on the wearer is treated as if it had an additional (sensory) talent of the wearers choosing applied to it and a +2 circumstance bonus to the effective caster level of that glamer.

I worry that this will inflate social skill bonuses to unreasonable levels, particularly when Masques is used in conjunction with shadow cord. By caster level 8th alone, shadow cord raises the bonus to a massive +10.

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New player here, I pitched a NE character concept to my soon-to-be DM and he loved it. He didn't tell me that the party is good aligned save for one person. Now I have my character all made with a decent backstory and I don't want to scrap it. How can I play a character whose final goal is the extinction of flesh without getting murdered by the party when someone inevitibly pings me as evil.

Well, that's the thing with end goals. They can change with charachter development. Perhaps your character can learn something from the not evil party members, and because of that, eventually go up a step or two on the alignment chart. Humanity is pretty contagious, after all.

Oh for certain. To be honest there's a huge flaw in his plan and if pointed out and helped to understand a few things his entire life would change. I'm just need tips for if that doesn't happen, and what to do when my alignment is inevitibly revealed IC.

Best I can tell you is to tell the rest of the players OOC and work together with them to make sure this goes over as smoothly as possible. Or if you want mechanics, there's a couple spells (low level ones, even) that can block alignment detecting.

Oh yeah? Are any of those available as first level anti-paladin spells? I've never used this system and to be honest it's been a little bit overwhelming and I can't help but feel I overlooked something.

Not first level, but when you hit level 7 you'll get Undetectable Alignment, which makes you not ping as anything for 24 hours. If you want to be REALLY sneaky about this you can get some means of Extending the spell with metamagic so that it lasts for 48 hours per pop.

A friendly bard that knows about your situation may cast Undetectable Alignment at you at first level. If done in front of the party he may just feign launching some other spell on you, like a boost or some other utility.
Just hope the party wizard doesn't identify it.

Unfortunately I'm starting at 5th level, so if I make it that long it's definitely an option! but--

This may be possible! I have a friend in the party who is a bard. Maybe with DM's permission I can have backstory involvement with him.

Any tips for roleplaying? other than "don't do stupid shit with the party watching". Are there any characters from any sort of media or print that you can think of which may have emulatable actions to this extent?

Speaking of Bards, I'm looking at Bards and I'm torn between being a Half-elf and a Human. Half-elves seem pretty good and I'm trying to break out of my rut of human Clerics. What do you guys think?

Hey /pgg/ I posted in the last thread about my character and how I'm using 3 feats to use a large rose gold greatsword right asking about what might be a good class for work with that theme, and I've been doing some thinking. Backstory wise since this weapon will cost a bare minimum of 7.4K I was thinking he could be from a noble knight family and he's out proving he's worthy of the family name and ready to become the next head of the house to inherit the family sword. Which would mean I would have to complete some great task while sending money back so I get this thing at later levels.

So until then I use whatever, I could do duskblade, Tome of battle classes, paladin, knight or maybe work towards spellsword.

So I have an idea of class, and feats being monkey grip, exotic weapon prof HEAVY greatsword and ancestral relic which would tie the weapon into my backstory and act as a way for me to upgrade it at a lower price than normal, I was also thinking maybe improved sunder/disarm or trip for my future feats

What are your guys opinions? Anything to add, take away for change?

On a unrelated note I might have it designed to be like a upscaled swordbreaker, just greatsword sized

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Both are too vanilla! Go bolder! Spice it up dude! Dont worry about playing a little sub-optimally

First off, make sure the bard is on board with you.
There can be a number of reasons as to why he's helping you with that spell: he might not know that you're evil and he's just doing you a favour/is always happy to help whoever he can or he might know that you're evil and he's acting on good will, hoping to slowly turn you towards the good side while hiding this fact to your comrades, covering you.
As for your roleplaying, it depends on how serious the setting is.
If the game doesn't take itself too seriously you could act as if you'd suggest evil actions when questions are asked, only to stop after realizing that you're about to blow your cover and suggest slightly-less-evil courses of action.
You could pretend to be a paladin, although a bad one at its job since you can't actually do the stuff that paladins can do. This could work with what I said before about the bard helping you without knowing you're evil: just tell him that you want to mask your alignment so that evil creatures wouldn't immediately sense you (although that's a different thing from the paladin's aura of good).

>perfect party

I personally like more that the LG knight who tries to uphold his principles and oaths as best as he can has a very stable and functional working relationship with the two LE party members.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to build starships?

How different does a game system have to be in order for you to publish it as your own? Like, how different was original Pathfinder compared to 3.5?

When deciding on physical traits and such like hair and eye color, hairstyle, hair antd other accessories that would be present regardless of default slot loadout? Especially for character artwork reasons.

For instance, a wood elf princess who always pins back her hair on one side, or a human archer who wears a choker of some kind.

Also, what is the best elf ear size?

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That's not a question, that's a sentence with a question mark at the end

I fucked that up. I mean, what do you guys look for? Editing on my phone.

Usually something fitting for the character to wear. Sure, a big extravagant hat might look good on them, but is it something they'd wear? On the same note, maybe they keep on them something burdening because they find themselves having to use it often, even if it's not "them" at all

Can't copyright rules, you can rip shit off wholesale.

Is this the place to ask questions about Starfinder?


I show my appreciation for them by building the plot off their interactions and backstories, weaving in new plot threads that tie into their characters and build on consistent themes. I also do my best to improvise and deal with shenanigans and openly discuss what kind of things they want to pursue and work towards.

Then I offer busty Drow women

Let’s say my character wears an eyepatch to cover up her missing/cursed/blessed/whatever eye. Would I need to use either the Pirate eyepatch or the Mariner’s eyepatch, or could I have my own item by default?

Alright if that's the case, then let me ask this.
Is Starfinder good?
How different is it in comparison to normal pathfinder?
How's the setting?

Setting is meh.
IUt's pretty different nut not a 180 changeup that makes no sense.
It's good for technomagical campaigns. Starship combat is only effective one-on-one using the FAQ DC's not the book DCs.

I feel like a miserable failure that somehow can't even get a game off the ground by DMing it and it's bad because I know the problem has to be me.

I can't seem to get excitement going either in myself or in my potential players

Are monks more viable now, after Pathfinder Unchained? Could they feasibly reach barbarian powerlevels?

>barbarian powerlevels
That's not exactly a wide gap

Does a witch fit in a group full of ranged characters?

Witches fit into pretty much any group.

What kind of which would fit such party?

The kind that gets 9 levels of spell casting


Very yes.

Level with me, fellas.

Is it gay for a Dwarf to be bonded in holy matrimony to his shield brother?

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It's a piece of fluff, you can make up whatever the fuck you want for it
>MY eyepatch is a little golden shield enchanted to always float 1cm away from my eyebulb, and if i spend a move action to tap it with my left pinky it cracks in the middle and opens up, letting me see through it
It's not hard

Yes. That's a stupid question.

So let's say your character is adventuring in Iblydos or from there and they've managed to ascend to the rank of hero god.

What is their purview, what sort of god are they and.... what spell do they grant their worshippers?

Fuck off, fetishelf

It's not gay if the shield-brother's beard is cute

Anyone know where I can find Merchant's Manifest?

It just dropped today, user. It'll likely be added to the trove in the next few days.

When are they going to fix the shifter? Just a couple obvious tweeks and its done. Are they really going to stand their ground on the aspects being the wildshape choices?

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Oh really? Thanks, I thought it came out on the 15th, can't remember where I read that.

why can't they just swallow their pride and make hte legendary shifter the base version? its literally every mistkae fixed

Maybe so many people came up with excellent solutions that they cant use one without looking like they ripped somebody off.

the tsundere in the party finally gave the bishie paladin headpats and a hug last session. warmed my heart

starstone academy RIP

they're no-where close to barbarian or the strictly superior bloodrager

Could DSP's thought slayer be used as a thot slayer?

>Mind-Consuming Gaze (Su)

>Instantly kill (by draining the mind away), range 30 feet, Fortitude DC 19 negates. The save DC is Charisma-based.

>This is considered a mind-affecting death effect.

>If a thought slayer’s gaze is met indirectly (such as through a mirror or a reflection in water), the opponent does not die on a failed save but instead is dazed for 14 rounds. This otherwise is a gaze effect.

>The gaze cannot affect creatures on the Material Plane while the thought slayer remains ethereal, but it can affect ethereal creatures while the thought slayer is on the Material Plane.

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>Want to run a murder mystery campaign using Ultimate Intrigue's advice on getting around magic
>Players don't have the physical book neither do I but I'm using a PDF so they'll think I'm bullshitting
Should I just ban full casters? I want the players to actually look for clues, interrogate people, etc. instead of just wizarding info out of everything.


may I suggest call of cthulu?

Why isn’t anybody dropping this in the chat, or getting hype over it? Oh gosh, I can’t wait to learn about Golarion economics and trade goods!

Sarcastic-Hype user, please go away.

They don't play anything aside from PF, and CoC doesn't fit the tone of the mystery I'm planning. Here's my notes thus far.

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>They don't play anything aside from PF,
Get a better group.
>CoC doesn't fit the tone of the mystery I'm planning
Then use a different system.

I’m unironically excited for it, fluffy mundane items whose only value are as trade goods is something I legitimately adore to explore in campaigns.

Bolts of silk, Adamantine ingots, masterpieces in paint and marble and more, I want it all! Traits associated with mercantilism, feats around getting a better deal, write-ups on Cassomir and Goka and the dozen other trade hubs. I want it all!

Ooh, if they add DCs associated with making trade goods that will be sooooo cool.

is there no PDF for the starfidner pact worlds book?

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Here you go you little bitch

Somehow, I'm disappointed this wasn't the Rory logs

That can be remedied

good,good,now gimme the merchants guide

Old and stale.

Where is Cashmere getting tentacle raped?

I'm working on it you lazy fucks

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Right here

Valeriya didn’t strike me as the sort to smother people with her boobs.

How did you think she subdued criminals as the vilderavn?

grazzie based anom

With her tactical acumen and powerful physique?

How are DHB's games doing? Intrigue and LoBaF? Do we have word on them?

What are you talking about? He already posted the gold standard.

He's brought both games to the very edge of PvP with his inability to look beyond his characters' self serving motivations. But other than that, they've been pretty good.

I love you, user!

Details? Sounds neat.

Alright, two books for this month: Merchant's Manifest and War for the Crown 2. Already did Pact Worlds, if you can't find it then that's your own problem. And away we go.

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They’re doing it. Holomog is going to be the centerpiece of a PF2e AP.

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There's probably a fetish for that dress.

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Things powered by alchemcal rocks that give off heat, honestly not a bad idea.

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