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1st for more like FATTEST faction edition

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Third for the True Kin!

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Do NOT bulli Lelith.

Why is my waifu doing theobromine?

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Peer pressure.

Beep Boop

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t. junkie

Hey boops, can we interest you in a cultural exchange?

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How does it feel to know that Ynnari will only get more bullshit when the Dark Eldar and Harlequin codexes drop?

I'm gonna make her stop by making her promise not to do any more in our wedding vows.

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Well I tailor my DE lists to solely fuck the local Ynnari player in his bussy so I'm feeling pretty fucking dope(d up) rn.

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What the fuck? The lyrics are cringy and bad. But why am I keep listening to this? It got stuck in fucking my head for god's sake


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Pic related is always funny. Posting for those who haven't seen it
Fuck it feels amazing. Ynnari were a mistake and should be Bretconned.
Well done user, you're doing the Archon's work.

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That song seems shit, But thats how I listen to music I listen to it on repeat until I feel nothing. Then I never listen to it again.

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Yeah man it's the most fun I have every week. The Ynnari guy's got the tism and acts like the biggest douche canoe to everyone he beats, wiping the floor with him with just DE always makes him sperg and gives me an awesome sense of deep satisfactionand an erection.

Wait is this song about Macha taunting her virginity?

>Ynnari shouldn't exist
Why? The triumvirate is awesome. The Yncarne is the prettiest mini of the game.

>That second spoiler
Do you whack off onto his Yvraine model to assert dominance?

Ynnari as a Eldar soup+ faction should be deleted.

Ynnari are scum. I salute you. Worshipping david bowie and not wearing shoes. Remove suicide cult thots.

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stop spamming fat chubby-faced lelith

animu lelith should have this type of face

tell luth to fix his shit

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Nah man she's his spoiled goods all of MY waifu's are pure.

All these people so salty about ynnari and I've never played against them lol, seems like my local games workshop hates them too

All vile aliens are scum, only worth the bolter shell to kill them with

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>the triumvirate is awesome
yeah except for the fact that it depicts Ynnari instead of what the miniatures look like, which is to say
-lady Malys
-a croneworld eldar prince
-a pre-fall hero like Eldanesh

How could one man be so wrong. The Yncarne is the most overdesigned pile of shit is recent years
Fair enough.

The future is now grandpa

Incorrect monkeigh.

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No, that's literally every single death guard model

They're the second most overdesigned piles of literal shit.

I tend to agree, the cheese of having 5 commander units is too much, they are far more points effective than normal battle suites and that is the issue

But Commorragh is literally the diamond dogs album

Anyone got a link to the March 2018 White Dwarf? Specifically after the Genestealer Cults rules for Necromunda

>Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue

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I like painting toys and playing games. It's a good way to spend to spend time with friends


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Gonna take a while because I've been active and the anti-spam can't seem to tell that I'm sharing pics.

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>even a single dark eldar warrior proved a match for an entire unit of fire warriors.

What heads are these?

Wise words, have a plushie squig.

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"Woah, we're half way there"
Covens, so it was probably a Wrack or Grotesque.

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Reavers or jet pilots. I have a bluestuff mold and make my own because they're so cash.

The penultimate pic.

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Daaaamn, mind posting the molds? I tried oyumaru casting bits to horrible results.

Last one. Hope you enjoyed. Praise the Four-Armed Emperor!

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>why am I keep listening to this?

Because you have brain damage?

How tall are the armigers compared to a deff dread?
I'd love to "metal gear rex" one of them and use it as a deff dread.

Thanks, kind user. Excited to try these out!

Fair point but they look so bad overall that no single failure is as obvious.

I'm at work but for small dense peices like that it's super easy with bluestuff. I have it set up for 5 at a time. All you need to do is clean up the mold line after it sets, ezpz.

Thanks frend, what army(s) do you play? Have you had any good games with frends lately?

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Not him but I might do this. Kabalites look rad as fuck with those helmets.

I don't know how big deffs are but if it helps chibi knight carapace comes up to a real Knights face

I don't have any pictures on hand but they should be slightly taller than a redemptor dreadnought.

I should make a tantalus Flying Cocoon. And does anyone know of any models they look like the ventures?

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I’d love to see them. I browse just about every thread except for ones that go on during them early mornings in CST, if you do manage to post them. My bits always turned out too thick, the details would be fine, but there would be an extra mass of green stuff in the middle. I am using generic oyumaru from eBay if that affects anything. I am totally willing to try oyumaru casting again(my resin/silicone mold casting was an utter failure.) since it’s pretty easy set up.

Definitely bigger in a way that matters.

That said if your opponent wont fight it because of that, they are a git

So i bought the Dark Imperium box and am soon looking to expand my Death guard army

Any suggestions on models I should get. Any models I should avoid?

Thinking about getting a tally man and a prince of nurgle

>tfw practically no one at my store paints
>feel like a dork for trying


Found a YouTube video doing size comparisons. Sadly, no one does size comparisons against deff dreads.


That depends on what you're looking for in your army. Are you looking for highly optimised, or fluffy, or somewhere in between?

How hard will Ahriman fuck up the dark elder in their own Codex?

Well, once I'm done converting it would be much smaller. Basically stick his torso between his legs.

PBC's are ridiculously hard to kill for what they cost

fuck em, they know they should be painting, they are just mouthbreathers who don't have any commitment.

try to set up an escalation league with a 3 color minimum

mortarion is a good starting point, enjoy playing one of only two armies with a primarch while you can.

Depends. People will tell you all sorts of things, but without knowing what you want out of it the advice will suck.

In short....how competitive is this army aimed at being? Scale of 1-10, 1 being "whats competition" and 10 being "I will crush the ITC under my maggot ridden boot"?

Lead by example user I believe in you your painting is good

Somewhere in between. I mostly do casual play with a few friends.

You can't fuck up the dark eldar, you can only fuck up specific dark eldar that nobody cares about because they got fucked up.

Inspire them, user.
See if you can get the store to do a monthly painting contest or something, or even just a show off.

Right now id say a 5 or a 6.
I mostly do casual play with friends but at some point id be interested in competitive.

Looks like you're after having a couple different builds. I can't help with the optimisation, but for your casual games with friends I say pick what you like and make it work
>T. I play centurions and whirlwinds in my fun marine list

I think yvrainne fucked the deldar up pretty good.

Your issue may be that you're using greenstuff. I'm using milliput, as I find the excess bits around the moldine are easier to clean up using it as it's got a lot of give for a hobby knife, where as greenstuff is a lot rougher to get rid of.

>-lady Malys

Her origins and description are sexist. She is perpetually half naked and she used to be a highborn whore for Vect.

>-a croneworld eldar prince

Chaos Aeldari in the craftworld faction? No.

>-a pre-fall hero like Eldanesh

Ruins the mythical theme and mystery of those ancient times, not to mention that he is dead.

Then what this guy says, You can take basically whatever you like the look of, because DG are lucky in that they dont have much that actually truly sucks. Some stuff is more or less points efficient, but that isn't going to matter much for you.

What models do you like? Might be easier to find out what appeals to you and then make sure you build something solid from that.

Thanks for the advice anons.
ill just stick with whatever catches my interest.

She caught Vects attention for being a tactical genius and military mastermind far outstripping her rank and "married" her for her mind. They later "divorced" because she realized she was better than him in almost every way and he was, as you would imagine after the 15th black hole in a box, ostensibly a man-child. She now has almost enough power in the dark city to topple him and he barely stays one step ahead. How is ANY of that anything but female empowerment?

what I'm saying is those designs are wasted on those three Ynnari idiots


This is canon.

.M41 - The Trials of Ghoroi V

>Third Sphere Expansion coalition is engaged by Eldar raiders over the quagmire world of Ghoroi V. The vast majority of the Tau fleet is crippled or destroyed. The only survivors to reach the planet’s acidic swamps are the three Firebase Support Cadres intended to reinforce a far more numerous army. Though they are at first assailed by the same Eldar slavers that decimated their comrades in orbit, the Tau drive them off with a combination of shared targeting data and relentless missile bombardment.

>Though the Eldar raiders sustain such heavy casualties that they abandon the fight, the trials of the Tau stranded there have only just begun. When the surviving battlesuit cadres are finally evacuated from Ghoroi, their members have bonded together with an impromptu ta’lissera ritual. Their rescuers are surprised to see the foetid mangrove swamplands around them choked with the scaled and segmented bodies of several hundred mega-predators whose appetite proved stronger than their wits.

>A Tempting Lure

>Having tormented Dal’yth space for many seasons, a host of Drukhari raiders launches an assault upon the colony world of Shi’yen, a sparsely defended frontier outpost with a large population consisting almost entirely of various T’au client races. They sweep into the desert planet’s great habitat-spheres, butchering with impunity. It is only when the raiders are fully occupied with their slaughter that the Dal’yth Fire caste springs its trap. Macro-camouflage arrays and wide-span refraction fields are deactivated, and scores of Breacher Teams emerge from concealed positions to deliver a brutal barrage of fire into the flanks of the startled Drukhari. Though losses amongst the T’au’s vassal races are substantial, the devastating impact of the sudden ambush all but obliterates the foe.

Tau.png Tau Portal
The Battle of Va'yun was a battle waged between the Tau and Eldar Corsairs during the Second Sphere of Expansion. It began when a band of Corsairs lured the forces of Commander Dawnsword into a deadly trap on Va'yun, seeking to capture the Ethereal Aun'Fyr. However the arrogant aliens underestimated the discipline and technology of the Tau and were driven off after a savage fight.

Fire Warriors > Kabalites

Oh no the haemonculi are gonna have to fire up the cloning tanks... what ever will we do lmao

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Maybe that vatborn swill, but I dare you to say that to a trueborn member of the True Kin and escape with all your blueberry scented blood still inside you.

It's a good way to start out, branch into hadcore stuff later but you want an army you like instead of what's the flavor of the month
>See: the difference between Ork / Deathwatch players and eldar / Tau players

Tech-priestess was better imo

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>Fucking anyone but himself

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I want to write a story where an Archon is presumed dead and cloned but returns to a Commoragh that has already welcomed his clone as the real him so he has to create a competing Kabal from the ground up and they end up being massive rivals that, for all intents and purposes, run identical Kabals.

>Though losses amongst the T’au’s vassal races are substantial

Another example of, Tau got along just fine but the aux/allies, not so much.
First anti-nid coalition now this

Just chop it at the knees

Yvraine fucked everyone Vect wanted fucked and only plays the revenge card to inadvertently assure compliance of everyone else in the dark city

It was never really a competition.

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That would be a fun read. His raider gets shot down and crashes and he has to footslog it through the webway and when he gets back an his upstart haemon has replaced him with an false clone that the haemon controls?

I would read it

>This is what Malys actually believes
Oh boy I can't wait for her failing yet again

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Actually, Vect is fuming over what Yvraine did and he tried ti surpass knowledge of her escape.

She undermined his power in the Dark City and now he isn't really in control. A significant portion of the city is now drowned in the Shadow Realm.

The GS 2 says that she is an ideological threat to him and the Drukhari way of life since with what she offers, the Kabals and the pain economy are worthless.