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Should Dark Elves/Drow be a core race?

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>Genetic Versatility: Gain an extra chromosome

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>Should Dark Elves/Drow be a core race?

I've been toying with an idea in my head of making elves a race that adapts to their environment in early childhood. An elf who grows up having to survive in the woods will turn into a wood elf, one who grows up underground will become a drow, one who grows up in city or civilization will be a high elf, ect. However, after childhood this adaptability "turns off" and their development becomes alot more static for the next few centuries.

Mostly I was trying to think of a way to make elves less of a Mary Sue race, or make them something besides "Humans but better" and thought that making them alot less adaptable after childhood would help... but for the purposes of your initial question I think it'd be a fine way to make Drow a Core Race. Or rather, elves themselves are the Care Race and the sub-race is determined by the childhood environment.

In before "that's not how it works in Forgotten Realms!" I'm talking about a custom setting, not any of the published ones.

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Still looking better than the halflings though.

>Dark Elves/Drow
they are in the core book. do you mean as their own race and not a subrace of elves?

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>should a race in the PHB be a core race
what did he mean by this

Warforged Special Components and Upgrades

>Armory Gauntlet - A forearm replacement that appears similar to a heavy gauntlet carved with various enchanting runes. Allows the warforged to store up to 5 non-magical weapons and 1 attuned magical weapon in a pocket dimension that can be summoned or switched one at a time with a bonus action. Made out of metals and stone mined from islands on the Astral Sea.

>Featherwood - Harvested and carved from rare floating trees from the Elemental Plane of Air this upgrade material is used to replace the standard wooden elements of a Warforgeds physical form. This grants a +10 to run speed and allows the subject to use the Feather Fall spell at will (as if by Ring of Featherfall). Also allows the subject to use Levitate up to an hour per long rest.

>Lenses of Sight - Various intricately made glass or crystal lenses that produce a variety of effects by replacing the standard crystal lenses that compose a Warforgeds eyes. Most common are Lenses of Nightvision granting low-light vision with others including Lenses of Detect Magic, Darkvision, and most rare of all, True Sight. Crafted from a variety of rare crystals, gems and glass.

>Longarm - An upgrade for a Warforgeds arm that allows them to launch their fist up to 30ft and retract it via a chain. This allows the Warforged to throw and retrieve melee weapons or deliver a ranged unarmed attack. Spellcasters can also use it to deliver touch spells through it. Can be used to provide assistance on climbing checks. It can be used to initiate a strength check against a target that can either be used to pull the target toward the wielder if small enough or draw the wielder toward a larger target. Chain links are made with a rare forging technique and build pattern with high quality rare metals.

>Draconic Implant - A rare and gruesome upgrade that takes the organ responsible for breath attacks from a dead dragonborn or young dragonling and grafts it into the Warforged. This grants them the ability to use the corresponding breath attack once per short rest. Most factions have banned or heavily frown upon the use of this implant due to its gruesome requirements.

>Immovable Belt - Taking the slot of a belt item this upgrade allows a Warforged to create the effect of an Immovable Rod with its body, rendering their legs locked in place but unable to be moved without the respective strength checks. Can last up to 30 seconds at a time up to 5 minutes per long rest.

>Magnetic Grip - Upgrades for the hands that install several lodestones into the fingers and palms. Prevents disarming attempts against held metallic weapons. Provides a bonus to grapple checks made against foes wearing metallic armor or made out of metal themselves. Caution: polarities of the lodestones prevent clapping.

>Eye-oun Stone - A metal and glass prosthetic eye that detaches from its socket to float in an orbit around the wielders head when activated. Prevents the wielder from being flanked and provides a bonus to perception checks when activated. Can be used up to five minutes at a time per short rest.

>Ooze Armor - An extensive and expensive upgrade that installs several glass jar like containers in the Warforgeds body. These contain portions of various ooze that when activated emerge and form a layer of natural armor over the Warforged. The upgrade renders the Warforged immune for short durations to the attuned oozes corrosive touch and fools it into believing the Warforged is a part of itself. When active it grants the wielder damage resistance to bludgeoning in addition to whatever the respective oozes damage immunities are. Can be used up to an hour per long rest before the slime must be returned to its containers to heal or risk it going wild. Must be fed protein once per day to keep healthy and behaved. Attempts to utilize Gelatinous Cube slimes have resulted in total failure.

>they are in the core book.
>should a race in the PHB be a core race
When we're talking about drow, one of the most violent, xenophobic races in D&D's history, they shouldn't be presented as a core race alongside humans, halflings, and surface elves.
At best, they should've been introduced in Volo's guide or one of the underdark adventure books like how 5e introduced the genasi in ToEE.

If half-orcs and tieflings can be core races, so can drow

Yes, dark elves serve a large purpose for the game world allowing a huge underground society under an evil god, creating the setting equivalent of an all female Rome that surface nations can hate, they are an antagonist Nation and antagonist in nature through their nature and philosophy - it gives players a really bad guy and ultimately if it can be fun it should be added.
But ultimately it's up to the DM.

I'm gonna be playing a Mongolian themed Elf faction that rides giant scorpions and roams the desert, I'm playing a rogue, have three sixteen stats and the soldier background - An Officer of a scouting group, I have an eye patch because bad perception (Put a 7 in wisdom)

Anyone got any advice on how to play a rogue? DM has given me a Yurt and a Horse
I'm just seeking general advice, not Robbing the party is obvious.

Pic related, how I'm planning on trying to play a rogue .

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get rid of them too desu

>Eye-oun Stone
Reminds me of binding of isaac

Scout seems like the obvious choice

Higher leveled versions should grant Behold type effects or be able to cast Eyebite. Or at least magic missile

Horcs and Tieflings are not inherently evil, Drow are.

their society is evil, there's no rule saying every drow is born evil


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What is that animal?

There's also no rule saying I can't play a gold dragon at level 1 either, but good luck convincing a DM into letting you get away with it.
Let's face it, someone raised in drow culture, even if you aren't exactly evil per se, would still have to be incredibly manipulative, cunning, and deceptive just to survive, there's no way you couldn't be, especially if you're a male drow.
Then you add on the propaganda that drow culture shoves through your skull every waking moment, about how surface dwellers stole what was yours and how Lolth gives you the power to steal it back, and it's kinda hard to justify a non-evil aligned drow popping up on the surface world without someone murdering them on sight sooner or later.

I have a soft rule that anyone playing a drow in my games has to be born to refugees on the surface, because there is NO way Drow from the Underdark can function as adventurers without a ton of asspulls.

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That's easy user. Now that Corellon-blessed sex-changing drow are a thing, any drow player has the perfect excuse to be an outcast from drow society.

>incredibly manipulative, cunning, and deceptive
so the average player character

Can I power game myself into godhood yet or was that always in the game and I was just too lazy/stupid to figure out how?

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What's he listening too?

>so the average player character
The average player character is too stupid to figure out a riddle for middle-schoolers, much less weave their way through a political campaign where failure equals death.


Greetings /5eg/, getting back into DnD after a long dryspell and looking for some advice and guidance. DM is running the campaign with Curse of Strahd, and I want to run a cleric.

Now generally, I have no interest in clerics because I can never come up with a character concept I enjoy, but this time was an exception. Fluffwise I want to do something that has something of a Dark Souls feel to it, or even the Red Priests from Song of Ice and Fire. The idea is that my character worships an aspect of the Dawnbringer that places a heavy emphasis on protecting the weak and innocent from monsters and the supernatural. This aspect would represent things like torches and bonfires that give people the hope to fight back against evil. The ember in the darkness, if I'm being dramatic.

Light Domain seems like the obvious choice to everyone at this point, but I would like to do some martial combat and not just be playing a glorified sorcerer. So far as I can tell if you pick Light Domain you're stuck as laser bitch. I looked at Forge Domain which almost seemed to fit but there was a lot of emphasis placed on crafting that I wouldn't know how to refluff or replace.

Any experienced Anons want to tell me how I could achieve this character concept? My DM says I can even make a homebrew domain to match it, but I know I don't have nearly enough experience to attempt something like that without completely fucking it up.

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How much combat is too much combat?

I'd just go Forge and ask if you can swap out the second level feature for Light's, and maybe swap around a few domain spells

when the party is dead

I am playing basically what you described as a forge cleric. I didn't ignore the crafting parts, though - I incorporated them, because dwarf.

Water cleanses flesh, flames cleanse the soul, brother.

Currently running Hoard of the Dragon Queen for a few people. It's kinda boring in places and I already replaced a part with my own stuff which my players liked a lot more, so I'm planning to veer off into other territory without just starting a new game entirely. Basically I'd like some advice from anyone else who ran HotDQ or adapted it for their own uses:

I want to introduce another enemy group. Just in case any of my players are reading this, I don't want to go into too much detail. Would having this foe (a group roughly as powerful and organised as the Cult) attacking Castle Naerytar when the players arrive be a good idea, or would it ruin that section too thoroughly? I feel like letting them explore part way through and having an attack begin while they're trying to infiltrate - choosing either to maintain cover by assisting the dragon cult, or taking advantage of the situation.

Or should I have foes arrive during the Roadhouse which they are very shortly about to arrive at? I'm just hoping that it won't distract too much from the current plot - complement it without completely sidetracking from it.
For slightly more detail, the other group is a cult who is moving to more active efforts for total control - they're just as bad, if not worse than the dragon cult, but depending on how the players react to the threat, one might destroy the other or even forge an uneasy alliance if things are too dire.

Have a tiny snake for your troubles.

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>officer of a scouting group
>7 Wisdom
Why would you do this?

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It gets better

I rolled for those extra fluff bits and got the "Gives sage combat advice " or something along those lines so I just imagine him rambling and giving terrible advice.

Honestly the DM said wisdom wasn't important for a rogue, I played a 4e paladin once in a different group and that's the most experience the entire current group has had really.

We got a charlatan cleric who's a snake oil salesman, a Dwarf Barbarian Queen, a Alcoholic half orc ranger and another Dune Elf(mongolian elf) who's playing a druid.

So far the barbarian has the highest intelligence ... It's gonna be a mess from start to finish.

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Stealing these.

Also gonna include the classic upgrade idea for a Warfoged: Beehive.

Just a regular beehive stored in their torso. Allows the warforged to sell harvested honey and wax

>So far the barbarian has the highest intelligence
What's his INT?

If I were your DM, I wouldn't mind swapping the 8th level features between domains, so that you could get Divine Strike with fire damage instead of Potent Spellcasting.
But yeah, go with forge and refluff. Maybe the extra AC on your armor happens because your armor shines and glistens during battle, making it harder for enemies to hit. Or your armor is empowered by your faith in the Dawnbringer as you pray to him every day.

See with your DM if he is cool with switching around a few things, like the Channel Divinity options. Swapping Artisan's Blessing with Corona of Light. Taking a quick glance at the domain spells, what about this for your guy:
>1st level - burning hands, searing smite
>3rd level - heat metal, magic weapon
>5th level - daylight, elemental weapon
>7th level - guardian of faith, wall of fire
>9th level - flame strike, scrying

Alright nerds, I'm playing for the first time since I was a kid. I've only ever played AD&D (second edition I think?) with my old man.

WHAT SHOULD I ROLL? My party has..
>a triton Eldritch Knight
>a human ranger
>a paladin
>a spellsinger

The last two seem to be flakey, which is why the group recruited another dude (me), so that they could keep the show going if/when the last two don't come.
I was thinking either Warlock (Hexblade? Or maybe a Fey/GOO tomelock?), druid, or cleric.




>15 int Barbarian
so he rages about philosophical quandries

So...you're playing a Rupert?

I mean, nobody's playing a Wizard so you should be fine.

I'm currently running Rise of Tiamat, so I went through where you are now. Honestly, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to introduce another cult that is just as bad as the dragon cult, as it might undermine the threat they represent. Remember that at this point in time, the Cult is already getting its plan into motion, and it hasn't gathered all of its resources yet. All in all the Cult of the Dragon will have access to thousands of cultists, several mercenary companies, about a 100 chromatic dragons, a legion of devils and a large group of Red Wizards.

Now, I'm not saying you can't do it, just be careful. Also, Chapter 4 (the one you just went through) is the most boring one. Things usually kick off when the players get to Castle Naerytar.

Honestly she's a mess of a character, as we all are really, Dwarf Queen with no beard but huge muttenchop sideburns, on her way to sign some peace accord or some war thing for her people

Campaign is gonna start in a little trading town that's between really important stuff so it used to be quite rich, but due to a plague that the world's on the tail end off atm it's become somewhat impoverished,

I'm betting we are gonna end up fighting undead and the plague will be apart of some necromancer plan.

any and all advice would be appreciated

>playing a wizard
>highest stat rolled was a 12
thank god my DM let me reroll unsupervised

I have no idea who that is? Pic for detail plz?

I'm doing this with a Zeal Cleric.

Thanks user. I'm gonna try and speed my players through the Roadhouse because they tend to get stuck on little things and then complain when things are slow - I have a feeling they'll enjoy the castle.

It's british military slang for an officer. Closest depiction would be general Melchett from Blackadder goes forth.

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So tell us your character's backstory

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First impulse would be to go wizard and round things out with some magic support on the two reliable ones. My second impulse would be cleric, because you've got a weakness there.

Warlock isn't a bad idea. EB spam can get a bit boreing but with a 3 man crew it's useful to be able to grind things down at range.

When was the last time you Princess Carried one of your teammates/NPCs? If you have not done so why?

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Has anyone used Kyuss or anything from the Age of Worms before?

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Oh, I almost forgot. If you haven't seen this, you probably should:
It helped me a lot running HotDQ.

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Our party wizard was knocked out by an unlucky shot when he stepped up to the front line to Thunderwave a group back down some stairs, but one passed the save and hit him before he could get back.

Action Surged to knock out the one still up next to us then picked up the wizard and ran out before the others could recover and come back up the stairs at us, had to jump out of the building.

Oh! Yeah sounds about right, great advice like "Let's just charge the machine gun nest at the top of the hill and never ducking when shoot at sounds fun.

Any. If combat happens, it means you messed up somewhere.

Break up encounters so the players get one or two fights, then an exploration, social or puzzle encounter.

When it gets to the point where nobody having fun anymore. Seriously, 4-8 encounters between long rests is obnoxious as fuck, yet leveling up takes so long without it drags the whole game down.

But if you don't have 4-8 encounters per rest, then wizards just get to handwave all the problems away because they never run out of spell slots!

Yet if you actually throw 4-8 encounters at the party per rest, the martials will be dead, so it's kinda a wash either way.

That and Wizards, Clerics, and Druids regain some spell slots on a short rest anyways and coffeelocks have infinite spell slots so long as you never take a long rest anyways, so what's the point?

Introduce some time constraints so they won't be sleeping after every encounter.

I noticed that the link to Veeky Forums sheets in the OP Pastebin is missing some of the classes (Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard) and I did some digging and found the MEGA link that also has them.

druid for sure, land or dreams depending on whether you want to be an all round caster or a healing focused one.

How can I make a Behir terrifying enough to be avoided for a level 12 party?

on a narrow cliff only 5 feet wide

5E cured my Elven Fever.

My campaign of 3 years is starting down the road to the end game and the BBEG. I have a fairly good idea how that fight will go down. Though i've never gotten this far before in a campaign.

Any tips?
Things to avoid?
Things to do?

Can provide more details of the BBEG if people are interested.

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>Any tips?
don't die
>Things to avoid?
>Things to do?

I should have clarified, I am the DM.

It made my Tiefling fever worse.

You should maybe tell us a bit more to give us an idea of what is going on, then.

All you got to do is say they are runaway slaves. The average drow also seem to live terrible shitty lives so its not that strange they'd want to fuck off and go adventure.

You could make it a Behir Hydra. Several heads shooting lightning and swallowing people are a horrifying thought.

Any DMs or Caster players out there ever made a custom spell before?

I am playing a wild magic sorcerer and the DM thought it would be fun that if my character was just pulling random shit off with wild magic, that my magic should be a little off the books too.

Any suggestions out there for what kind of spell I should make?
Or any kind of tips on what I should have in mind when making a spell?

Since Ranger and Fighter have limited recovery, druid or cleric would bring proper support, but the main question is of course what role YOU want to play.

Not that guy, but what exactly do you think refugees are? I'd say runaway slaves fit the definition pretty well.

Make it bigger. Have it do something that manifests it as above their power level right in front of their eyes

Be aware of what your players want and expect from the fight and make sure you can deliver. Legendary saves and escape plans can help you avoid an anticlimax if your players want a grand showdown, but if they want to punk the guy and feel powerful then don't cheat them out of it.

After three years you probably know what your players want from a final encounter. Do that.

Well yeah but they dont necessarily have to be from the surface either. The underdark is a big place, lots of places for runaways to hide.

For sure. Wall o' text inbound.

The party has spent parts of the campaign collecting keys that open rooms in a dungeon. They were employed to do this by Death. Death is looking for what ever lies at the end. I've slipped in breadcrumbs here and there about what it is. The dungeon is in fact a Tomb, the Tomb of his wife who happens to be the incarnation of 'Life'. She was attacked by another Entity which caused her to very nearly actually die. Sensing this, the one true God locked the Entity and Life in the tomb and tasked Death to find a Successor to Life (when gods get bored, they find successors and live a normal life). Death refused and thinks he can fix her, because he is the incarnation of Death.

So the party reaches the tomb to find Life and another Entity there. Life is unconscious, but the other Entity is up and walking around. They learn that this is the incarnation of Time some how, the incarnation of Time was created by accident and then wanted to be come the only incarnation, seeking out to take Life's powers and then Deaths. He didn't succeed in taking Life's powers yet. Then Death shows up, gets emotional and the end game boss fight breaks out.

But since its like Death vs Time i'm putting more of a 'chess' like thematic to it and making the characters feel like they have been pawns this whole time, followed by the opportunity to step up.

They wont be fighting Time himself, but he will be summoning his own pawns and knights and so on. While Time and Death literally plays a chess game over head.

Do you guys know any good one shot of 3rd or 5th level?

Wow. I mean, it kinda depends on what you want the chess pieces to be and how literal you want to make the whole chess analogy.

That being said, it's cooler if your players end up as officer pieces, not pawns.

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What's the best hook to Curse of Strahd?

How different does a game system have to be in order for you to publish it as your own?

I've essentially hacked the game for me and my group to the point where I can barely call it 5e anymore, and was wondering if it'd be worth it to pay for some art and try to publish it.


Like, how different was original Pathfinder compared to 3.5?

What's your favorite third party product?

Are there any good versions of the Artificer around?

What's your beef with the UA one?

Probably Volo's, because it isn't 75% rehashed UA stuff.

I don't have beef, I meant that more as "what's the better version". Just woke up, sorry.

Also, Volo's is first party.

A barber-surgeon and native of Barovia who travelled the land tending to the sick and the afflicted. Grew increasingly more paranoid of the legends that the souls of the dead are trapped in this horrible place and is now on a quest to find a cure for death itself. Apparently he's found the means for a cure in a hidden place in the mountains but in return he must exist as a medium for the unholy powers that dwelled there (Undying Patron Warlock).

>Playing a 3.5 game
>Always more interested in pathfinder
>5th comes out
>Interested in trying it out just to see what it's all about
>Youtube recommends me Critical Role one day
>Now on episode 11 of critical role
>Check out DnDbeyond and other materials
>Making characters even though I won't be able to them for long time.
I am interested in playing 5th, already have a lizardfolk barbarian I want to play amongst other things

>Also, Volo's is first party.
Yeah, you right. I'll pull my head out of my ass.

I appreciate some of the stuff that comes out of r/UnearthedArcana desu. Arcane Artillery (firearms rules), Visions of the Vault (magic items), 35 Versatile NPCs, etc. etc.

well then look for a game

Apply to roll20 games. It's mostly hit or miss, but you can eventually find some good ones, especially if english isn't your language.

Outside of roll20 it's pretty hard to find games here on Guam

well then use roll20