What makes anime LN fantasy better than regular fantasy?

What makes anime LN fantasy better than regular fantasy?

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Adventurer guilds

Harem and sultan

Distance from some of the worst tropes and sacred cows of western RPGs, such as the idea that martials have to be "realistic" while casters can be reality warpers, elves that are literally the best at everything, faux-european technological stasis, alignments, and so many more. A fresh perspective and new ideas is nice. Shame so few of them have gained any serious market traction.

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So what anime/LN is the OP ?


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They go for the 'spectacular' instead of the 'realism'. They piggyback off the western settings for a base then add "It's fantasy, so it should be fantastical, right?"

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LN fantasy usually starts out serialized, either in magazines or on the web, which gives it more of a pulp vibe. Modern western fantasy takes itself too seriously or tries to be too 'epic' (for lack of a better word).

A ton of it steals from dragon quest and dragon quest is great.

For me the perks are added exoticism through less cultural familiarity and more variety in portrayed technology.

But there are also drawbacks, so I can't say I prefer them by default.
>obsession with making the archetyp-iest archetypes to ever archetype
>compulsive use of blatant self insert targets
>compulsive isekai/videogame framing
>settings are often under explored and merely incidental products of the characters
>character "powerlevel" works metaphorical between individuals

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It’s not, you’re just distracted by the fanservice.

The funny thing is most of the time the “exoticism” in LN’s, unlike in western fantasy, isn’t intentional. It’s actually the other way around: what we take as exoticism stems from the Japanese’ utter and complete inability to imagine people who aren’t Japanese (leading to the common VN scenarios where even though everyone is blonde and has a German name, they’ll STILL behave like modern Japanese people, talk like modern Japanese people, have the same sensibilities as modern Japanese people, and apologize bashfully to the 15 year old nun looking for a husband on their way from the church to the hot springs)

Do the Japanese have autism?

It’s a combination of being very insular and a very deeply ingrained sense of cultural superiority. As someone once put it, the reason the Japanese don’t speak English despite having such an excellent education system is that in the Japanese mindset, “it’s the foreigners’ loss for not speaking Japanese.”

>apologize bashfully to the 15 year old nun looking for a husband on their way from the church to the hot springs

But what if she needs donations for her shrine?

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Is this some reference I’m missing?

They're like the Brits - insular and fiercely proud of their cultural heritage. Unlike the Brits though, they never experienced large-scale contact with other cultures, so they're hopelessly naive when it comes to people who are not Japanese. Even close neighbors like China and Korea are literally who tier to most Japanese.

It’s especially hilarious if you’ve ever been to rural Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are, comparatively speaking, extremely cosmopolitan cities. I’ve been to some villages in Aomori where children called me “oni” for having green eyes and people genuinely asked me if people in my country eat “pizza with their tea instead of rice”.

They always wanted to know about my bread-eating habits. Apparently eating bread is some sort of waito piggu sorcery.

Also, they were always astonished to find out that people regularly ate rice where I was from (southeastern United States).

>15 year old nun looking for a husband on their way from the church to the hot springs
Just another day at the Disibodenberg monastery, really.

did you tell them to just imagine bread in place of rice at their meals and thats pretty much how people eat in west? Our staple grain was wheat, theirs is rice

I grew up eating rice, corn, and potatoes as my staples mostly. I never really ate bread on its own like the Japanese eat rice (plain, nothing on it), so it's hard to convey.

I think it's that the Japanese treat nuns like they do shrine maidens, who are allowed to marry (but they have to either stop being shrine maidens or become fully-ordained priests before they marry).

and definitely not oversized gloves and boots


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Well seeing how through the years bread has been reduced to an absolute shit-tier food with zero nutritional value I am not that surprised that they look down breadfags as plebs.

They let the setting be fantastical. Western fantasy has a habit of keeping things grounded to the point where it often winds up being 'normal dudes + normal place + a wizard' or something equally banal. Of course Eastern fantasy also has an issue of not integrating their fantastical elements properly, but that's an issue of writing quality more than anything else.

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Cheesy bread is the shit tho

this why you are an eternal pleb


Martials don't suck ass compared to Casters.

>Complaining about anime
>On Veeky Forums
>A website made to discuss weeb culture

Imagine actually being this retarded.

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LN aren't anime tho

The settings themselves as demonstrated from the OP, with unconventional terrain and landscapes and truly fantastical places to explore divorced from some forest in New Zealand. Too bad the characters tend to be poor quality cliches most of the time, but you can't always have your cake and eat it.
>All these people talking about martials
That's not really specific to LN fantasy and is more a general high-fantasy trope which most LN fantasy tends to be. Whenever LNs tend to tackle more traditional fantasy you get shit like Goblin Slayer and GATE.

why do you have that many pictures of one dumpster?

Depends, but aside from having anime tropes and some interesting ideas I can't find much
When you compare top tier fantasy books with top tier LNs, most of the time the books will have better worldbuilding and better writing

In fact, any good LNs to recommend ?

>the reason the Japanese don’t speak English despite having such an excellent education system
But many japs speak english ? I'd say most of the sufficiently educated do ?

It's amazing how retarded and mindless your post is, and how clearly you made it just to spam your shitty image.

come say that to my baguettistan face faggot, I'll make you eat quality bread
Although I do agree that most people can't seem to make quality bread, the closest thing I've found to traditionnal french bread was in Germany
American """"bread"""" doesn't deserve it's name

You're right. Bread with a hole cute out of the middle, filled with an egg, THEN doused in cheese so it gets all melty, that's where it's at.

amazing how a single image can still make idiots defensive

For the most part, nothing.

LNs are all garbage in terms of writing, and the vast majority of fantasy LNs are built from the ground up for maximum wish-fulfillment. They're the Japanese equivalent of D&D settings made by twelve-year-olds.

you seem to think that we're talking about bread as a meal or something
we're talking about the quality of the bread itself here, not whatever disgrace you're stuffing it with

>I don't read regular fantasy
>I just make assumptions about it and then complain about what I think regular fantasy is

No focus on realism. Everyone knows about RPG mechanics.

>Not baking your own bread to maximize nutritional value and taste, before turning it into a breakfast abonimation

If you're so eager to look down on people, perhaps you must first turn your gaze inwards.

Cute girls and a no shame.


Sounds like Americans and English desu.

The difference is that, however condescending and ignorant it is to insist on not learning other languages for such a reason, an American has a solid argument for that approach (the vast majority of places learn English, why should he waste his time learning their languages?), while Japanese is basically only spoken in Japan.

Quads of truth. What rustles me is that I've seen quite a few recent sci-fi franchises made by native English speakers where all languages except English are banned and this is treated as a good thing somehow.

they're actually allowed to have cute girls and their political insertions are completely contained within revenge fantasy shit like akumetsu without infecting other things.

They don't give a single fuck about trying to stay realistic or reasonable. You want some crazy ass magical shit with swords and wings? It's fucking fantasy, you got it.

They can but they don't

That's not just baguettistan, that's most countries with actual food quality standards.

I know, look at you trying to defend that image.

>revenge fantasy shit like akumetsu
Goddamn thanks for reminding me about that. Even their political stuff is jazzed up with silly shit. Akumetsu is basically Kamen Rider.

Not taking itself seriously

>maximize nutritional value and taste
>baking your own bread
Nothing you can make can reach the work of a professional that has worked hard for year to perfect his craft
You cannot buy the same ingredients as him, and you probably don't even have the same recipe or view of what good bread is
If you cannot trust an artisan on the quality of his work, you shouldn't trust your own either

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It's precious that Japanes people believe that the medieval Catholic church had to beg for small change in the same way that Shinto shrines do today. The idea of a church that owned huge amounts of land and received taxes, rents, and bribes from everyone from peons to kings would not be something they could process except maybe as a Final Fantasy villain.

They aren't? Every fantasy LN I've read has poorly constricted settings, paper thin characters, scenarios that are explicitly wish fullfillment, and unnecessary erotic or edgy elements that reek of a teenage writer despite some of these authors being in their 30s.

That's not a good counter argument since you don't have to be a decades long artisan to bake your own bread. Much less make bread that is better than the shit sold in grocery stores.

>unnecessary erotic or edgy elements
I dunno, maybe you're just a faggot.

>The idea of a church that owned huge amounts of land and received taxes, rents, and bribes from everyone from peons to kings would not be something they could process except maybe as a Final Fantasy villain.
Which is weird considering Buddhist monasteries were so powerful at one point they competed with Daimyo for land and fielded their own armies.

They still are, actually. I forgot which one it is but a certain shrine is technically one of Tokyo's greatest real estate powers, owning vast tracts of some of the most expensive land in the world.

>I forgot which one it is but a certain shrine is technically one of Tokyo's greatest real estate powers, owning vast tracts of some of the most expensive land in the world.
Isn't this one of the main Shinto shrines? IIRC Emperor is more of a Shinto pope than emperor in European sense of the world.

I like LN fantasy but rarely is it as well written as western fantasy- though partially because of how oversaturated their market is with minimal quality control.

They do however allow for more random and dumb ideas to happen and they just go with it. So it's sometimes nice seeing the new ideas they come up with.

of course, I didn't take into account that you didn't have an easy access to such artisans in your country
in that case, sure, baking your own bread is way better than getting processed industry-grade bread
It's just not comparable to someone having an award for the quality of their bread, that's all I wanted to say

honestly this
and this

>they truly allow the fantastical to be fantastical - Martials can do amazing things, so can wizards, and they tend to be able to work fine together
>fun variations on the usual ‘static pseudo-Europe’ setting, where they’ll throw in guns, clockwork, steampunk, diesel punk alongside the Roman Empire, swords, sorcery and dragons -often shit, but it certainly makes for some variation

>isekai bullshit every fucking time, it’s like it’s the only story they can ever fucking tell
>all protagonists are teenage boys and awfully obvious self inserts who end up with the
>cute female secondary character who is incredibly proficient at what she does but also somehow massively naive or clumsy or both
>also everyone is an autistic Japanese at all times, regardless of what their setting should actually sensibly be like, but it’s Jap fiction for japs so that makes sense

Home made bread was all the rage a decade or so ago. Just buy one of those bois and forget about the nightmare that is store "bread" forever.

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Pretty much this, unless you've actually bothered to read anything recent, the majority of which hamfists literal video game mechanics into the settings.

>implying japs don't suffer from repetitive tropes more than westerners do

harems, qt waifu grills, feminie boys. the bright colors and the positivity. also cute boys and girls

Anime is all about quantity, not quality.

>I didn't take into account that you didn't have an easy access to such artisans in your country
What country is that? Are good bakers somehow exclusive to one area your country?

Just make your own bread no matter where you are, if you can't shop around for good ingredients yourself that's your own problem. And if I want to pony up for quality bread that's an option as well.

Anime and manga is a bit like commedia dell'arte, not about being original, but about how well you can execute stock characters and routines. Probably unintentionally because it's made by people who grew up consuming nothing but anime and manga.

at least their repetitive tropes are fun
more than I can say about the west's obsession with subversion

I like that their warriors tend to be supernaturally powerful using their bodies, chi/ki/whatever, and the vague implication that certain magics are innate to humans who just train hard enough. I think if we adopted that into western fantasy martials it would be a benefit.

Aesthetically I hate a lot of the architecture and armor/weapon designs of anime/vidya fantasy when it jumps off the rails, though. A dish tastes best when you use a small amount of ingredients to their best effect, throwing too many different flavors into the same dish just leaves you with something that tastes busy and unpleasant.

It's kind of funny how Western media is all about being original and subversive but at the same time it's nothing but remakes, reboots and sequels.

What does LN stands for?

Ownership and finances for Shinto shrines are very decentralized. A handful of the very old, important or well placed ones are incredibly wealthy, but lots of others are dirt poor.

It's varied a lot over time.
At present the emperor is extremely symbolically important to traditional Shinto practitioners (in particular people who are formally associated with Shrines). But as far as I'm aware the emperor has little to no role in contemporary Shinto as a spokesperson or a administrator.
There role is largely limited to the handful of rites which directly involve the emperor, and possibly backroom politicking, which is more or less invisible to the public and probably dealt with more by the emperors more politically engaged relatives.

Lawful Neutral

Nah, it's like this: Because you brought up the comparison to store bread, which obviously isn't fit for human consumption, he assumed that there are no real bakers nearbywhere you life, or that maybe they are amazingly expensive.
Kinda like this: Baker > Homemade > Store

Light Novel
It's similar to pulp fiction from Japan, I guess? They publish in series and contain some pretty pictures, but are mostly text.

*Their role

Light novel, it's like the middle point between manga and actual literature. Some illustrations, mostly text, lots of genre fiction garbage. Read by older kids, younger adults and emotionally retarded manchildren in Japan, idolized by western weaboos because it takes more knowledge of Japanese language to understand, meaning that having read it proves your power level.

I wouldn't say that. I just read it out of necessity.
The writing in LNs is incredibly awful even if you know how to read moonrunes. The only thing is has going for it is that at least it isn't as bad as the western equivalent, ie Harry Potter and YA shit

What is with you fucking colonial animals that you absolutely MUST throw binary choices to anything and reducing any issue to "X or Y", with absolutely nothing in-between, other options or fucking point?
2/10, made me reply.

let's turn this thread to shit

what system would you use for a LN style game? One where casters and martials can both fuck shit up

>mfw anime will never be seen as something to critically analyze beyond obscure neckbeard reviewers

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name anything good the west has produced

Wasn't Ghibli nominated for a few films?

Normies already accepted Miyazaki and Shinkai. Just wait a few years and you will have "serious" critics talking about Euphoria.

Playing devil's advocate here:
Remember bollywood craze about a decade ago? Where they were everywhere and on everything? And how it then just as quickly died?
The reason is simple: while bollywood is EXTREMELY formulatic and pretty much has everything codified down to ready scenario templates with different songs (because even actors stay), it was something completely new to the Western audiences. Unique. Fresh. Of course, it was just a matter of it being new, rather than genuinely unique or fresh and once people realised what they are looking at, the hype instantly died.

Apply above to anime aesthetics and then multipy them by all the variations Japs can spin out of the biggest trite imaginable OR intentionally make a trite show to scratch all the stuff from the to-do list and get attention as being "homage" and you will understand why anime is not going to "die" in a long shot as a pop-culture phenomena

I can't name any that are truly good, but I can name a few that are entertaining and good "for a LN."

Mushoku Tensei
>Guy reincarnated from birth in a fantasy world with all his memories. Uses said memories to get a head start on learning magic, which makes him seemingly OP (until he runs into a real power player). Interesting world and cool magic. Uses the adventurer guild thing, but doesn't use levels or other videogame mechanics.
>Worst bit is that MC is a pervert and follows all the cliche pervert otaku tropes. It downs down a bit later, but it's quite annoying when it does happen.

Tensei Shitara Ken deshita
>Trans: I was a sword when I reincarnated
>Trope-filled as fuck, but cute and fun brain candy.
>the LN itself starts slow since it follows just the sentient sword for half a dozen chapters, but by the time Fran shows up it gets good.
>Uses levels and other video game mechanics, but they're mostly harmless. The manga might be better than the LN because it skips most of the solo sword stuff and the art is lovely

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
>All of these are basically the same. MC is reincarnated as a monster(slime, spider, and goblin respectively), world used video game mechanics, MC gets OP fast.
>Kumo Desu ga has the slowest increase in power and feels like it actually has stakes and danger, at least as far as I got into the story so far. Might be the best of the three.

Tenseishichatta yo (Iya, Gomen)
>Just the fucking worst. It's so poorly written and passed, and the MC is so OP and struggles so little that it made me appreciate Mushoku Tensei (and this story copies Mushoku's premise entirely, too). Avoid at all costs.

Hachinan tte, Sore wa Nai Deshou!
>Another shit storm. Protagonist is so OP and has so few struggles that being rewarded with a fortune too large to spend in a lifetime would be a running gag if this series was in any way self aware. Avoid.

And then Ghibli happend. And before it, there was Akira, which is influencing the way how sci-fi is done ever since, probably even more in the West than in Japan

You literally couldn't be further away from the point I've made

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By "traditional French bread", do you mean baguette (inb4 "that's literally just the French word for bread", as, I too, did French in high school)? 'Cause you can't eat that shit the way you can normal bread.

>the shit sold in grocery stores
Jesus fucking Christ, user, don't fucking buy that crap. Go for a bloody bakery, either something vaguely French (you'll know it when you see it) or a Vietnamese bakery (and enjoy the French shit they've got, plus their pork rolls). At the very worst, find something that a shop sells which is from a bakery (not as good as proper bakery bread, but passable).

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It's better in some areas, but much worse in others, so it's about the same. They both suffer from having their heads up their own asses and an inability to move away from their own tropes