Non-adventure RPG's

>Been playing various fantasy adventure RPG's, trying to find the right one
>Each time it feels lackluster
>For a change try Monster Hearts
>Focuses on everyday life, with no goal or adventure in sight
>Best RPG experience I've ever had

Why is this so great Veeky Forums? What other RPG's can you recommend me?

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>libtard rpgs

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fucking this

>missing out on a great game experience because of politics.

the game is about genderqueer twilight characters and is a pbta game so it isn't exactly mechanically unique

I disagree, it has a few mechanics like strings and conditions that set it aside from other pbta's an gives it a completely different feel. It's Apoc world, but doubled down on the social aspect in a really fun way. And you'd be surprised how interesting playing high-school monsters is.

I prefer urban shadows over monster hearts.
Urban shadows give me what Wod promised and never delivered

Don't reply to applesponges.

Holy shit, look at the cover. The Diversity Trio.

You know, normally they'd have sexy vampires or something. Not Angry Black Lady, Sidehug Hipster and Eyeshadow Trannie.

Have you fucking seen some of the WoD splats' artwork? VtM is still decent with its sexy vampire girls, but otherwise it's inane subculture galore. Mage is the worst offender. Just go look at that shit.

Yeah, I remember the gay bondage Free Council. This is still pretty bad, though. I mean, if you don't even have the goth chicks and the matrix trenchcoats, what's the fucking point?

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WoD has always aimed its art at whatever is "counterculture" at the time, give it 10 years and it'll be whatever new subculture is in vogue

Teens look like dorks. News at 11.

This. People just don't realize it because back in the 90's you either thought the subcultures it represented were cool, or you weren't familiar with them (something that's far more unlikely today, with how connected the world has become).

Yeah, if you're complaining about the way they're dressed it means you're too old for the demographic they're aiming for.

I really am too old for this shit.

Just imagine, in 10 years some SJW transexual social worker (or whatever we're railing about, idk) will be looking at the newest edition of their favourite WoD game and wondering what this new bullshit they're catering to is

History thus far has been one long cycle of every generation thinking their parents were primitives and their children are degenerates. Doesn't look like it's going to change in the future.

I hope it's gonna be neo-Victorian austerity.

Not really. I'm not from the US, but back in early 00's in my country subcultures were pretty rampant, and were very antagonising.

The only subculture related thing I ever wore was a Children of Bodom sack. I was 15 then and used to hang out with freaks of all manner, but never caught that flu.

I love how the generations in the US so neatly follow the pattern of "hate parents, idolize grandparents". It's been almost infallible for the past century or so, and if you start looking at American history through that lens a whole lot of things, from the economy to politics to diplomatic relations to the evolution of the media suddenly make a ton of sense.

>in the US
as a baguattistani, I can safely say that this also applies to western Yurop

Fuck off applesponge/doublenigger. Pick whichever you prefer

I miss the times before the /pol/ migration. We could at least debate some games.

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And I miss quest threads, but y'know this is the future you chose.

again, this isn't /pol/
this is the current and future political system, from the extremes to the moderates at both ends
wether you see yourself as a /pol/lack or a SJW or something in between, you'll be associated and associate others with the extremes until you stop calling out people for being /pol/ or SJWs unless they really are

>Quest threads are gone, replaced by /pol/ shitposting

What a glorious timeline we live in