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>Thread Question
What card(s) are you planning to purchase in the near future and why?

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Just picked up a russian vesusa for my gitrog deck. As for cards I want to pick up, some cheap old harold mcneill cards like fog and knight of the mists, a maze of ith, maybe a tireless tracker if it gets cheaper, gravetide from dominaria, and eventually a strip mine expedition since it causes the most salt in my meta.

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Vesuva, my bad. Really wish I'd paid more attention to standard cards as tracker slipped my mind completely and now its like 15 bucks.

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Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain looks like a fun storm commander and I have most of the combo pieces already, but I still need Lotus Petal and friends.

>What card(s) are you planning to purchase in the near future and why?
I need to finish some of my decks, the first that comes in mind for my hydra tribal is Greater Good (no explanation needed).
Also I need a No Mercy for a Mathas group hug deck

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>Thread Question
Loam, Lotus Petal, already bought my Dark Depths, Exploration, probably a couple other things.

$10 Amazon giftcard user here, I checked and they didn't have a Tabernacle but instead I ordered a bunch of other minor stuff I've been meaning to pick up but haven't yet for one reason or another

Archon of Justice/Ashen Rider
Assemble the Legion
Butcher of Malakir
Aven Mindcensor
Karmic Guide (Reveillark made it cost too much so I'll get that at my LGS probs)

>Thread Question

This girl because I love stupid dumb things. Hope the art is good.

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Pretty good with lifelink

good thing it already has it, huh

Oh shit, how did I miss that? Give her also Celestial mantle for epic blowouts

>she has life link
this immediately changes my opinion on this lass
oh man just some how get her in with no blockers, swich life totals and bam, get it all back and even kill some one if you were above 21 life. THE JANK
mix it with celestial mantle for the good shit

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the hive mind

I have too many ideas for decks and I need to focus it down. Any ideas on which I should focus on? I guess dubs can decide.

Jeskai Artifacts
Naya Walls/defenders
Jund Lands/Land hate

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>4 minutes apart

>oh man just some how get her in with no blockers

That's easy

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Why wouldn't they just concede before damage if you're threatening lethal with lifelink?

Because I'm not playing with assholes

If they concede, you beat them anyway.

Unlike Aetherflux, you can just swap your life back if you're denied lifelink.

Plus, you could farm lifelink in non-lethal scenarios. When given the choice between conceding and chumping, most people are gonna chump.

That isn't an ass hole thing to do.


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do you think haze of rage is worth a slot in zada given how much spells you play? i know the copies don't count towards the storm count but still with zada it's pretty easy to get a high storm count with rituals and easy card draw.

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great art, even if it's too mirrored for my taste

Only the original gets copied by zada
, none of the storms do. It isn't very good.

user zada doesn't copy it, it's a teamwide pump.

no, it literally fucking is. In my playgroup if someone tries that shit we 100% ignore them and take the life.

Sounds like your playgroup is composed of assholes.

Don't forget to do this if some sydri faggot tries to cheese wins with aetherflux reservoir.

Yeah, makes sense. Nobody I play with spite-concedes. Not only because it's kind of a dick move, but also because nobody's that invested in winning a casual multiplayer format. We're there to enjoy the company.

>subtly throwing tantrums by ignoring people
>in a social based game you consented to

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In that case, I'm incentivized to not do so, because I want the game I'm about to lose to end more quickly, so I can shuffle up and start again.

Unless it's the last game of the night and there's something really crazy happening on board, then I concede to keep it going.

>getting so mad that someone did something within the rules to hamper your gameplan that you actually cheat in response.

I've got news for you two: you're the spikes.

To be honest, I don't really care if someone spite-concedes. If they're that salty I just drink the tears. It just doesn't come up in our group, that's all.

I'm inclined to believe that Haze of Rage is probably win-more in most cases where it's relevant.

Nice selection my man

I don't think you get that it isn't a salty thing to do.

Take the example given with the new bad legend that swaps life totals: In a standard 4 player game, you just denied the "spike disguised as a timmy" player a large chunk of resources, leaving him in a more perilous position. If he gets knocked out as a result, that's 2 out of 4 players out, meaning the game is much more likely to end faster and you can join in again. It also incentivizes attacking someone else in future games, unless all players do it, in which case not doing it is a huge beacon to be attacked in future games. Sometimes the situation doesn't even call for it. See: The only people getting salty appear to be and any others like him.

Might pick up Doubling Season and Parallel lives. Slimefoot caught my attention and if his art is good, I may play him. Besides, those two probably aren't going down in price any time soon.

>Take the example given with the new bad legend that swaps life totals: In a standard 4 player game, you just denied the "spike disguised as a timmy" player a large chunk of resources, leaving him in a more perilous position.

And you've already lost one way or another. So your decision is spiting a player in a game you are no longer in?

Half of your post is very presumptuous which makes me inclined to believe the other half is bullshit.

My decision is hurting him, yes, but not out of spite. It's no different than if I had cast sudden spoiling after he resolved the exchange and then killed the creature to prevent exchanging life back. If you take any of it personally, that's on you for taking the game personally, not on me.

>Not understanding that manipulating rules outside the general realm of gameplay is the very definition of edgy spike.

Please tell me you're just fishing for (you)s

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the game lets me concede at any time. The game doesn't let you ignore my concession. The only one cheating here is you.

If someone acts like an asshole we have every right to exclude him from the game.

Correct, so if someone screams at someone else that they aren't allowed to concede, you shouldn't play with the screamer again.

You could also argue in many board states letting someone who is going to gain an advantage by your death is going to end the game faster, if he snowballs his board state. It'd be a situation you'd have to actually diagnose and determine the proper play. It isn't always spite-conceding.

Of course, if you determine conceding prevents the game from durdling out for two hours, that the correct course is to simply scoop while effects are on the stack; but then again, my playgroup won't typically let games durdle out while one or two people sit the game out. They'd rather have them back in the game pretty fast.

Because, you know, we aren't assholes and don't care about the win that much. We're there to enjoy eachother's company.

>you pathed my commander? Okay, we're done here, you're out of the group
>you countered my spell? Okay asshole, leave the store
>you did anything to disrupt my battlecruiser at all? Pistols at dawn
>I'm not an asshole who gets overly sensitive about the game though, you are! Take that, Ha!

>Because, you know, we aren't assholes and don't care about the win that much. We're there to enjoy eachother's company.
That's fine user, but you can care about the win and enjoy each other's company. The two are not mutually exclusive goals, despite what sheldon would have you believe. Spewing that drivel just keeps the worst elements of EDH (the fake casuals that will use the spirit of edh argument against anything that beats them) feeling morally justified.

You're overthinking things. It's a game, dude.


Conceding is part of the rules and would be the same lore-wise as ending your own life. It is probably the least spike move, since spikes are the ones mad that they didn't get their "deserved victory", the very definition of spikes.

Jesus Christ, okay you had me going.

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>There are people actually mad that you are following the rules

>My decision is hurting him, yes, but not out of spite.

So what is it out of? You are out of the game, what benefit does it give you other than 'Make him suffer' when making him suffer won't actually help you?

Rules yes, social conventions-wise it's being a bit of a dick in a very casual format.

This looks like a fun way to win. Worth? Pretty easy to give it shroud/hexproof and use indirect effects to increase counters.

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this + eternity vessel + dismantle

I finally got the last Sword! I have now each sword in my Rafiq, shame that only the last (Fire and ice) is in german, like my Rafiq is in german.
I have hard time deciding whether I should cut Mystic snake or Dovescape for it

Think for a second, maybe you were a dick the whole game, and he just gave you what you deserved for being a dick the whole game. Conceding is not common by any stretch, but I was in a game where a player was being all smug and playing it like archenemy, just to have a player a concede and foil his plans.

Sure, should be in every Vorel deck. If nothing else these cards generate excitement.

So you can invent an edgecase where being a dick to a bigger dick is acceptable? That doesn't really change that it's not really good, social convention-wise to pull 'I'm taking you with me' in a casual format.

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It's exactly because it's a social game that it is ok. You have to interact socially with the other players, and not being the mute spike that gets angry if someone pulls something like that, and if they do something like that, what is the big deal? For some reason, the player held a grudge during the game against you, and your wincon wasn't as reliable as you once thought.

Now there's a pretty meme. Exquisite!
You could definitely get some fun out of this, something like Kruphix or Krajj might have a slot free for it.

What Esper deck is fun for both me and my playgroup?

I'm slowly building a spite concede reputation. If you are going to kick me when I'm down know you are not getting your triggers, make you second guess that I'm an easy target. The people that may think this is an asshole thing to do already hate me for petty stuff anyway.

>invent an edgecase
Do you think that the game turning into archenemy is an edgecase? Or a player being smug about his certainty of victory? Do you play in silence, or do you guys always says sorry when you remove something from the other player to avoid grudges?

>it's not really good, social convention-wise to pull 'I'm taking you with me'
This is one of the most drama thing that can happen, and can only happen in a social game like edh. Making alliances with other players, and seeking vengeance against traitors is all part of the game. And it is fun as long as everyone understands that it is just part of a game, and doesn't carry a grudge against the actual person, basically, like any RPG.

This kind of shit is why I never want to go to an lgs to look for new people to play with.

I'd just kill you anyway desu. People that act like babies are usually better off not in the game.

What is it about being a social game implues I can't concede?

>talking about sports over game
>you: i-i-i swing for lethal at you, you lose, I get 20 different triggers
>oh, uh, I concede before damage, no triggers
>go back to talking about sports while game pauses due to autistic freak out from you.

Who is the one disrupting the social nature of the game here

What if you had an alliance with another player that is still alive? You can kill yourself, and let your ally get a chance at avenging you, this would be pretty awesome, imagine it like an RPG session, just because your character is going to die, it doesn't mean the rest doesn't matter.

I feel you, man. I'm lucky that my playgroup allows everything. We started off as casual, and my brother built Jhoira but eventually learned that it's generally better with MLD so he put that in, then another player decided to go wide and under jhoira with Krenko, then I decided that we needed to check this nuttyness, so I became the resident control/stax player. My other buddy tried to put me in check by becoming the reanimator guy, and another friend has a nasty Marath battlecruiser deck. We all have one win-button in our decks for when things stall out and new people always bitch about our decks. This dude who asked to join our pod got fucking PISSED that krenko played price of glory against his Baral deck when he was tapped out. He scooped on the spot instead of running wipe away or capsize. Another Azusa player said we were too competitive for him because of the Jhoira player. Feels bad that most commander players can't take a loss as an opportunity to learn and improve instead of cutting everyone at the knees to meet their eyes.
{spoiler]t-thanks for reading my blog

with all the shitflinging going on i wanted to be the one to say congrats if no one else will at the moment.

I would keep mystic snake. It's a counter, and a body, and hilarious.

We also generally allow any effect (MLD, stax, combos) bit we also understand that an arms race isnt fun forma anybody. So our decks aren't tight, they play more sloppily allowing to be casual while playing spikey tactics

Unfortunately most commander players, the rc included, think a game stops being casual when they start losing.

The truth of the matter is that casual and competitive are not mutually exclusive.

What cycle of legendary creatures do you think best represents dual colors? My vote is the theros gods

The Baral player was salty, but the Azusa player is understandable, this is why my playgroup have multiple decks with different powerlevels, otherwise I wouldn't even be able to play with my vehicles.dek.

I cannot sympathize with an Azusa player than runs Eldrazis and hyper ramp. They pubstomp casual tables and then run back to their e-z games when a good deck shows up to play.
There is crucible of worlds, Life from the loam, and now Ramunap excavator (which is tutorable) and there is the common sense to hold back a few lands in hand when you see a red strategy that is infamous for blowing up lands. Overextending with lands carries the same risks as doing so with creatures or tapping out to risk an early combo.

Well, it will all depends on what kind of azusa deck he is running. The only guy playing Azusa I know is Azusa landfall, with its wincon being animating his lands and overrunning everybody, so it's pretty weak, and it can only do anything when we play our weak decks.

Thanks, I've been waiting for getting one, but it's fairly expensive. I guess because of modern.
It's pretty casual deck, which focuses on combat damage triggers and Dovescape has a nice interaction with Stonehewr giant and Sovereigns of Lost Alara, although I don't run many auras, like 3 or so non-interactions, Imprison in the moon and Song of dryads as the "non-helpful" ones.

>What card(s) are you planning to purchase in the near future and why?
fuck your survey questions, wizards

Speaking of Doubling Season, what are some other good uses for it besides doubling up your tokens or instantly ulting planeswalkers? Any combos with it you can pull off?

they could also use Archetype of Imagination if their deck splashes blue

Going infinite with Ghave

try it with assemble the legion

>If you are going to kick me when I'm down
And what of you weren't down? What if you were shooting someone to go for the win?

even mtgo doesnt let you spite concede anymore
stop being a cunt

I know Rupture Spire and Transguild Promenade are bad, but I'm trying to build 5-color and not bankrupt myself on the manabase. Should I use those two or just replace them with basics? Also, any tips for budget-ish 5-color?

So I like having answers, and I like countering spells, and I have a bunch of good green cards that I want to use. Obviously this puts me in bant colors. I don't want to play voltron. I enjoy control/staxy strategies. So that leaves me with Derevi.
How the fuck do I build Derevi? Everyone says she's degenerate, I don't see how. Any primers or lists I can draw inspiration from?

What doesn't he go infinite with?

I like it, but it feels really slow. People would see it coming from a mile away.

You mean they are going to kill me because they are killing the table? Yeah, sure, go ahead. I doubt conceding would matter much anyway

Don't lie.

What's your meta like? It's much easier to run taplands (scrylands in particular) if you're in a mid or low power meta. Otherwise, shocks and stuff like Reflecting Pool. Conditional taplands like Rupture Spire usually aren't worth.

if you concede during combat you still get the combat triggers

Wouldn't you want to Sudden Spoiling with the exchange on the stack, so it goes off and sets his life to 0?

absolutely nothing wrong with conceding before lethal damage so your opponent doesn't get an advantage over the rest of the board. My group used to play with a guy that we kicked out pretty quickly because he would concede at 35 life, throw a tantrum yelling and screaming, then leave because I would Waterknot his big stompy Ur-Dragon when he brought it out. This was about 15 minutes into the game and it would ruin the entire night for the rest of us so we'd have to switch to playing 60 card constructed

Dakkon Blackblade

Bullshit. Even if true, nobody plays o. The shit engine that is mtgo, xmage is superior.

you seem like the kind of guy who acts nice at first but then you'll smack away someone's handshake after you lose a match

So, I've recently lost my Purph deck and I now need a deck to replace it. I though about just buying the whole deck again but none of my playgroup liked it and while it won games, it was WAY to linear for me, so I thought I'd do something different. The three Commanders I settled on are Zada, Neheb, and Etali. Which one is the closest to being "competitive"? Which is the most "fun"? Can any of them be built for $250 or less and still be able to win games? Would like some honest suggestions. If it would help, my current decks are Skithiryx, Sakashima, Titania, Glissa the Traitor, and newSigarda. Thanks for the help in advance