So how'd your last session go, user?

So how'd your last session go, user?

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I caused a firefight through being a bonehead, but later avoided another one by urging caution on the other players. Swings and roundabouts.

Pretty good actually, tried to have my old elf die by jumping off the cliff. I survived so I came back

Drank from some dirty mutagenic water - got healed.
Drank what looked like poison - lived.
So my elf said "Fuck death I am invincible."
We ended on him charging a gang of bandits....

Last session my players took down a kobold staffed zeppelin before it could bomb their castle into dirt. They were flown up their by two gnome engineers in a 'Nam style gyrocopter with gatling guns on the sides while I was blasting Fortunate Son. They ended up commandeering the zeppelin and crashing it into the besieging army's camp before bailing out and flying back into their castle. Personally I didn't really like the session all that much but my players afterward told me it was the best one I've run so there's that at least.

DM didn't show up for the third session in a row... pretty sure my game is dead.

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It was pretty weird. New DM and she’s cool but she gets too real/personal for me like every act is a therapy session. No I don’t need to confront my prejudices or my fear of intimacy right now thank you I just want to be a paladin.

My foxgirl princess (male) beguiled the imperial princess and the entirety of her retinue of advisors and administrators by having them view magical foxgirl hentai videos.

It makes sense in context.

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The group TPK'd because they flew into the Abyss and had no idea what a Vrock's dance does

Now there's a new DM and I have to deal with the bullshit of not being the DM

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Be the DM you want to see in the world!
So in this situation your players were the Vietcong?
Not saying this as a bad thing btw.
This is actually terrifying. Reminds me of a Lost episode (sorry) where the MC desperately wants to off himself but the universe doesn’t allow him to.
Good on you. Baby steps. Pyromaniac baby steps.
I went thru this years ago. Did not end well. Flee while you still can escape her mesmerising spell.

Maybe you could take this as a vacation? You can still prep your next games or even DM for another group in the meantime.

We blew up aliens and accomplished our mission.

Fairly well.
The PCs were following up some leads for wayward Jedi I knew were dead ends, so one became a plot hook for a future plot and the other will be a black market relic salesmen for crystals and saber parts.
Then they went to a new planet and got in a dog fight they barely won.
Next time, it's a good old dungeon crawl through a crumbling temple.

My crew bullied my character into casting suggestion on a prisoner to kill himself. My character now has severe problems that she just used magic to make a man kill himself. She is supposed to be the nice end of chaotic good to help people. So now I am thinking that I just ask the DM to give me fear or something whenever I enter battle for a while

Ogre General Cane Cinderborn, who had secretly gained 100 perfidy and was undermining the party's attempt to stop the mask from stealing the Flame of Agone of Roundrock, finally revealed his treachery (and his character became an NPC) as he cast Thunder and Lightning on the boat that the PCs were using to travel to Bokkor in search of the stolen Flame. the PCs new character (a homeless Scander [which means they practice poetry magic that lets them predict the future and other time related shenanigans]) rescues them after having foreseen their need for help. They then barely make it to New Bokkor to try and meet up with their Inspired troupe of guides have been killed, as just a few days before they made it to the city, the King of Bokkor declared all foreigners Enemies of the Crown.

So the party decided to forego a stop in the city of New Bokkor, and just go straight into the jungles, where they encountered a lake with a flock of swans (Swans in Agone aren't just normal animals, They're one of the creatures that the Muses themselves created to protect the beatuy of the world called Enchanted Creatures, other examples include Unicorns, and Pegasi, they can remove small amounts of perfidy). Using the swans to cleanse themselves of their remaining perfidy, they went back into the jungle and encountered a Cyclopes, who invited them to an ancient temple, and questioned them.

Leaving with its blessing, they traveled to Mount Manikholm and decided to attempt a climb. reaching the summit they reached the Throne of Janus, the god of order, and discovered that Janus has been dead for centuries, and his familiar, the Sphinx, has been performing his duties in his stead. After speaking with the Sphinx, who only speaks in questions, and receiving that revelation, they went back down, with renewed purpose in rescuing Agone's Flame and stopping the Mask's plans, whatever they may be.

(pic is a map of the world the RPG is set in)

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Only one guy showed up and everyone else said "next saturday for sure bro". Spent the rest of the day playing vidyas with the guy that showed up. All in all, better than last time, when no one showed up at all.

>Dark Ages chronicle
>Nictuku kidnaps a couple of vamp NPCs as vitaebanks
>Get tasked with reconnaisance mission
>OH BOI, here we go again.. totally not going to spiral out into one big clusterfuck of a bloodbath
>Find Nictuku lair - it's an old sailing ship that ran aground near some steep cliffs.
>Run ultra stealthy diving approch via sea and using damaged hull to get in
>Still unnoticed, overhear crew talking above
>Trying to get any useful info about leader and kidnapped vamps
>Make plan to create distraction at the back of the ship and launch surprise attack to capture and interrogate crew since leader isn't around. Might even be able to set trap for him.
>Suddenly realize Brujah PC isn't with us anymore
>"I'm going up these (old, rotten) stairs"
>100% certain this is going to be the exact moment everything goes tits up
>Stairs creak, next step gives way, suddenly complete silence above
>Assume fetal position for the ensuing messy combat scene, whispering "yep, it's happened again" to myself.

They told me not to come because I broke up with me ex who is their friend, even though she doesn't play with us.
But I'm already gathering a new group.

Pretty good, we were on a ship about flanked by pirates. I as an azure scale Drake swam over to one of the ships, jumped on and killed 3 pirates than got shish kabobed. Thank God I have tons of health or I would have died

really nice
played a game of cards with my players in game, discussed in-game politics & the like with no combat encounter in preparation for the following session. next session's going to be more of the same but on a larger scale and with many challenges & factions duking it out during the queen's assembly
A bit of a break from the combat isn't bad, it's my first time doing politics and intrigue and so far my players love it

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I just dm'd my first session.
They actually enjoyed my two side quests I set up, they're totally down with the setting, and now they're trying to upgrade their pet ostrich

It was fun

We stole a magic horse drawn carriage, and proceeded to help solve a vineyard's druid problem Grand Theft Auto style.

P. good night.

I TPK'd the rest of the party because they tried to backstab me AFTER they failed at jewing me.

oh I remember you ! So, in the end, did you decide to put metal claws on the ostrich or not ?

The party was locked in a room with a mob boss, who we couldn't kill because we're basically all pallies, as far as morality mechanics go. Couldn't risk falling.
My character, a theater nerd, had a genius idea. He bludgeoned the mob boss unconscious and swapped their clothes. (The two look fairly similar.) Anyway, my character now runs the mob and has no clue as to what to do with it. His current plans are to dismantle it from the inside, but he doesn't really know how to do that. Meanwhile, the real mob boss is being kept prisoner by his own minions, who believe him to be my character.

Mobs tend to use front companies to operate, right? What if you just make those into legitimate businesses while dismantling what they're designed to hide from the law?

It's pretty unsettling how you autists cannot talk to each other. Every time some user asks another a question it just never becomes a conversation.

this is amazing
If my players pulled something like that I would 100% transform my game into "silly mob interactions and overall bullshit", while trying to retain some of the prepared plot

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there's only been three question asked so far, calm your tits

Wrapped up Lover in the Ice for Delta Green and set up the next session for the stuff I'm writing up. Basically, they're going to a bar to talk to some guy, because their first operation (Last Things Last) may have had more going on then originally thought. Bar guy went on an operation with Last Things Last guy in the 70's, last thing I said to them(for the session):
>And as the man starts telling you about that day... I'm going to give you 15 character sheets, you guys pick one, and instead of just hearing a story about that operation, we're going to play it out next time.

Most everything went well, got a great setup for the adventure/dungeon ahead, I sorta had to punish one of my PC's though. He always wants to play hero, which is fine, but he doesn't give anyone else a moment to shine, and he's playing a bard so he can't do everything, he just gets by on lucky rolls. Basically here's what I did.

>Shack is set on fire by local bad boy banditos
>Party beats/scares off evil lads
>Inside Shaq is woman and child scared that if they leave they'll be set on fire too
>Paladin and Rogue go to rush in
>Bard stops the Rogue and makes the Paladin go get lil boy
>Fine but only because no one wants to argue with you.jpeg
>Bard goes to save woman
>Oopsie the roof fell on her hope you can pass this strength check
>He hath the least stronk of the party
>He is severely burnt
>Woman remains under roof and burns
>He exits the house burnt to a crisp most of his shit is unusable

I hope this gets him to consider working with the team more, because other than him, everything is running smoothly.

Next week is the final session of a two years long campaign

I don't know how to feel

Have you also tried talking to him privately about it? Not in an inherently antagonist way, but just saying "hey man, I get your character angle is he wants to be front and center, but can you tone it back just a bit so other players can have a chance to have the spotlight for a bit too?'

Went pretty well. Players were challenged, almost all of them went down but survived in the end to get a lvl. Unfortunately our priest died.

Another thing was that there was bit of travelling through a district i didn't plan well enough, so we ended up skipping through it. Also the session felt a bit short, i thought there would have been more time spent on investigating things than what happened so they kinda rushed to the dungeon and cleared it out. Got some nice loot though, money and some spells.

I bought a war dog, some armor for the war dog, and a saddle for the war dog. We named her Mary.

>Mobs tend to use front companies to operate, right? What if you just make those into legitimate businesses while dismantling what they're designed to hide from the law?
That's actually a really good idea.

I have but he doesn't really see it, I guess what I did might've been pretty harsh though. I'll give him most of his items back, I'll apologize and try to talk to him again.

Oh, if you had already spoke to him I think you're in the right to do what you did. It's one thing to pull that out without talking to someone first, but it's different if you've spoken to them and they still do it.

The evening started with the party picking up the conversation from last time, half-truths being slung around the newly acquired Kiyasid and Toreador Antitribu. After a bit of conversing on the state of politics in the area, the reminder of their mission to mess with Greenpeace (And personal goal of at least the pack priest to catch a werewolf), police sirens sounded behind the car.

Probably something to do with the fact that the person who’s driving has 0 drive and may or may not obey traffic laws.

Also possibly thanks to the fact that they were traveling towards/through Anarch territory after burning down one of their occult bookshops mere days ago.

After being stopped by the side of the road, the officers demanded that the group get out of the car. Perhaps the only black guy shouldn’t have been driving in the 70’s. However, the police had a really good reason for actually attacking the party, mostly all of the murdering.

So, after the bantz, the combat began. A cop tried to grab Percy(The Tremere), and failed, the second cop tried to shoot at Aurelia (The Kiyasid) and the bullets bounced off pointlessly, ruining a perfectly good dress and causing her to act very poorly about being in pain.

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Then the current ductus, Helen (The Tzimisce), decided it was time to get into the fray.

With a leap over their car and a smack directly to the face, enhanced by potence, knocked out one of the policeman, the one who shot our Kiyasid, in one hit. The other guy called for backup, smartly.(editado)
After a bit of trying to demoralize the other police officer, and a staggeringly bad miss from Helen’s next swing, the Kiyasid took a bite out of… Well, I guess not crime, but it scared the guy enough to start running into the road, directly into the path of oncoming traffic. They may have had enough time to stop, if not for the Technomancer raising a hand and snapping his fingers, totalling a car’s brakes.

The man managed to dodge /valliantly/, getting right out of the way of the car, which spun out into a streetlight, and directly into the path of a very angry Helen tackling him to the ground, reducing the man to a smear on the pavement.

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After a quick looting of the shotgun by Percy, a quick looting of the handgun by Aurelia, and a quick removal of the crashed car’s fender from the lamp-post, the crew took the new, different vehicle and sped off southwards once more, police cars arriving on the scene shortly after.

With a masterfully hidden car a few miles down the road, and a quick search, they spotted their new ride, a Chrysler 180.

There was a bit of discussion about what exactly got the pack pulled over as Percival popped the car’s door open with a bit of effort and a handy nearby coathanger, hotwiring the thing soon after.

Matters of trustworthyness were discussed, and the ductus piped up with a gem,

"I'm pretty sure Perc could snap his fingers and activate the eject button. Chrysler's fancy. They have eject buttons I bet."

Driving along the coast, it began to occur to the group that they may want to find some shelter, it being 3 in the morning, but despite this, they soldiered on towards their location, being approached by a masked man riding a motorcycle soon after and rolling down the window to speak with him.

Turns out, he wanted to do some deals. Kind of a dick during, but deals nonetheless. Offering a place to stay for the day was nice, and the party managed to find a nice spot to park their third recently stolen car that was very well hidden away, taking the plates as they headed towards the gas-station they’d be staying in.

There were plans to change afoot, and Helen soon altered her own appearance, changing her hair and eyes over the course of a half hour. Percy would be next, but there wasn’t enough time for that before morning, so the group Vaulderied, and what a Vaulderie it was.

The Ductus now absolutely loves the whole pack, while the rest are lukewarm as usual, and as the group goes to bed, the plans for messing with hippies begin. A shame about the ductus not having her home-soil with her to stop her dice pools from getting cut, though.

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Apparently thinking the movie “White Chicks” was amazing, Percy soon sheds his natural melanin and sex with Helen’s help and becomes Purse-y, before a ghoul shows up to contact the group. Said ghoul was exceptionally excited, and also exceptionally dumb, immediately fingering the Kiyasid as a Tzimisce and naturally being lied to for kicks.

However, as exciteable as the ghoul was, he knew more than he let on, quickly filling the party in on several tasks for them to accomplish about town, in return for their rent. Percy, never fit to let an opportunity to barter pass him, now her, by, struck up the deal of fetching things from the crew’s haven, such as her library, Helen’s dirt, and a whole person they had kidnapped.

Next time on The Crazy Never Die: Taking out the local chinamen for fun and profit, probably.

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Pretty great! We had a boss fight that was tough but didn’t feel impossible, we had a cool interaction with an important character and I got to do something super badass with my character!
It’s a shame we’re on holiday hiatus for a bit, but I’m excited to get back to it!

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>haha look i replied to everyone!!!!!

Quality post, you should be really proud of yourself.

My party, all new players and this being their third real session of play together, defeated a druid tending a vampiric tree in the midst of a forest glade strangling the supernatural heart of natural magic in the region which was causing blight amid the forest and nearby farming towns.

More so, they have enough information to know about the person backing this defeated villain. Though on their return trip back they were lost in the feywild, which was okayish because one of the party was from there, and on their travels got invited to a party by a Saytr (after walking up on him and barding at him causing him to bard back) which they accepted and lost two days to the revels of fey and near fey creatures.

Then they got back on track toward where they hope they'll be able to cross back into the material plane and so they can get back to the regional hub city they started from.

One of the party members revealed that his twin sister was kidnapped by one of the corps that are after the group and another PC said that a cop that used to chase them underwent heavy augmentation and is now hunting for them. They set up a meeting with a Russian arms dealer to get some more guns and attempted to make a deal with the corp that wants the experimental drugs they have but this failed and a corperate death squad was set after them. Two of the PCs are heavily wounded now and might have to go to the hospital that the yakuza group that one of the PC is apart of owns. All in all a really fun session.

Look at my right leg jasper

Not good. We are going to have a tpk this week in all likelihood

My ex-dark jedi stopped a standoff between a fragment of jedi order and a bunch of hotshot rebels by raising his voice for the first time all campaign. I also helped a Ninja Boy catch a shiny spinda by helping him win a dance-off by loaning him my honedge (sword pokemon) so he could do sword katas.
If it's not clear, these are two very different games.

That's pretty badass user. Stupid, but badass. I wish him luck.

Badly, the GM was shit. Fortunately, it was a oneshot.

We absolutely btfo' d a powerful angel that was supposed to be the big boss of our arc, before he even had his second turn. The world discovered that fighters with commanders strike could let Paladins nuke faster and harder than an encounter 10 levels above our CR.

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Great. We killed a bunch of goblins. Destroyed some weird druid douchebags and annoyed a lich into giving up his evil plan to steal a trees heart only to steal the heart anyway when he left.

Pretty fuckin good. Best session with my new players actually. (It was actually split in two)

>Playing MnM
>Party is Crazy Diamond, Ana from Overwatch, A shitty Alien X, and a dude in armour respectively
>Ana Expy got his team kidnapped at one point in his backstory
>Group gets a lead on said former team, so they go to a hero tech headquarter that i only implied to be evil in order to investigate
>They spend about a half hour real time trying to sneak in, only to have the least stealthy member get caught and told that most of the facility is open to the public for tours and stuff
>They go in, eventually meet one of the scientists in charge of the tech that lead them there, a collar they got off a creature they fought earlier
>Scientist is a huge prick, so they resort to basically telling his boss on him
>Boss apologizes and allows them to do their work unimpeded (registered heroes in my setting have basically the same power as cops with a search warrant)
>They go downstairs where the boss man said the main collar guy works
>It's a fuck huge hanger with weapons, armour and tech just all over the goddamn place
>Pass by all this shit just to get to the guy they need to talk to
>It's basically just a friendlier Doc Ock
>Offers the heroes some coffee, most accept
>He starts swaying in his chair, and everyone sees the badge that clearly denotes him as a supervillain (cause that's a thing they do, for some reason)


A lot of time was spent with the characters arguing with an NPC after stealing from her.
I alluded to the character being private and protective of her business, the party interpreted it as suspicious and snooped around, digging into her personal information/ledger and one "Chaotic Good" character stealing about 100 Gold from her (Being a small village shop owner, this would be a lot). Jump cut to one of the characters openly asking about information they could only know after going through her personal ledger, she goes to investigate what they did in her business, and another "Chaotic Good" Character Body Slams her into the ground.
The talks with NPCs in that village became very tense/strained, and one player specifically was upset at the NPCs reaction to how they were treated.

It was two months ago, you'll fucking tell me

Pretty good I managed to save an ally from the most powerful faction in the city but they are now going to war.

Two players accidentally killed a woman.
We were exploring a forest apparently filled with Werewolves when we came across a woman, one players threw magical bolas to incapacitate her but due to his bad roll it went on her neck, the high damage almost killed her.
The other player went to her with his knife to cut the bolas that was strangling her but as it was a silver knife it ended up doing a shit tons of damage to her as she was a werewolf.
Ater that the same player tried to heal her but he rolled a 1, the GM described the scene as him accidentally touching her again with the knife; it killed her

>me and my character face during the entire scene

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I don't remember, it was 2+ years ago.
I don't even know why I still come here.

The group got carried away with their ranger's revenge plot and now they're drunk off their ass on sailor grog and breaking into a ship in the harbor.

This is retarded.

Scared away a bunch of goblins by combining me yelling random shit in dragonic, whose voice was reinforced by our wizard that also made it sound like wings were flapping, then our cleric shot out fire. Now the actual goal was to cause a big panic, but of course the few gobbos just said fuck it and left anyone in the caves to die to the "dragon" still it was great as the entire party got to use some skills, our ranger and rogue killed the fleeing gobbos who ran towards them.

Agonizingly slow. My players do NOT understand the meaning of 0th lvl meatgrinder, funnel dungeon. 3rd session in they explored a total of 11 rooms I think, averaging something like 3 rooms per session. At one point they wanted to leave the dungeon to resupply and I needed to remind them they started in a camp, some days away from the village that was starving anyway, BECAUSE of what's in the dungeon, don't have the food to go further away, and there's nobody willing to sell them what remains of the food in the village. I don't fault them for being cautious, but holy shit they treat their lvl 0 expendabled like their own children. It's not that the fights drag things down, so far they've been in something like three 30-minute fights. I just want that dungeon to be fucking over, they missed about a third of it but I'm just gonna push them the fuck along to the conclusion and whatever bits and info they miss, well, fuck'em. 3 rooms per 3-hour session. One room an hour. FUCK.

Did you explain to them that the characters that they have are inherently expendable because the actual game hasn't began yet?

I did. They even started with 3 characters each because I told them it was fully expected for them to get mauled to fuck. I talked to them and one player even admitted he knew it was their fault for getting attached to the expendables, but goddamn. The only real risk they took was stuffing one character the player didnt like for below-average stats full of psychedelics until she had a psychotic breakdown, went into a coma, then failed a saving throw and hit 0hp at which point they just left her to die on the floor. That was a serious wtf moment.

The last three sessions I tried to play didn't pan out. Three different campaigns three days in a row. Previous to these days I decided to stop drinking for a while and tone back my excessive masturbation. Guess how that's going now.

For the actual first time in my ~7 years of playing and running TTRPGs, I finished a campaign with an actual ending and not people deciding they don't want to play anymore due to drama or whatever. I'm so happy /tg, my curse has finally been broken.

t. coddled never-allowed-to-fail player

I go to heal her
>xd you put the knife down but fucked up healing so badly that you picked it up again and killed her

No, it's retarded

DM didn't show up. Again.
It's been like the 4th time.
It's ok, I forgot about it too.
Last proper game was more than a year ago, with an other group.
I thought we had a chance of playing with my old group but one of the player is working overtime. I think cosmic powers are conspiring against me and playing.

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t. faggot who doesn't understand failing skill checks and ignores the salient parts of the scenario in order to make his fake non-point

Extremely well. More by dumb luck than by skill, but we managed to get some bad weather in M/J which severely blunted the opening of Barbarossa, and I (playing British) managed to maul the u-boats sent out into the Atlantic without taking any convoy losses whatsoever, with my only "loss" being some very minor damage to the Shropshire.

I crashed a van with a sweet star wars decal job through a barn door and helped dispatch some satanic bovine

my players fought a farmer's plough

A roc attacked our airship, taking out the flight mechanism.
We killed the beast, and through the bard's ingenuity, survived a fall from whatever the march height of an airship is.
This involved a fly spell, strategic healing, strategic holding-back-and-braking-someone's-descent, as well as putting the halfling in our Bag of Holding, and taking advantage of the fact that monks are a bit like cats in that they take vastly reduced fall damage.
We all survived in the end, except the ranger's animal companion, which went splat over here, there and everywhere.
We're 4 PCs at level 8, a Roc should probably not have shown up

Started strong but I had way too much to drink and the session basically had to wrap up early because I was falling out of my chair and had to be helped home
>tfw I'm the DM

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>someone asks for an emergency member for a quick 1 shot
>okay sure, I wanted to try this system anyways
>no-one talks
>try to let someone else take the lead but they constantly refuse
>try to interact with any of the characters
>*character nods*
>game takes 10 hours and finally get to go to sleep at 6am
never again.

>holy shit they treat their lvl 0 expendabled like their own children.
Say you're Dave the level 0 farmer. Does it make sense, in character, to throw your life away just because the GM thinks you're expandable?
>I just want that dungeon to be fucking over, they missed about a third of it but I'm just gonna push them the fuck along to the conclusion and whatever bits and info they miss, well, fuck'em. 3 rooms per 3-hour session. One room an hour. FUCK.
Don't make a dungeon that requires an hour per room to safely clear then.

>Don't make a dungeon that requires an hour per room to safely clear then.
I didn't. The room descriptions on my map range from "storage room, distant shouting" to "goblin berserker" (which they managed to surprise and brutalize in an instant, btw), to "Vestiary - druids dressing". Not a single trap so far (only ONE in the entire dungeon, and stupidly obvious one at that), and total of three short fights. They just take a step forward, and then retrace two steps back.
>Say you're Dave the level 0 farmer. Does it make sense, in character, to throw your life away just because the GM thinks you're expandable?
I guess, but there's some point at which, as a player you'd think this is taking too fucking long. I'm not holding them back, they just refuse to hurry up even a bit. They've been given multiple characters and told that they get to keep only one. There's no adventure if you refuse to take risk and face some danger.

Half the players weren't there and everyone else still felt like playing their characters so we had a downtime session where the party shot the shit and ate while watching TV.

we were given a couple of squires and told that if we didnt kill the dragon everyone was doomed

Pretty gud, we killed some necromancer that was making an undead army in the sewers using corpses of homeless people and grave robbing.
also fucked the cute twink in our group shortly after the session

Considering we're low-level characters in some sort of limbo area between Middle-Earth and Hell? Pretty great! We're trapped in this arena to fight for some devils' amusement, and there are also "volunteer" challenge rooms after the grueling arena fights, which are basically the dungeon segments.

They put high-level shit they looted from other heroes they've killed in that arena, which includes a motherfucking +5 Mithril greatsword with like 5 enchantments on it, including haste. Did I mention we're level four?

And before you ask, yes we've nearly died multiple times in spite of the busted shit were getting - the greatsword is just one example - but I suppose that's just how hell campaigns work, even if it's just pseudo-hell.

But the last sessoin was a let-down. The DM had to leave early because he had a searing headache and the dungeon was unfinished, meaning we'll probably have to level up mid-session next time.

>L5R game where the whole party is comprised of ronin who were at one time part of a Great Clan (we started at Insight Rank 3 with very slow progression)
It was funny as heck.

First, our party departed from a town after bringing down a corrupt magistrate with the help of another great clan samurai NPC: as the party traveled along the road and was about to cross a rickety bridge, they noticed a lone figure approaching. It was a very dirty, very ragged and smelly young man who also carried a daisho (the swords of a Samurai, symbol of his status).
He challenged the party to a duel, pretty hesitantly: he didn't really know what the heck he was doing, but our ex-Daidoji Bushi accepted, wether it was out of pity or out of amusement or a mix of both is unclear. At any rate, her opponent didn't know what the heck he was doing, he was basically just posing as they had the stare-down, then the focus phase and of course the Daidoji striked first and handily defeated him.

He started crying and said that he wanted to become better so he challenged the Daidoji again, but she didn't accept, so he started badgering her to teach him swordfighting instead. She tried to, while the rest of the group uses this opportunity to rest and have some lunch, but he was pretty inept at learning anything. After an hour, the group wanted to move again but the young man refused to go his own way, and instead asked for another duel. Ex-monkey accepted when the xDaidoji asked him pretty please (with a cherry on top) to accept but on the condition they only use sticks. So they did and xMonkey won making it look like the young man almost had him.

This is when something spoopy happened, which I won't reveal because all of the players in this game are fa/tg/uys and if they come across this post they will know immediately who I am and I don't want to reveal what happened in detail- yet.

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eyh it was the gm way to handle it, it was a light hearted session. He got a little bit overexcited that we made 12 critical failure during the session but I don't hold that against him

After that little stunt, the young man still wanted to follow us when we decided to continue going our way: we then met a couple of monks and accompanied them. We stopped at a checkpoint house, set up for travellers.

Because we are paranoid mofos and don't trust anyone we meet, we set up watches during the night. Before going to sleep, our shugenja (mage-priest) divined the future and saw clashing swords, sharp teeth and an eye.

That night, a bear found its way to the checkpoint and broke the wooden door down. xMonkey, who had watch and was making a patrol round, was attracted by the sound of the door being broken and unsheathed his sword to stab the animal in the butt.

I'll spare you the nitty gritty, but what followed was: archer girl got up, guarded xDaidoji, xMonkey double attacked the bear for massive damage, shugenja remained in the corner concentrating and the smelly young man got mauled by the bear. The bear also attacked the xMonkey but didn't do a lot of damage, didn't even slow the guy down! The second round, xDaidoji slashed the beast, archer girl punched the beast for the same amount of damage as her companion with a weapon and xmonkey finished it off with three attacks, one extra which was courtesy of the shugenja who'd buffed him with a spell.

After that, our ronins were forced to grab the bear's body and move it out of the way, becoming impure in the process: it had died in the only door that lead outside so we didn't have much of a choice.

Anyway, after becoming impure because of the shitty bear, the party looked for the monks who were in their own separate room and heard the roar of the bear when it attacked: since we were covered in blood they told us to avoid going indoors and wash ourselves. We would have to wait for the day to be purified.

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Oh, and when we got back inside our own room, the monks were cleaning away the blood from the door, while the young man (who the shugenja had healed with a spell) was grinning, as if he was smug about something, while he was unconscious.

And on that unsettling note, the session ended.

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Have a session tomorrow for DnD 5e! Just running into speed bumps as to how to set off and what should their first adventure be. Wish me luck, lads.

It was a impromptu session over xbox at 1 am. Half-Orc paladin and Dragonborn barbarian ran a bakery and help out orphans. I didn't go to bed until 4 am but the next day players were telling me how much and wholesome it was.

My players infiltrated a mine that was being farmed for materials by a small group of goblins.
They were found by the goblins, who just wanted some peace while they did their work.
When my players refused to leave, the goblin boss whipped out a detonator saying that the goblins strapped the whole mine with explosives and if my players didn't leave, he'd set the explosives off.

One of my players decided to go invisible and attempt to steal the detonator.
Not a bad idea, I was down for it.

He failed the roll to swipe it by more than half. The goblin hit the button. They all died.