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yall raedy to get spooped?

>How to solve all problems while jumping.

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Okay, here's the thing I was talking about getting ready for this thread. The first (WIP) draft for the jump.


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Oh, another replacement jump.

hey Stormbringeranon can you repost your Silmarillion wip?

But it's not, it's a sequel?

Shot right through my heart, tbqh.

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Not really
Dead Men Tell No Tales is set like 20 years after the rest of the movies in the series

So, you give two relatively cheap paths to royalty, perks that reinforce the path towards it, but ban it? What's the reasoning here besides 'too powerful for Jumpchain'? Also, since royalty is mostly self-enlightenment, what stops a Jumper for becoming royalty after the Jump?

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>Angels are deviants for having human-like forms
>Metatron is literally a giant marble human with eyed wings

I feel like there's some hypocrisy going on here. That or the Prime Angels just don't give a fuck and the lesser angels are just to fanatical to notice.

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Dude, no one cares about your butt hurt.

i thought thread would be more active around 7

Got stuff to do. Will be back later and respond to criticism then.

> Sinking onto the deck of a moving ship using nothing but navigational charts and calendars,
I don't really understand this line.

The title text of the Deeeeeath perks are a little unclear.

I think Metatron's "body" there is just a shell. Almost all the angels have humanoid shells, but Chains' "naked" body is human-like compared to the others.

Just to be clear, if you 'animate' things like ships and animals with the curse you can do the ship-eating-a-ship or commanding zombie sharks things from the movie, right?

Looks like you just give them the deathless effect, nothing about controlling the ship/sharks etc.

It can't be a shell, because they're in the void there.

Would Mjolnir be a good fit for a Red Mage type character? I’m thinking whenever WoW releases, Fist of Ra-Den & Highkeeper’s Ward I can just smash Mjolnir & FoRD together via Aion’s casket thing.

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Does Kill the Sparrow get you your own ship or are you stuck with the other guy?

hey myrm what are your favourite scifi books/things?

Yet you did reply

A gender switch only solves some problems

Which Mjolnir and which red mage?

I'd really appreciate it if you used a sans-serif font to make it more readable.

For a moment I thought that was some sort lf magitech reaper

Is there a difference between all the Mjolnirs? Red Mage as in Magic + Melee + Heals.

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Shhhhhh, don't give jumpers ideas!

Now that gives me an idea...

Too late!


Age roll/gender choice, plz ?


Rejoice all you anons with access to a motherbox

we 10th metal now

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fugg, meant to link there

Is there anything that Motherboxes can't do?

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God of Light Jumpers unite!

I am confused as to what I am seeing

>I am confused as to what I am seeing
The league getting their second wind to take over a multiversal god in a battlefield to restore their planet which is small in scope

So why is batman throwing magic batarangs at his allies?

>So why is batman throwing magic batarangs at his allies?
WW pulled him and supes out of a dimensional trap set by evil batmen from the dark multiverse, she came back with 10th metal goodies. While batman is just sharing the gifts so GL and Aquaman can beat their opponents

There's a storm coming, Mr. Stomper. You and your namefag friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could post so much and leave so little thread space for the rest of us.

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>There's a storm coming, Mr. Stomper. You and your namefag friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could post so much and leave so little thread space for the rest of us.

Speaking of DC how would you like to jump Golde Age Captain Marvel?

The one by CC Beck and Otto Binder?

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Not if it was made by you.

Mjolnirs have different power levels and strengths per setting. Some are best used to throw lighting others are more martial. I think a jumper is always better off building their own stuff or using their own body / powers as a weapon after a certain point. If it is more useful than whatever weapon you were using before then take it.

Sure. Here ya go.



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Ah, I see the latest advances in stealth jumpmaking are going well.

Yeah, I am dumb. I posted it correctly above.


I’m messing with you. It happens to everyone now and again.

thank you kindly bitch
question about the Wanted By Melkor drawback
does he attack with brute force only or does he also try corruption, manipulation and so on?
subsidiary question how good a keikaku and social-fu is Melkor?

>does he attack with brute force only or does he also try corruption, manipulation and so on?
Melkor is discord, and the very origin of corruption in the song of Ilúvatar. Brute force is the smallest part of how he works.
>subsidiary question how good a keikaku and social-fu is Melkor?
The answer is "yes."

He will try everything. In the Silmarillion he manages to fool a lot of people several times including Manwe, but everyone is also kind of naive. He is really good at lying and generally knows how to twist certain events in his favor and mislead people. His lieutenant Sauron is much much better at it so you'll really have to watch out for him on the manipulation front. Melkor will probably just want launch Dragons and Balrogs at you whereas Sauron will convince you to kill your family and somehow make you think it was your idea. Before Sauron got all fucked up during the fall of Numenor he was pretty damn good at the manipulation.

Not wrong. As he was intended to be is up this alley, it is just since Silmarillion was written in a certain way it sometimes just comes off as everyone else being really dumb. Makes me wish more of his finalized notes could have been put into Silmarillion as a lot of details that make it into History of Middle Earth show just how scary of a baddie Melkor is supposed to be.

>thank you kindly bitch

Do you keep in touch with people you meet in previous jumps?

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Man, I kinda want to go Elf, because they get to do all the cool shit in the Silmarillion... But going Maiar to be a music-spirit is cool as hell.

Hm. Could go Maiar with a Hidden Kingdom of elves, where I plant the Seedlings ... and an Abode in Aman. "Yeah guys, I totally left Middle Earth, why're you looking so suspicious?"

is there any way to duplicate the Seedlings and make more Trees out of it?


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Haha. I love it.

The trees had canon seedlings... but these lacked their light, despite still being silver/gold trees. So probably not.

Seconding this, I want to bring the Unmarred Light to every setting.

You can't cultivate more seedlings from the trees themselves once they sprout, but I can't stop you from using duplicating magic or tech from other jumps. Have fun.

What you do is use advanced genetic technology to unravel their genetic code and infuse their light properties into living creatures. I am not a mad scientist.

I can't even really give you a shortlist. I'm trying to put down one or two, but then I go "and this one, and this one".

Most stuff by these authors: Jules Verne, Iain M. Banks, Neal Asher, Alistair Reynolds, Peter F. Hamilton, Greg Egan, Michael Crichton, Ian Douglas, Dan Abnett, Larry Niven...granted not every book by all these authors is great but even the worst are usually decent.
For other series, the X-Wing series and Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novels. Also Ancillary Justice and The Quantum Thief, but I haven't read the sequels to those yet.
For individual works, see Dune, The Outpost, Forever War, A Stranger In a Strange Land, Starship Troopers. Also liked the light novel that Edge of Tomorrow is based on (All You Need Is Kill) and the Southern Reach trilogy, which that new Annihilation movie is based on.

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>Gold/Silver trees
>Trees with organic-gold bark, organic-silver leaves, organic-copper roots, & organic-gemstone insects.

What a good way to make your hoard pretty & eye catching.

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Did Photoshop user make a version of this with Valeria and NuBee?

What is Val doing to bee?

Only my father and mother the demon lords. Not sure how they keep writing while in time stop.

Spelling stuff
Got rid of the endjump
added a note to the end of Companion import saying you can use it to creat OC companions.

Also, if anyone has any ideas fort Scenarios, I'm all ears.

Honestly I agree with you. One of the reasons I started the update was so that I could make the jump less shit. But given the chance, I would get rid of the jump.

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No but He should.

what do you mean?
i said thank you kindly that's the most polite thing you can say bitch
i appreciate yall answering me in-depth my dear friends
stormbringeranon do you think it would be useful to put some of that stuff about his manipulation skills in the jump itself?
just so there's no further confusion but ofc that's your call bitch

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No. I’m hoping though.

Claiming him.

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I thought you were raising the Imported companion CP to 800?


I forgot. Sorry.

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Yeah I will spell out his skills and capabilities better in the jump. I will also add a notes section at the end with a few other useful tidbits so that everyone does not have to go read the Silmarillion (though I do recommend it)

Would you be willing to shuffle it about so that the origins are before the perks and the costs of items are ascending order?

Also am I missing something or have you forgotten to put the possible starting Years/eras into the backgrounds information like us suggests in the location section?

Minecraft equivalent exchange or NEI, cheat mode from the same jump should work.

So is royalty still banned in spite of you having no fucking idea how it works

Good idea, and yeah I forgot. Thanks for the reminder. I am running through and looking at what I find to fix and then making notes of everyone's input. I have another IRL friend who does jumpchain so he is also digging through it. I appreciate everyone's help and comments in helping me get this to a state worthy of the drive.

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LoneValkyrie if you are around in EER what would something like enchanting skill evolve into after it is maxxed out?

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So start in Silmarillion as a Maiar, then go to shadow of Mordor and go wraith (taking Feanor as spirit partner) then hobbit, then the LoTR jump. I wonder what kind I shit I can get up to in the basic LoTR jump.

>I think a jumper is always better off building their own stuff or using their own body / powers as a weapon after a certain point. If it is more useful than whatever weapon you were using before then take it.
Bah, as long as the weapon can hold up to your strength it's fine. Indestructible by fiat is preferable, naturally.
Other than i need no fancypants powers on my blade, a true swordsman relies on his skill!

Could Melkor have made better orcs? Actual Dark Elves that would be like he is to other Valar?

Why would you bring a sword to a planet fight?

Not aside from shitposting on the Hero Exchange BBS.
My plan is basically to seamlessly resume all the lifes i liked post-chain via perfect memory, clone powers and time travel and disregard those i didn't.

Because i'm just that good. Obviously.

He could have maybe made something better if he was not so distracted by his rage and jealousy but they were never going to be anything beautiful. He cannot create new things only corrupt existing so there would've definitely been signs of corruption on even a well made creature. And in the Tolkienverse physical corruption goes hand in hand with spiritual corruption a lot of times. So maybe ugly Dark Elves?

Is "magic" and enchanting permanently draining? If I created some Artifacts of power, would I be diminished in the process?

Depends on what you are doing. It seems only trying to make things like the One Ring or one of a kind items is really permanently draining. Other things will just temporarily weaken you but nothing rest and relaxation will not fix. If you want anything world changing you are definitely going to have to permanently put part of yourself into it. Though that can have advantages as well for while Sauron was greatly diminished without his ring, while he wore it his power was greatly magnified.
Songs of Power and the like do not mess you up or anything to use. The more natural and pure an item or intention, the less it will cause you harm. Really big theme in the book.

sans fonts like calibri read better on a screen than what you currently have for body text

Martyr seems really, really powerful for a 100 CP perk.

What you were hinting at with the 'Melkor' scenario, would that get around the limitation?

>Fire Drake
Hm, so if I buy this as something else, I'll just get firebreathing? I imagine a Maiar with that would become something Balrog-like.

>ideas for scenarios

You start earlier in the series as a newly inducted demiurge, and your base goal is simply to survive the calamitous war that happens in a year or so. Nothing is certain any more, so bonus rewards for joining the Seven in bringing back order to Throne-and an even bonuser award for succeeding where Zoss failed. Or fled, at any rate.

You start in an even earlier epoch, where you have the terminal misfortune to gain the extreme interest of Aesma, who insists on dragging you along on her many misadventures for some reason.

You are a humble merchant with big dreams. Your goal is set up the next great economic revolution of Throne; to do this you will face rivals who can be allies and competitors in turn. Like the giant Pick, a caravan of the Kind People looking for a prosperous merchant to back, the Grand Dragon('s Emissary), the Lord Androsphynx and maybe even a Demiurge like Gog-Agog if your business involves entertainment or somesuch that infringes on their domain.

You are a humble priest with big dreams. Specifically, dreams of Ys-Voya who has decided the time has come for the world to pay her tribute in worms and birdseed. Or maybe a flock of birds just really, really wants to be worshipped. Either way, you're playing prophet to an feathey hivemind that might also be a goddess.

You start in the distant past where swordsmaster Meti is at her wit's end with her would-be student Maya. To convince her of the futility of living by the sword, she has asked you to cook a bowl of transcendentally delicious noodles which also impart the futility of violence through their flavour.

If you are an angel, you too may stand watch over the void for many kalpa. There is almost nothing to do except fight the inchoate black flame and medidate, but at the very least you will earn an unrivaled smugness.

YISUN has decided you are a plum tree. By confronting space-time, aesthetic (and therefore, Art), ethics and Want, you must prove him wrong.

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Any background that buys that can breathe fire.

That may or may not be part of it.

For the Silmaril item, perhaps add a note that says the jumper/buyer is immune to the burning evil effect if they are evil. A great many of our jumpers would probably count as evil for the purposes of holding the fancy stone.

I ignored the second half of your question, sorry. Yeah, buying that as a Maiar would bring you close to a Balrog though you'd also want a Fire theme for full effect.