Why don’t a lot of fantasy writers seem to know how the period that they’re basing their work off of functioned?

Why don’t a lot of fantasy writers seem to know how the period that they’re basing their work off of functioned?

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>how the period with dwarves, elves, orcs and dragons, as well as magic, functioned
bruh past a certain point it stops mattering.

Why do high fantasy fags always rush to this cop out answer?

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>tfw a thread died for this

If you mean basing a fantasy off of a society in today's world or a period in the past, I would say

a) laziness
b) being Politically correct

Before I get "waaaaaahhh go back to /pol/ we have to a point now that rather than accurately depict how pygmy cannibals act and transfer that over to a setting, we'd rather go on and on and on about refugees and diversity is our strength

Anyways, is it something in particular OP?

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I didn't realize Generic Fantasy World #5 was a real place that required years of study to write about.

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Why did this thread anger the anime babbies so much? It didn’t even look like it was targeted at them.

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Because it's the right answer. Fantasy, by definition, isn't real and doesn't have to conform to our reality.

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Your first mistake was assuming that all fantasy is also medieval fantasy, when in fact it rarely is and only uses some medieval things in outward appearance. Most fantasy is divorced from reality completely and cannot function on the same rules that existed in medieval times.

>Why doesn't fantasy work like real life?
Because it's fantasy.
>fantasy fags get out REEEEEEEEEEE

>anime babbies

Leave. Seriously, who uses "babbies" as an insult?

This fucker needs to go back.

Describing someone as immature as an insult is pretty standard, user.

The better question is - why are so few fantasy writers able to conceptualise a world that is, at least, internally consistent?

Can you show me on the OP where the word ‘medieval’ shows up?

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Atleast you already know what you need to do

If anything, they attempt to ape the period(s) too much instead of figuring out how their world would work with all the deviations they have from the real world.

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realityfags are literally ruining fantasy literature and TRPGs

High fantasy is dying user. Just accept that chain mail bikinis and big pauldrons aren’t welcome anymore.

thank god.
Though you're wrong, sadly. Everything is "Stuck in a JPRGMMO Fantasy" Fantasy these days.
I think the 90's were the last time you had fantasy settings based off of actually thought out realms adapted from world history.
If we can go back to the 60's and 70's when Sci-fi and fantasy weren't two distinct and mutually exclusive genres that'd be something else. Instead it's "I'm stuck in a bad fantasy CRPG."

>Can you show me on the OP where the word ‘medieval’ shows up?

It's implicit in "period" because 99% of "period fantasy" is based very loosely on medieval Europe.

>I-It was implied!

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Cause they lack the background and/or motivation to become knowledgable about the equivalent period in human history.

Doesn't really have to matter, depending on your setting though; LotR is much stronger for Tolkien knowing what he was on about, while the Hyborian Age is a hodgepodge of anachronisms, but works just fine for the kind of stories Howard was telling.

Well your question is very vague and broad. Making it quite difficult to concisely answer your question. Who are "a lot of fantasy writers" and how do they not "know how the period that they're basing their work off of functioned"? We really need to know specifics to answer in a meaningful manner.

If we are talking about fantasy writing in general. It doesn't matter if the writer is largely ignorant of the time period. They are not writing about a specific time period, you are thinking of historical fiction. If you want accurate representations of time periods, read historical fiction. That being said it is nice when a setting has it's own internal consistency and pulling from history is often done in varying degrees of accuracy to accomplish this internal consistency. If this bothers you, don't read it, find something else that is more grounded in history, such as the aforementioned historical fiction, or another fantasy author who is more grounded in 'realism'.

I hope this answer isn't taken as a slight user but most fantasy "literature" isn't targeted at a highly educated audience. Even if some rando guy writing his Epic Dragontamers Septology took the time to really research dress, food, customs, economics and politics etc from the mid-14th Century or whatever the people who want the book with the fucking dragons fighting on the cover probably won't care if they even notice.

Because a lot of fantasy writers are derivative or did their stuff so long ago they used research materiel that have long since been disproved. If you had looked into the historiography of the medieval period Gray Hawk makes a lot more sense.

Historiography is the study of the study of history. Basically looking what we know about a given subject inside history has changed over time.

A great example would be a book that Gary Gygax read for research when making Chainmail said handgonnes had been independently invented in Europe in 1389 , after the song dynasty had invented it first around 1232. The same book even stated that the handgonne was a very rare weapon in Europe till the hussites turned heavy to its use a few years into the Hussite wars.

If are you saying "but that is wrong!" you are right. If you are saying "but was know to be wrong even by the 1960s" you would still be right. But only high level academies knew that at that time and the only academic journals had the correct information on the matter in print. Pop history books of the era did not. There is a lot of other small points on the Gray Hawk setting that would say have the same bad RD material issues as root causes.

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God I hope you're not actually this stupid, and are just baiting for someone to point out how retarded you are for replying to this thread at all.

3/10, if you are baiting. You genuinely look retarded.

>criticizes people for responding to a thread that they themselves are lurking in
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If you have some meaningful criticism to say please say it.

>retarded you are for replying to this thread at all.

How is the OP's question retarded and how are are we retarded for replying? No really, I want to see what you have to say.

This is a stupid talking point. Any thread on the end of the last page is going to die anyway. It was either a dead thread or had been active enough to hit the bump limit, at which point a continuation thread was likely posted. Either way, the odds of it being a good, on-topic, and active thread are fucking nil.

But the existence of dragons doesn't inherently mean that humans stop acting like humans actually acted in the context, and reality is the closest thing we have that we can study with some kind of objective analysis.

Most fantasy is "like reality except where noted," and please don't conflate deliberately choosing to change the setting in some way with accidentally inserting changes due to ignorance.

>Everything is "Stuck in a JPRGMMO Fantasy" Fantasy these days.
You realize there is fantasy that isn't isekai anime, right? Fuck, even isekai is on its way out, now that the few successful ones are getting dozens of copies. Right now some of the biggest fantasy anime of the last couple seasons have been some kind of traditional fantasy without isekai, like mahoutsukai no yome and made in abyss. In a year, they'll be the ones everyone is copying, because genre trends are always cyclic.

Since I'm not retarded, I assume you mean 'why don't fantasy writers study up on medieval Europe/feudal Japan/ect instead of shitting out a cartoon version of the period with fantasy races shoehorned in?'

And the answer basically boils down to either laziness or, more rarely, they did do some research, but there's so goddamn much disinformation and bullshit out there that their setting is based on false info.

Not that user, but to answer you, it is retarded because few settings are supposed to BE Period pieces, only loosely inspired by them as a reference point of familiarity for the player.
Any game based on the American Old West, for example, MUST be flanderized and embellished for it to be good as a setting.

>My opinions and tastes are fact

Why are you replying.
Why are you guys all pretending these are dramatic revelations, knowledge unknown to man.

This is shit babies know, and OP is pretending to be an idiot so that you guys can feel smart by acting that half-step more intelligent than him.
So I get to act that half-step more intelligent than you, and call you out as fucking morons for acting like you think any of this needed to be said.

We're all acting like idiots in this thread, but you guys are quite convincingly the genuine article.

Probably because proper historians who actually know what they're talking about based on years of research are too busy working on getting published in academic journals to keep/get a job to produce quality, historically accurate fiction.

Everyone else who does write the fiction (probably) only knows the historical elements as a result of a passing interest/hobby in the subject.

But user, fantasy is just a more detached way to talk about modern problems. Fun and escapism shouldn't be the only for fantasy

Have you considered that we actually like discussing this subject, don't care about OP's motive when he's just one out of 31 people in this thread, and that your shitting on it both doesn't make you "a half-step more intelligent," just a half-step more obnoxious?

If you're so against this thread then find or make another, faggot.

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Why not do that to threads that don't start out as shit?
Even if you're just bumping them with semi-offtopic banter, that's extending the lifespan of those threads instead of bumping "look, I'm smarter than a second grader" threads like these.

If you check the archive, there's hundreds of threads that a person put a lot of genuine thought into, and perhaps even had some genuinely interesting ideas, but received only a handful of posts because it had to compete against an endless series of fifty generals, and the remaining limited space filled by people like you bumping blatant bait and pretending you don't recognize you're doing so.

Also, it's the age of the catalog. It's been years since "Veeky Forums's epic derails XDs!" were a thing. Now it's literally just idiots shitposting, encouraging each other to shitpost, and acting like the rest of us can't see you for the idiots that you happen to be or that we're not supposed to treat you as such.

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Or because they gave us nothing to say. A thoughtful post that warrants only a reply of "*nods* Yep, sure got a point there." will die faster than a post that encourages dissent and therefore discussion.

This should be obvious.

Hence, why the impetus is on you to actually think, and not just react to mindless bait.
Encourage thought, rather than encourage pointless discord for the sake of giving some guy attention.

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You don't seem to understand the idea of an anonymous forum. This isn't you-know-where, we don't compete for le upboats. OP is an user who gets no special "attention."

Get out of the mindset of competing for attention and votes. here on Veeky Forums, the threads that spur the most replies and discussion will inevitably do better than one that doesn't really leave much for replies to actually talk about, regardless of how thoughtful it is.

tl;dr: Fuck off and "actually think" in your own thread, you're merely bumping this one to decry this one being bumped, hypocrite.

Nobody's pretending, user. We know bait threads are bait. This is your fundamental misunderstanding: that to find a bait thread interesting or worth talking about with other anons (after all, no thread is simply a dialogue with OP, especially when everyone is anonymous) we have to pretend we don't realize it's bait, or that bait can't still be worth talking about. It's paradoxical, as good bait by its very nature is something a sufficient number of people are drawn to talk or argue about.

Congrats on failing to justify your shitposting and having it aired out in the open.

No one is fooled into thinking this thread isn't shitty argument bait for mindless shitposters, and that you're just here hoping for a mindless argument. The only issue is that you thought, you honestly thought, that anyone might be fooled by how much mindless effort you put into your shitposting, and your even more mindless attempts to defend it.

So, I guess it's time to start denying you that argument you came here for, because there's no more reason to embarrass you further, since you're certain to continue doing that yourself.

Since it's all squared up and cleared away, that you guys are the bottom shit of Veeky Forums that is choking it with your /b/ level mindset, you're free to go back to telling OP your miraculous revelations that he must assuredly be unaware of.

>having it aired out in the open
It's a public forum, you fucking retard.

Speaking of things everyone sees for what they are...

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They aren't basing their works off of a period, they're basing their works off of other fictional works.

>free to go back to telling OP your miraculous revelations that he must assuredly be unaware of.
>after all, no thread is simply a dialogue with OP, especially when everyone is anonymous

Really made me think.

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Why didn't CSI have anything to do with real policework?

Because their writers were godawful.

Other, better police procedurals have made willing and knowledgeable breaks from reality for the purposes of suspense or narrative pacing, though.

They're interested in telling a character-driven story, not historical fiction.

I am not basing my work off an era. At no point in human history has all of humanity lived atop a 100 mile high wall that straddles the equator and live under an oppressive parasitic metaphysical entity that makes masks for them to slowly meld all human consciousness together.

It is outside what I could use to draw parallels.

This is why OP says "a lot" of fantasy writers, not "all" fantasy writers. It wasn't meant as a universal proclamation that all fantasy does, and therefore your rushing in to point out an exception serves no purpose but pleading for attention. So here's your (you).

I would say most fantasy authors, ones I have read, are outside what one could use to draw parallels. Being that removed from the real world is the norm in fantasy novels.

Shut it, babby

Name three good procedurals

>Name three good procedurals
No, because examples inevitably turn into arguments about the specific example's quality or worth rather than what they're supposed to be examples of. It's not evidence, it's inevitably just derailment.

I would actually like to know. In any case, would derailing a shitpost thread like this mean much at all?

I don't care about derailing the thread, but derailing the specific subject being discussed, which, again, is all examples ever seem to actually do. If I were to say, for instance, NCIS intentionally using a poor example here, then the discussion would inevitably not be about realism or accuracy in NCIS, but about whet her NCIS is shit or not, which frankly belongs in Suffice to say neither of us disagree that more realistic, or at least knowingly-unrealistic, procedurals exist, compared to CSI. Right?

I'm legitimately asking for recommendations, you fucking autist

True Detective Season 1 only
The Wire
Fargo not exactly realistic, but 10/10 so idgaf
The Shield
The Killing and its blatant ripoff The Bridge

And the king of all of them, Homicide: Life on the Street

What about Dragnet?

never seen it

That doesn't change the fact that the commonly understood implication of the OP stating "the period that they’re basing their work off" would be Medieval Europe.
Maybe you had something niche in mind, but the rest of us are on the same boat, so you're just that guy who think he's right because he pointed out the subject wasn't put down to explicit words.
If you were the OP then you made a real fuck up by not making it transparent to us that "period" to you wasn't what that majority would assume to be in common definition of "Medieval Europe."

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The OPs point does also apply to fantasy set in not!China and not!Japan written by westerners.

I honestly don't understand why succubi haven't taken over the world.

I write modern fantasy stuff and people like you keep thinking that its some BS manifesto about (insert political issue here), even tho its a setting with elves, magic and shit.

God I hate you people.

>TFW someone will say this in the thread that kills this one

I like that you got the last word. I didn't want the other user to get it.

Alright, thank you

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Most fantasy is about fairy tales, mythology, and other inaccurate narrative adaptations of the past, rather than the past itself, because most fantasy writers, and fantasy fans, have little interest in the past itself. That's okay.

>Most fantasy is "like reality except where noted,"
except it isn't... that's literally thepoint of the thread. Most fantasy is "like an amalgam of Lemuria and Middle Earth's take on mythology and fairy tales, except where noted."

It's because most fantasy writers are usually English Majors, meaning, they're absolute morons. Read some shit written by historians or hard SF and see the difference.